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Sub uni hamburg dissertation proposal

Sub uni hamburg dissertation proposal the solution to the

They are our current thesis topics. Please be aware that their email list might not be complete, as current issues are frequently given to inqiring students random. Don’t hesitate to call us together with your individual subject demands.

The the themes derive from the needs for master or diploma theses but but could usually be created right into a bachelor subject, too. If necessary, please ask your potential supervisor. If special understanding is required for any certain subject, you will find a corresponding note within the subject description.

Backdoor Branching versus. Rapid Branching

Within the recent literature in regards to the exact solution of mixed integer programming problems. there’s numerous proposals concerning the choice of sub-problems to become solved. Object of the thesis would be to present and compare a couple of these strategies.

(both papers can be found in the secretary):
R. Borndörfer, A. Löbel, M. Reuther, T. Schlechte, S. Weider (2013) Rapid Branching. Trains And Buses 5, 3-23. dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12469-013-0066-8
M. Fischetti, M. Monaci (2013) Backdoor Branching. INFORMS Journal on Computing 25, 693-700.

The thesis could be prepared in British or German.

Bundle-Prices: Condition-of-the-art

Bundle prices was really a hot subject in a variety of areas mainly in the late 1980s and early 1990s (begin to see the reference below for example).
Where did these studies area go within the last 20+ years? What’s the current condition-of-the-art in numerous disciplines?
Possible emphasis of the thesis may go along various lines of thought:

  • marketing applications in conjunction with data mining
  • telecommunications
  • logistics and (freight) transportation
  • passenger transportation and public mass transit
  • road prices
  • comparison of the quadratic semi-assignment approach with existing techniques

In line with the specific choice several student may go about this subject.

Sub uni hamburg dissertation proposal no algorithm

Students may write the thesis either in British or German.

Optimal Bundle Prices
Ward Hanson and R. Kipp Martin
Management Science Vol. 36, No. 2 (February. 1990), pp. 155-174 URL: world wide web.jstor.org/stable/2661453
Bundle prices is really a prevalent phenomenon. However, despite its importance like a prices tool, surprisingly little is famous on how to find optimal bundle prices. Most discussions within the literature are limited to 3 components, as well as this situation no formula is offered for setting prices. Ideas reveal that the only firm bundle prices issue is naturally considered a disjunctive program that is formulated like a mixed integer straight line program. Multiple components, and a number of cost and reservation cost the weather is investigated with this particular approach. Several new economic insights around the role and effectiveness of bundling are presented. An additional advantage of the reply to the bundle prices model is picking a items that compose the firm’s products. Computational tests are done on problems with as many as 21 components (more than one million potential product bundles), and knowledge collection issues are addressed.

This thesis ought to be prepared in British.

Rising competition among major seaports in addition to investment and space limitations need a more effective coordination of activities in port operations.

Sub uni hamburg dissertation proposal under supply

Because these activities are frequently transported out by different (competing) actors, information discussing is becoming necessary to facilitate efficient port operations. Although human resources to switch data have grown to be obtainable in recent decades, individuals actors are frequently competing with one another and therefore reluctant of discussing information. To start with studying information discussing in seaports, the next aspects have to be discussed. First, why and how is for certain information shared in seaports? Within this context, industry examples and port community systems might be reviewed. Second, a classification plan of the kinds of information shared in seaports must be developed. And lastly, different alternative system types of information discussing, like the information transfer model, third-party model, information hub model (see, e.g. Lee and Whang, 2000), ought to be discussed poor seaports. Within the primary part, the thesis should critically discuss the present problems with information discussing and supply an answer approach.

This is often evaluated, for instance, on foundation of an extensive process analysis for any selected process (e.g. inter-terminal transportation – ITT), for example, by utilizing BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation). After analyzing major issues, recommendations concerning the following questions ought to be given: What kinds of information could be shared to facilitate a much better coordination within an ecosystem restricted with a culture of limited cooperation? Do you know the benefits and barriers/risks discussing these details? What business and behavior changes ought to be addressed to be able to increase information discussing?

A different way to evaluate making decisions on information discussing is the use of game theory. In connection with this, the thesis should review game theory appliances incorporate information discussing under competition (see, e.g. Ha and Tong, 2006). Given individuals models, a game title theory model ought to be produced for seaports to be able to evaluate proper pros and cons for information discussing. Including an assessment from the equilibrium information discussing decision under different scenarios regarding the quantity of information to become shared and corresponding risks/competitive disadvantages.

Ha, A. Y. Tong, S. Contracting and knowledge discussing under logistics competition. Management Science 54(4), 701-715 (2008).

Lee, H. L. Whang, S. Information discussing inside a logistics. Worldwide Journal of producing Technology and Management 1(1), 79-93 (2000).

The thesis could be prepared in British or German.

Calculating the size of quality within the service sectors

We are curious about several students writing their bachelor or diploma/master thesis about this subject. As the methodology could possibly be the same according to given literature indicating the thought of calculating service quality, the particular focus is differentiated based on specific fields of application:

  1. Trains and buses / public mass transit

If required, one might distinguish different user groups to create this handier, e.g. frequent versus. infrequent users, knowledgeable users versus. non-knowledgeable users, users with mobility limitations.

Additionally, where trains and buses is provided is important regarding user perception.

  1. Container terminal operators (if required, one might distinguish different stakeholders like, e.g. shipping companies, logistics providers, government bodies.
  2. Port community systems.
  3. Loyalty programs in alliances (e.g. airlines [Star Alliance, etc.], maritime shipping)

Each thesis ought to provide market research of calculating service quality within the specific application area.
Furthermore, we predict some empirical study utilizing a given service quality framework (e.g. SERVQUAL or RATER produced by Parasuraman et al. 1988). The reason would be to appraise the proportions of quality within the specific service sectors pointed out.

Parasuraman, A./Zeithaml, V./Berry, L. SERVQUAL: A Multiple-Item Scale for Calculating Consumer Thought of Service Quality, in: Journal of Retailing, Vol. 64, Nr. 1, 1988, S. 12 –

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