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Phd dissertation in project management

Project management software skills for doctorate research

This program aims introducing PhD candidates towards the concepts underpinning effective project management software and the use of these concepts for their dissertation projects. Various facets of planning, implementation and monitoring is going to be addressed, along with the personal and organisational context of PhD research. Participants leaves the program having a concrete research plan along with a obvious understanding of what’s needed to apply it.

PhD candidates all disciplines, preferably within the newbie of the research.

‘Failing to organize is intending to fail.’ Experience shows this to be real for dissertation projects. Frequently, PhD students are afflicted by deficiencies in experience: most of them exhaust time. This issue can, partly, be solved by proper planning and monitoring. Within this course, project management software theory and exercise are put on the duties facing PhD candidates. Participants will interactively familiarise themselves using the concepts and methods of project management software, translate these right into a (revised) research plan, and discover to create feedback about its implementation.

Just before commencing the program, participants are anticipated to submit their research proposals and, if at all possible, their (preliminary) plan. Throughout the course, they’ll familiarise themselves with key project management software concepts and planning techniques, both from the theoretical and practical perspective. This is going to be converted right into a (revised) plan, which is finalised and posted between the first day and day two course, and can subsequently be discussed at school. The program is going to be finished with a number of three peer review sessions, where the participants and also the tutor tackle issues highly relevant to the realisation from the dissertation projects at hands.

Phd dissertation in project management At present, he is free

Subjects to become addressed includes:

  • Fundamental concepts of project management software as well as their application to analyze projects
  • Approaches for planning focus on your dissertation (along with other tasks)
  • Analysing your projects habits, strengths and challenges
  • Identifying ‘opportunities’ and ‘threats’ inside your atmosphere
  • Pitfalls, priorities and private effectiveness
  • Giving and receiving advice and feedback in “intervision” (peer review)

Employees of Leiden College can register via Self service.

Others/LUMC (or if you have no use of Self service): can sign-up by coming back the finished and signed registration form to HRM Training and Development (scanned by email or by publish).

When the date from the course is not within the overview in Self Service, which means that the program if full. For the reason that situation you are able to register for the similar course on another date. Should there be no dates obtainable in the self service schedule, please send an e-mail to HRM-Opleidingen. When you will find enough people thinking about the program, we’ll plan a brand new date and will show you accordingly.

2016/3, course in Nederlander:
28 October + 25 November ( (9.00-17.00 hrs)
peer review sessions on 16 December, 20 The month of january 2017, 17 Feb 2017 (10.00-12.00 hrs)

Venue: Academy Building/Faculty Club, Rapenburg 73, Leiden

Just for dual PhD candidates Campus The Hague:

2016/4: course in Nederlander

Phd dissertation in project management Campus Den Haag

18 November (9.00-13.00 hrs) + 2 December (9.00-17.00 hrs)

Venue: Campus Living room Haag, Lange Houtstraat 11 in Living room Haag

The program comes down to 42 hrs as a whole, including preparation and homework.

PhD-candidates (Leiden College and LUMC): free
Others: €750,00

Our cancellation rules affect all courses. Cancellation within two days prior to the first course date means we must charge a cancellation fee of € 200

Mr. R. (Ruben) Verheul, trainer and consultant, PhDconsult: Just before co-founding PhDconsult, Ruben Verheul held various positions at Leiden College: assistant for an editorial board, PhD-candidate, research policy officer, project manager. At the moment, he’s free-lance author and teaches academic skills to BA-students in political science, in addition to project possession (planning and management) to PhD-students.

Mrs. M. (Marie) Klaren, trainer and consultant, PhDconsult: Marie Klaren is independent coach for professional and personal development and co-founding father of PhDconsult. During her career at Leiden College she was entrusted with positions for example projectmanager, senior policy consultant and businessmanager. At the moment, her activities include teaching projectmanagement skills and leadership to professionals.

To provide you with a picture of the perception of participants that required this program before, we made a listing of their remarks:
In Nederlander:
Wilt u de essentie van deze training voor u in 1 zin beschrijven:
– Vooruit kijken, integreren
– De kracht van de training zit hem vooral in dat deze mij extra focus en plezier in mijn onderzoek heeft gegeven, en manieren om door te zetten, als het PhD proces even tegenzit
– Structuur en een inzichtelijke timeline

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