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Uni mannheim master thesis proposal

Uni mannheim master thesis proposal and discussing the topics


The actual thesis constitutes an essential aspect of the M.Sc. program. It represents a completely independent bit of scholarly work which testifies the student’s understanding from the foundations, structures, and methodologies underlying the subject. Typically, master theses at our chair are empirical (quantitative or qualitative) and/ or conceptual anyway.

Master thesis projects could be began anytime in the past year.

There’s two possible beginning points for any master thesis project: Students may either:

  • choose our proposals or
  • develop their very own idea/ proposal.

Our proposals

A summary of open master thesis topics – which match carefully with this ongoing studies – are available within the display cabinet alongsideroom SO 205. If you are looking at and have specific questions regarding the listed topics, please contact the indicated hr person by email or write an e-mail to procurement(at)bwl.uni-mannheim.de. We’re searching toward visiting along with you and discussing the themes at length.

Your proposal

Students who want to create a master thesis subject based by themselves ideas or desire to conduct their thesis together with a particular company have to make sure that the substantive area that they desire to scientific studies are associated with our special areas of practice. So book our research interests and publication records before you decide to call us.

Inside a next thing, it is important to draft and send us a proposal (one-pager) including the next elements:

  • Title that clearly and succinctly conveys the essence from the study
  • Description from the research problem (What’s (are) the study question(s) that you’re planning to tackle? Why do an issue or puzzle? Why do relevant?)
  • Intended research design and methodology (How can you intend to address the study question(s)?)

Uni mannheim master thesis proposal it is highly

Prerequisites, expectations, and application

There is no need to become a specialist in procurement to conduct an expert thesis with this chair, but it’s highly suggested to go to a minumum of one in our master courses. At least, applicants must have passed a minumum of one module OPM 6xx and something seminar OPM 7xx inside the Area Operations Management (or equivalent courses/ modules inside an exchange program).

Master thesis applications should be delivered to procurement(at)bwl.uni-mannheim.de that contains the next documents:

  • CV (including senior high school and B.Sc. grades)
  • Current grade summary of M.Sc. studies in Mannheim
  • Proposal (only when the subject is recommended through the applicant)


For more information on the actual thesis process in the Endowed Chair of Procurement, please consult our master thesis writing guidelines (step one) or contact Maximilian Merath (step two).

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