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Frege russell ambiguity thesis proposal Lilli Alanen and Prof

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Among the doctrines which Frege emphasizes in the writings may be the thesis that words to be, like the British word is, are ambiguous. Most of his philosophy is visible in an attempt to create us realize the significance of maintaining your different meanings of is apart and also to catch the philosophical mistakes introduced about by our failure to determine the ambiguity. Jaakko Hintikka has lately contended that, aside from John Stuart Mill and Augustus De Morgan, the ambiguity claim didn’t play any big part in philosophical thinking before Frege and Russell. 1 What Frege and Russell accomplished was to help make the ambiguity of is really a cornerstone of contemporary first-order logic. Therefore, as Hintikka has stated, “anyone who makes use of this logic for their framework of semantical representation is thus dedicated to the Frege — Russell ambiguity thesis” (Hintikka, 1983, p. 449). Hintikka has proven that within an alternative semantical representation, namely, in game-theoretical semantics, no ambiguity claim necessary made, which, obviously, isn’t to deny there are different purposes of is. The operative real question is if the variations between these different uses need to be taken into account by presuming that certain particular verb to be is ambiguous, i.e. has lots of altogether different meanings.

If only by way of thanking Prof. Jaakko Hintikka, Dr. Lilli Alanen and Prof. Ernest LePore for useful comments.


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Frege russell ambiguity thesis proposal To view the

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