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Tobias kippenberg phd thesis proposal

Tobias kippenberg phd thesis proposal we are interested to

Within our laboratory, we’re interested to increase quantum control to micro- and nano-mechanical oscillators in views of manipulating and calculating mechanical oscillators within the quantum regime. Additionally, we’re going after the realization of nick scale optical frequency combs. These aims fall under the emerging research frontiers of cavity Quantum Optomechanics and Microresonator Frequency Combs .

Experimentally, we’re designing and fabricating towards this aim optical and mechanical micro and nano-resonators, devices which can handle storing photons or phonons in small volumes for longer quantity of occasions. Rays pressure coupling between optical and mechanical modes enables studying cavity quantum optomechanical phenomena that arise in the radiation pressure coupling of optical and mechanical levels of freedom. We’ve shown this interaction enables to attain laser cooling of the mechanical mode. Particularly you’ll be able to awesome mechanical oscillators using laser light to close their ground condition. We’re investigating this radiation pressure interaction in optomechanical systems, passively precooled milli-Kelvin temperatures, in views of developing measurement techniques which are only restricted to quantum mechanics and try to reliable prepare, readout and investigate quantum results of micro- and nanomechanical oscillators.

Additionally we’ve learned that the nonlinear optical qualities of high Q microresonators permit the generation of optical frequency combs and temporal solitons. Optical frequency combs as well as their capability to phase coherently link radio stations-frequency domain to optical fields have revolutionized frequency metrology and laser science in the last decade.

Tobias kippenberg phd thesis proposal using laser light

Microresonator frequency combs may promise another revolution by enabling unparalleled compactness, wafer scale integration level, too high optical bandwidth and repetition rates. We’re presently exploring their fundamental nonlinear optical physics, extending their wave length range to both mid-IR and also the visible range and jointly with this collaborators are exploring their applications, in coherent communications and astrophysical spectrometer calibration for that searcher of exo-planets. Additionally we is capable of doing fabricating crystalline resonators which exhibit unprecedentedly top quality factors of 10 billion, enabling frequency comb generation within the mid IR.

Our scientific studies are in the interface of quantum and nonlinear optics with micro- and nanofabrication, combines quantum theory with experiment, utilizes cold strategies to achieve milli-Kelvin temperature, combines theory with experiment, is key anyway but has applied aspects, and it is entirely embodied in desktop experiments. Experimentalist as well as theorist lead towards the team.

Our scientific studies are funded through the European Space Agency (ESA), the ecu Research Council (Advanced Investigator Grant) by the NCCR of Quantum Engineering, through the Marie Curie actions and also the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA). Moroever k-Lab is coordinating an European Marie Curie actions ITN (Initial Training Network) on cavity quantum optomechanics: world wide web.cqom-itn.internet

Tobias kippenberg phd thesis proposal this interaction enables to

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