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University of washington history phd dissertations and provide students

Thanks for visiting the College of Washington Graduate Enter in History. We’re dedicated to training professional historians who advance scholarly understanding of history in addition to educate and have interaction broader publics. Rated within the top third in history graduate programs nationwide, our program presently enrolls greater than 50 students going after MA and PhD levels in an array of fields and is renowned for the breadth and depth in our faculty specializations.

We embrace interdisciplinary and comparative methods to historic studies and supply students the chance to utilize faculty in a number of fields in addition to faculty in affiliated programs elsewhere in the UW. Our faculty and graduated pupils engage in an array of digital history projects focused on evolving scholarly research, teaching, and public knowledge of study regarding history.

If you’re a current student, you are able to travel through recption menus at left to gain access to information about procedures and policies you need to know while in the UW, in addition to sources about coursework, dissertations, and professional possibilities. If you’re a prospective student, you can also find here is how to use, what you’ll need, and what to anticipate.

A helpful review of our program and it is policies are available in the Graduate Program Guide, accessible like a PDF here:

For those who have any queries concerning the program not clarified here, don’t hesitate to make contact with certainly one of us: Purnima Dhavan (Director of Graduate Studies), Lori Anthony (Graduate Program Advisor), and Tracy Maschman Morrissey (Director of educational Services). Additionally you can visit and find out us personally in Cruz Hall 315.

University of washington history phd dissertations Objects, Desire, and the Birth

Whether you’re already enrolled or simply thinking about applying, we’re pleased to know what you think.

Begin to see the full-time schedule available here. Students may also contact the graduate history office for info on independent study and dissertation credits.

Fall 2016

HSTCMP 590B: Topics in Comparative History “Racialization and the building of the Americas” (Ileana Rodriguez-Silva)

HSTAFM 563: Modern Middle East (Arbella Bet-Shlimon)

HSTAS 590: Topics in Asian History “Hiroshima and Nagasaki” (Kenneth Pyle)

HSTEU 548: Field Course in Soviet History (Glenny Youthful)

HSTRY 500: Historic Perspectives (Adam Warren)

HSTRY 570: Teaching History (Purnima Dhavan)

HSTRY 595: Historic Practices (Raymond Jonas)

HSTRY 596: Research Seminar ever (Lynn Thomas)

2015 – 2016 Graduate Courses

Spring 2016

HSTCMP 568: Jewish Thought (Noam Pianko)

HSTCMP 580: Gender and History (Susan Glenn)

HSTCMP 590: Gender, Sex, and Religion: Jewish and Christian Foundations (Mika Ahuvia)

HSTAFM 561: Islamic History (Daniel Sheffield)

HSTAS 566: Indonesian Culture (Laurie Sears)

HSTRY 597: Research Seminar ever (James Gregory)

Winter 2016

HSTCMP 590: Considering Things: Objects, Desire, and also the Birth of Globalization (Benjamin Schmidt)

HSTAS 534: Indonesian History (Laurie Sears)

HSTAA 521: American History, 1770-1870

Fall 2015

HSTCMP 590: Topics in Comparative History (Christopher Browning)

HSTAFM 563: Modern Near East (Arbella Bet-Shlimon)

HSTRY 570: Teaching History (Purnima Dhavan)

HSTRY 596: History Research Seminar (Glennys Youthful)

University of washington history phd dissertations History graduate

HSTAFM 536: Modern Near East (Arbella Bet-Shlimon)

For courses from previous years, please click Past Courses .

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