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Neon genesis evangelion angels thesis proposal

Neon genesis evangelion angels thesis proposal They are described as


Since many generally utilized in the show and elsewhere, the term “Angel” describes any one of Adam ‘s 15 children. whom Nerv must systematically destroy during the period of the storyline. Adam itself, the designated “First Angel,” is from time to time incorporated using its offspring when talking of Angels with each other. [1]

However, thinking about Seele’s listing of designated “Angels” entirely, it offers entities as disparate because the Seeds of Existence (first: Adam and second: Lilith [2] [3] ), natural progeny of Adam (3rd

16th), a persons-formed vessel of Adam’s soul (17th: Kaworu Nagisa ), and Homo sapiens itself (18th: Lilin).

This conflict between your heavily-reinforced idea of “Angel” (god-like beings antithetical to human existence) and also the more inclusive version rightfully enhances the question of the items an Angel is really intended as. Evangelion plays an identical game with terms associated with humanity (hito. ningen. and jinrui ).


One possibility is the fact that “Angel” really describes all beings whose origin is ultimately traceable towards the First Ancestral Race. This species, the prototypical humans of NGE, created the Seeds of Existence to be able to propagate new lifeforms on distant worlds, into that the F.A.R.’s souls could be reincarnated. [4] Consider additionally that both “angel” and “apostle” (the literal concept of Angel’s Japanese equivalent, shito ) inherently mean “messenger.” In addition, the F.A.R. are mentioned to become esteemed as gods by Adam’s children and also the Lilin. [5] (On the possibly related note, Rei muses, “Exactly what is a human? A development of God? Is man an individual creation?”) [6] “Angels,” then—which we all know to consult both Seeds of Existence as well as their progeny—might be regarded as “messengers” for his or her “God(s).” The “message” to become disseminated is humanity itself.


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The figures in NGE are really calling the Angels “shito,” meaning “apostle,” as the Japanese word used for that western idea of Angel is “tenshi.” However, this is not a translation mistake for NGE’s U.S. distributors. The “Angel” designation is clearly observed in the show’s opening and also at various occasions inside the reveal, and also the word “Angel” was retained within the British form of the show in the request from the show’s Japanese creators &#91Source needed &#93.

At some point within the show’s production. the word “Apostolo” would be utilized for a counterpart to “shito” rather of “Angel.”

Adam’s Children

Adam’s children (, Adamu no kodomotachi ) [7] refers back to the Angels originated in the Seed of Existence Adam.

Within the Neon Genesis Evangelion Tv show, Adam’s children encompass the 3rd through Seventeenth Angels (manga: Third through Twelfth). The very first 13 are Adam’s natural offspring (upon whom this information will focus). Adam’s last child, Tabris. is caused by a test by which Lilin genes fused into Adam.

Adam’s children started appearing around Tokyo, japan-3 15 years after Second Impact. beginning using the 3rd Angel, Sachiel.

Neon genesis evangelion angels thesis proposal levitation, and metamorphosis

The assumption is the Angels’ intention would be to cause Third Impact and reclaim Earth from Lilith’s children (Homo sapiens ). The Evangelions ‘ task would be to safeguard mankind by defeating Adam’s children, in compliance with Gendo Ikari ‘s and Seele’s plans.


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Despite being segregated into separate “Angels” (Third, 4th, etc.), Adam’s children basically comprise just one race of humanity—one possible variation upon a style. (The Lilin are another.) They’re referred to as “humans who put aside human form.” Accordingly, they seem to start existence as humanoid entities, developing embryologically in possibly exactly the same way as Adam or perhaps an Avoi would. Going through Sandalphon. the Angels develop inside oblong objects resembling eggs, compared within the show to some chrysalis. After developing for an indeterminate point [8]. the Angel’s human form is “rejected.” Immediately just before hatching (again, going through Sandalphon’s precedent), the Angel undergoes a spontaneous metamorphosis into its “adult form,” then emerges from the “chrysalis.” [9]

The way the form is chosen and it is structure determined is entirely unknown. The A.T. Field seems to experience some role in Angel metamorphoses. Taken along with what’s stated concerning the role from the A.T. Field elsewhere within the show, what this means is that possibly each Angel’s form is really a tangible symbol of its self-image. That’s, where Lilin are pretty much restricted to some common form, and should express their individuality in subtler ways, Adam’s children can easily be anything they imagine themselves to become.

