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Political science yale phd dissertations

Even though the Council on Southeast Asia Studies isn’t presently a diploma-granting entity, once accepted to some Graduate Degree Program at Yale, prospective PhD students with interests in the area may make the most of SEAS supported courses, language programs, workshops and workshops. Inside the framework of the academic discipline and departmental needs, PhD students can focus their research on the Southeast Asian subject, and school people from the SEAS Council are for sale to function as PhD advisors and committee people. The Council also provides funding for pre-dissertation field work and language study in the area.

Carruthers, Andrew
2016, Anthropology
Spectors of Affinity: Clandestine Movement and Commensurate Values within the Indonesia-Malaysia Borderlands

Ko, Kevin E.
2016, History
Modern Physiques, Modern Souls: Religion, Medicine, and also the Public Imagination at the end of Colonial Indonesia

Kaloyanides, Alexandra
2015, Religious Studies
BaptizingBuddhists: The Nineteenth-Century American Missionary Encounter with Burmese Buddhism

Lowey-Ball, ShawnaKim
2015, History
Liquid Market, Solid Condition: An Upswing and Demise from the Great Global Emporium at Malacca, 1400-1650

Gasser, Emily
2104, Linguistics
Windesi Wamesa Morphology

Vong, Mike C.
2013, History
Empathy Politics: A Brief History of Indochinese Refugees and also the Transnational Systems of Care, 1975-1994

Carlson, Kimberly Marie
2012, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Results of oil palm plantation development on land cover, carbon flux, and streams in Indonesian Borneo

Dhont, Frank
2012, History
Outlasting Colonialism: Socio-political Alternation in the Javanese Principalities underneath the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia during The Second World War

Political science yale phd dissertations Studies    BaptizingBuddhists

Fogg, Kevin William
2012, History
The Fate of Muslim Nationalism in Independent Indonesia

Ford, Eugene Brassel
2012, History
Cold War Priests: An Worldwide Good reputation for Buddhism, Politics,and Regionalism in Thailand and Southeast Asia, 1940-1975

Cherry, Haydon Leslie
2011, History
A bit low in Saigon: A Social Good reputation for poor people inside a Colonial City, 1860-1940

Padwe, Jonathan
2011, Anthropology and also the School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Garden Variety Histories: Social and Ecological Alternation in Northeast Cambodia

Balboa, Christina
2009, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
When non-governmental organizations govern: Accountability privately conservation Systems
(study Papua New Guinea, Republic of Palau and also the Philippines)

Conners, Thomas J.
2008, Linguistics
Tengger Javanese

Leong, LaiYee
2008, Political Science
Islamic groups, proper adaptation, and democratization in Indonesia

Ito, Takeshi
2008, Political Science
Condition formation in the grassroots: Civil society, decentralization, and democracy ” (study West Java, Indonesia)

Keith, Charles Patrick
2008, History
Catholic Vietnam: Church, Colonialism and Revolution, 1887-1945

Nguyen, Lien-Hang
2008, History
‘Between the Storms’: North Vietnam’s Strategy throughout the Second Indochina War (1955-1973)

Pepinsky, Thomas Blake
2007, Political Science
Coalitions and crises: Authoritarianism, adjustment, and transitions in emerging markets

Political science yale phd dissertations Anthropology    Hybridization

Neidel, John David
2006, Anthropology and also the School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Your Garden of Forking Pathways: History, Its Erasure and Remembrance in Sumatra’s Kerinci Seblat National Park

Paterson, Lorraine Marion
2006, History
Tenacious Texts: Vietnam, China, and Radical Cultural Intersections, 1890-1930

Rhee, Suk Bae (Steve)
2006, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Brokering Authority: Converting Understanding, Policy and exercise in Forestry Institutions in Indonesia

Yoder, Laura Meitzner
2005, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Custom, Codification, Collaboration: Integrating the Legacies of Land and Forest Government bodies in Oecusse Enclave, East Timor

McElwee, Pamela D.
2003, Anthropology and also the School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Lost Worlds’ or ‘Lost Causes’? Bio-diversity Conservation, Forest Management, and Rural Existence in Vietnam

Kang, Yoonhee
2002, Anthropology
Words from the Ancestors, Words for Survival: Marginality, Emotion, and the strength of Magical Words one of the Petalangans of Riau, Indonesia

