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Brandon sanderson writing advice articles

Brandon sanderson writing advice articles cousin-in-law of Peter

What’s 17th Shard?

17th Shard could be a fan-run website dedicated to all the works of fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. Though Brandon doesn’t operate the site, he’s provided us permission to obtain his official fansite. Consequently, we are likely most likely probably the most rabid of rabid fanboys. We love to to to consider we’re fun to be friends with. We discuss numerous theories, generally just dink around. If you’d like either of people things, you’ll savor it here!

Who’s Brandon Sanderson?

He’s the author of works well with example Elantris. Mistborn. