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Technikum wien master thesis proposal

Technikum wien master thesis proposal is to remove existing barriers

March 4, 2016 – Former Student & Worker Received Award for his Master Thesis

Patrick Moosbrugger, former student and worker at our department, received the “Wrdigungspreis” from the Federal Secretary of state for Science Research and Economy for his master thesis titled “A Genuine-time, On-board System Health Management Unit for Unmanned Aerial Systems”. The thesis, completed in cooperation with NASA Ames Research Center handles runtime monitoring and diagnosis for unmanned aerial systems. The thesis can also be associated with Patricks operate in the Josef Ressel Center for Verification of Embedded Computing Systems. Congratulations!

Apr 12, 2016 – Unikate Award Winners 2015

On April 11, the award winners from the UNIKATE 2015 competition were asked to provide their solutions within the UNIQA Tower (Vienna) and received a prize money of EUR 2000. All 4 winning project records happen to be produced by students from the College of Systems Technikum Wien in span of their internship in the Department of Embedded Systems, see for details. The “UNIKATE” prize is donated through the UNIQA insurance group and also the Austrian national Council of Disabled Persons (AR) to aid the introduction of individual, customized assistive technology solutions for persons with disabilities. The next projects were honored:

  • Amadea Sophie Hiess: One-button interface for basal stimulation and communication aid
  • Cornelia Salomon: Eytracking-based guitar for any music performer with musclular dystrophy
  • Armin Schmoldas: Alternative control system for PC-games and off-the-shelf toys
  • Christoph Ulbinger: Game and PC control via eyetracking, zero-way-joystick and ergonomic button interface

February 24, 2016 – Zero Project Award

The AsTeRICS Academy team received the Innovative Practice 2016 Award in the fifth Zero Project Conference on “Inclusive Education and ICT”, Un Office Vienna.

Technikum wien master thesis proposal tools were

The strong efforts of advertising innovative assistive technologies worldwide by applying hands-on workshops with flexible free assistive technology tools were honored among a superb choice of worldwide projects within the sector of e-Inclusion and Assistive Technology.

Jan 25, 2016 – Open Innovation Best Practice

The AsTeRICS Academy project was choosen as well as practice example for Open Innovation. an initiative from the Austrian government to aid innovative processes and “thinking creatively”. One objective of this initiative would be to remove existing barriers in research, development and implementation activities. Open Innovation is referred as using purposive inflows and outflows of understanding to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for exterior utilization of innovation. Outdoors Source design approach, user centred design concepts and internationalisation activities (see photo) performed in span of the AsTeRICS Academy project serve for example as one example of these concepts of collaboration.

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