The genetic pattern of Shamshel is reported to experience a 99.89% resemblance of those of humans (Homo sapiens ). While no comment is created on Shamshel’s brethren, this similarity could be deduced to use globally towards the group. In Sadamoto’s manga, exactly the same percentage is used towards the Evas, implying–a minimum of in Sadamoto’s view–exactly the same genetic origins: which may be Adam. Of note here’s that metamorphosis doesn’t have apparent impact on the Angels’ biological blueprints, indicating it must work on a far more metaphysical level.


How Adam generated its offspring is totally unknown. Explanations is often as disparate as “bits of Adam blown off at Second Impact increased in to the various Angels” to “Adam laid the Angels’ eggs vast amounts of years back, but did not provide them with souls before the day’s Second Impact, once they were scattered through the explosion.” The suggested theories have varied benefits and drawbacks.

If the Angels existed in certain form just before September 13, 2001, or only came to exist with that ach day, it does not appear to become any coincidence that Adam opened up its Doorways of Guf on Second Impact (alluding to discharge of souls), and it is children started to “appear” 15 years later.

Motivations Psychology

The clues within the reveal concerning the Angels’ intentions are varied and ambiguous. Kaji states in Episode 19 the Angels are attempting to get hold of Adam, which may cause another Impact which may destroy all mankind, and also the behavior of some Angels is in line with this statement. However, this brings about the issue “Why were the Angels attacking Nerv H.Q. before Adam showed up there?” The Classified Information supplied by the NGE2 game addresses this:

“A number of them were attempting to access Lilith and reset all existence, a number of them had nothing in your mind, and a few were attempting to recover their progenitor Adam.”

The thought that Lilith seemed to be a target explains the attacks on Nerv in early episodes, and is just about the most broadly recognized reason behind this apparent contradiction.

Before the publication from the C.I. probably the most broadly recognized theory was that they are mistaking Lilith for Adam, as Kaworu appears to complete in Air. 24. It has additionally been recommended that Kaji’s details are incorrect, which the Angels weren’t after Adam.

Adam’s youngsters are generally uncommunicative, and also the forms they take are usually inexpressive, which means that we’ve little understanding of their ideas. However, some is supplied by Leliel, Arael, and Armisael, who engage the Avoi pilots in types of communication. A few of the Angels offer some understanding of their psychology through their behavior, for example Sachiel and Zeruel.

Common Traits

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While all of Adam’s children includes a form unique to itself, there are lots of traits present with or prevalent one of the group. (A few of these, consequently, are available in other so-known as “Angelic” lifeforms, like the Seeds and Evas.)

All Adam’s children have souls and, hence, A.T. Fields. Their A.T. Fields tend to be more effective than individuals of LCL-based lifeforms, providing them with various paranormal, especially psychokinetic. abilities. Common applications include barriers (“pressure fields”), levitation, and metamorphosis.

Bloodstream is noted (and a great deal of it, if this splatters) in and from a lot of Adam’s children, including: Sachiel, Ramiel, Leliel, Bardiel, Zeruel, Arael, and Armisael. Their vital fluids are red in most instances save for Sachiel, whose is blue (although altered in Rebuild to stick to standard). It’s unclear why, or how, Angels which manifest such varied and bizarre forms still possess circulatory systems and bloodstream. On a single level, it may be considered a visceral indication of the intrinsically human instinct.

Within the Rebuild continuity, the Angels dissolve right into a red fluid resembling bloodstream when their cores are destroyed, which is related to the collapse of the A.T. Fields. [10] This really is possibly an analogue to LCL.

