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Battery energy storage system thesis proposal

Battery energy storage system thesis proposal emergency of

Working title

&#8220Introducing battery storage to facilitate an active grid connection&#8221


Presently, the eu energy gets a transition perfectly in to a more sustainable future. Using non-renewable fuels is eliminated, and increasingly more more electricity is created by renewable energy. Among the motorists using this transition, may be the urge to restrain the introduction of weather change. The Eu Commission therefore introduced useful strategies for 2050, by once the CO emissions must be reduced by 95% (where 1990 may be used reference year). The weather conference in Paris (2016) provides additional targets for the maximal temperature increase, stressing the emergency in the energy transition once again.

It’s multiple effects for the European energy system. The development of renewable energy, particularly wind power and photovoltaic shifts generation from centralised power plants to decentral locations. Infrastructure is affected by this shift and new congestion challenges might occur all over the power system. Furthermore, solar and wind power PV offer an intermittent conduct and limited predictability, since the electrical demand and supply ought to be in continuous balance. This improves the cost volatility across the electricity markets, along with the frequency where the ability technique is challenged with imbalances. Adding electrification within the energy sector generally due to decarbonising heat supply and transportation sector, along with the necessity to produce smart strategies to manage this transition become apparent.

Problem definition

Ecovat created a high quality periodic thermal energy storage, by which inside some time immeasureable an individual’s may be stored centrally.

Battery energy storage system thesis proposal power system

By using this, for example a residential area or maybe a sizable office may be provided in their ac demand. Various complementary technologies (e.g. CHP, PVT, heat pumps, electric heating resistors) allows you to charge the thermal energy storage. The task achieves this inside an effective way, thus both getting sufficient thermal energy open to provide within the demand, as also creating value within the electricity markets.

Value within the electricity markets are available in the possibility versatility for your grid. Three kinds of versatility may be distinguished (see figure). To begin with, electricity prices may have an growing volatility. By charging in periods of minimal prices, electrical power can become heat low-priced. Next, versatility associated with system imbalances may be provided. Every time a surplus of production exists within the system, an Ecovat is able to quickly employ this surplus in electricity by converting it to heat and concurrently resolving the unit imbalance. Third, power systems possess a limited capacity, and expanding the whole power system for almost any peak energy might occur only a couple of occasions yearly could be a pricey investment. Therefore, presently new way of offering versatility looked for after (e.g. demand response, peak shaving, load shifting) are investigated.

An Ecovat is able to provide to shift a great off-peak hrs, with assorted dynamic capacity within the grid connection.

The task is mixing the 3 types of versatility this will let you system optimal solution, maximising value and charging the Ecovat for the least costly cost possible. To be able to effectively make this happen, local power flows have to be managed, making sure the dynamic capacity within the grid connection isn’t exceeded. Ecovat wants to integrate a detailed battery storage to deal with ability flow within the grid connection, and sufficient electrical power for the local system. The attached control technique is not developed along with the battery system should be dimensioned for the Ecovat system. Furthermore, options to produce additional value by using this battery storage must be analysed (e.g. the options to provide energy for that power system in situation in the imbalance with inadequate supply).

Research questions

Mixing both of these challenges, the next research questions are defined:

  • How can power packs storage be integrated therefore the ability flow within the grid connection may be effectively managed?
  • Which additional options will a close battery storage provide in adding value for the Ecovat solution?
  • What medicine corresponding battery system’s specs and magnificence?

Please send your open solicitation with C.V, background motivation to ir. Rik Fonteijn &#8211 Officer Integration Electricity Markets at Ecovat Renewable Energy Technologies. Email: Rik.fonteijn@ecovat.eu.

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