Kustanto, Johannes Baptis Hari
2002, Anthropology
The politics of ethnic identity one of the Sungkung of West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Renoe, Curtis
2002, Anthropology
Legal texts and facts: The interactive manufacture of fact in Indonesian criminal trials

Weiss, Meredith Leigh
2001, Political Science
The politics of protest: Civil society, coalition-building, and political alternation in Malaysia

Wheeler, Charles
2001, History
Mix-cultural Trade and Trans-regional Systems within the Port of Hoi An: Maritime Vietnam in early Modern Era

Ratanapojnard, Sorrayut
2001, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Community-Oriented Bio-diversity Ecological education: Its impact on understanding, values, and behavior among rural fifth- and sixth-grade students in northeastern Thailand

Harwell, Emily E.
2000, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
The United nations-Natural Good reputation for Culture: Ethnicity, Tradition and Territorial Conflicts in West Kalimantan, 1800-1997

Sturgeon, Jesse
2000, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Practices around the periphery: Marginality, border forces, and land use within China and Thailand

Breckon, Lydia
1999, Anthropology
Sleep issues: Ethnic and transnational identity among Khmer-Americans in southern Colonial

Chou, Yuan Kiat
1999, Financial aspects
Essays on wage bargaining, unions and inflation, and alternative theories at work supply (study in Singapore)

Doolittle, Amity A.
1999, School of Forestry and Ecological Studies
Manipulating the Land: Property Legal rights and Power Struggles in Sabah, Malaysia, 1881-1996

Lowe, Celia
1999, Anthropology
Cultures of nature: Mobility, identity, and bio-diversity conservation within the Togean Islands of Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tagliocozzo, Eric
1999, History
Secret Trades from the Straits: Smuggling and Condition-Formation along a Southeast Asian Frontier, 1870-1910

Duncan, Christopher
1998, Anthropology
Ethnic Identity, Christian Conversion, and Resettlement one of the Forest Tobelo of Northeastern Halmahera, Indonesia

Eaton, Kent H.
1998, Political Science
The politics of tax reform: Economic policymaking in developing presidential democracies (contrasting Argentina and also the Philippines)

Cohen, Matthew
1997, Anthropology
An inheritance in the buddies of God: The Southern shadow puppet theater of West Java, Indonesia

Maluccio, John A.
1997, Financial aspects
Essays on development: Labor markets in rural Philippines

Master, Penelope
1997, Financial aspects
Political structures and economic risk: the Philippine situation

Dizon, Alma Jill
1996, Spanish
Past the melodramatic vision: National identity and also the novels of Jose Rizal

Ninh, Kim Ngoc Bao
1996, Political Science
Revolution, Politics and Culture in Socialist Vietnam, 1945-1965

Bynum, Avoi Leanora
1995, Anthropology
Hybridization between Macaca tonkeana and Macaca hecki in central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Ammarell, Eugene
1994, Anthropology
Bugis Navigation

Blossom, Erik Andrew
1994, Financial aspects
The trade-off between child quality and quantity: the determinants of love and fertility and child health within the Philippines

Kasberg, Robert Henry
1994, Anthropology
Gubatnun ethnomedicine: Religion, illness, and healing one of the Western Hanuno

Mitchell, Arthur Hayne
1994, Anthropology/Forestry and Ecological Studies
Ecosystem of Hose’s langur, Presbytis hosei, in mixed logged and unlogged dipterocarp forest of northeast Borneo

Fineman, Daniel
1993, History
The U . s . States and Military Government in Thailand, 1947-1958

Hutchcroft, Paul David
1993, Political Science
Predatory oligarchy, patrimonial condition: the politics of non-public domestic commercial banking within the Philippines

Dasuki, Djaswadi
1991, Epidemiology and Public Health
The association of previous breastfeeding and interpregnancy interval with low birth weight and perinatal survival (study in central Java, Indonesia)

Thompson, Mark Richard
1991, Political Science
Hunting for a strategy: the standard opposition to Marcos and also the transition to democracy within the Philippines

Winters, Jeffrey
1991, Political Science
Structural power and investor mobility: Capital control and condition policy in Indonesia, 1965-1990

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