Most register “Blood Type Blue.” “Orange” is viewed on some rare occasions (Leliel’s spherical shadow and Avoi-03 possessed by Bardiel Armisael cycles between orange and blue if this first seems). What “Blood Type” really describes however, is unclear.

The main is really a spherical red organ that contains the soul and S Engine. This really is noticed in almost all of Adam’s children, as well as in Adam itself.

Several Angels demonstrate the capability to harness energy to trigger explosions or generate focused energy beams / energy-based projectiles. Angels possessing eyes — Sachiel, Israfel, and Zeruel — involve them within the energy projection process, although it isn’t entirely obvious the salt water evaporates. (I.e. when the eyes really emit the power, or maybe they just behave as a “focusInch of some kind.)

Both Sachiel and Zeruel can handle projecting mix-formed explosions. Avoi-01 and Avoi-02 have the symptoms of exactly the same ability, suggesting it possibly “runs in the household.Inch

Within the Rebuild continuity, almost all Angels are proven deploying a halo sooner or later, typically when utilizing levitation forces.

Most Angels can handle long lasting huge amounts of physical damage. As lengthy being an Angel’s core and S Engine are intact, it may theoretically regenerate the broken tissue, given sufficient time.

Possessed by all Adam’s children. The origin of the theoretically unlimited motive energy. Regardless of the name, the S Engine seems to become organic anyway.

Listing of Angels

This can be a introduction to all numbered Angels based on the three primary Evangelion continuities.

Seele is believed to get the Angel names and ordinals in the Secret Dead Ocean Scrolls. It’s unclear why entities like the Evangelions (copies from the Seeds) and Rei Ayanami (Lilith’s “response toInch Tabris) aren’t incorporated, given that they would appear to own all the needed qualifications, underneath the more expansive meaning of “Angel.”

Observe that except for Lilith and Kaworu Nagisa, no Rebuild Angels have names. Further, the identity of Rebuild’s eleventh Angel is really a complete mystery.

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The 3rd through Thirteenth Angels in Rebuild are narratively equal to Adam’s children. However, they haven’t yet yet had their origins divulged. No entity known as “Adam” may appear in Rebuild, only four “Adams .” Chances are the Angels’ origins are tied in some manner to Second Impact, however the specifics really are a complete unknown.


  1. Episode 12 .
    • Misato: “Destroying Angels is my duty.”
      Ritsuko: “Your duty? Don’t cause me to feel laugh. To your personal sake, is not it? Your revenge from the Angels!”
    • Misato: “The only real factor which was obvious in my experience was I needed to eliminate the Angels who caused the 2nd Impact. So to do that, I became a member of Nerv.”
  2. Lilith’s designation because the Second Angel isn’t provided in-show, although it may be reasonably deduced because of the fact that no Second Angel is ever named, and Lilith isn’t assigned an ordinal. Its status as Second Angel is mentioned outright in a number of supplemental canonical sources (including Bandai’s collectible card game. the Classified Information. and Evangelion Chronicle ). It’s also mentioned directly within the Rebuild canon:
    Evangelion 1.: You’re (Not) Alone. Misato (showing Shinji the enormous in Central Dogma):
    “[This really is] the bringer of existence for this planet, and also the agent of their extinction. The 2nd Angel, Lilith.”
  3. Episode 26′. Misato: “Shinji-kun, we humans were born in the one known as Lilith—a resource of existence, much like Adam. We’re the 18th Angel.” This translation comes from Bochan_bird’s studying from the script, that is ambiguous as spoken he apparently also ran the issue by Tsurumaki in 2001.
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  9. As the terms used invite a bug example, there’s no canonical evidence the Angels were built with a free-moving “pupal” stage sooner or later and then cocooned themselves. Rather, “chrysalis” appears to use towards the extent the entity it has undergoes an extreme metamorphosis before emerging.
  10. Evangelion 1.: You’re (Not) Alone :
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  11. Sadamoto skips from seventh Angel (Israfel) to eighth Angel (Bardiel), despite getting the Evas sortie against Sahaquiel among.

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