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Writing scientific articles cargill jobs and delivering

Biography/ Background

Margaret Cargill is an applied linguist specialising in the development of research communication skills for scientists who use English either as a first or an additional language. She has 25 years’ experience working intensively with international research students and their supervisors, including in the University’s internationally recognised Integrated Bridging Program (1995-2008).

Her current research and teaching interests lie in developing, evaluating and delivering appropriate collaborative pedagogies to enable scientists and language specialists together to assist inexperienced authors in getting their research published in the international refereed literature. She is co-author, with Dr Patrick O’Connor, of a successful teaching text on this topic entitled Writing scientific research articles: Strategy and steps (Wiley-Blackwell 2009, 2013, writeresearch.com.au ).


Doctor of Education, University of Adelaide, 2011

Master of Education (TESOL), University of South Australia, 1997

Diploma of Education, University of Sydney, 1969

Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney, 1968

Awards & Achievements

1997 Stephen Cole the Elder Prize for Excellence in Teaching, The University of Adelaide

Lincoln College, Honorary Life Membership

Past editor, TESOL in Context (Journal of ACTA, Australian Council of TESOL Associations) Co-editor 1999-2001, Executive editor 2005-2008


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Writing scientific articles cargill jobs Higher Education

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Writing scientific articles cargill jobs University employees

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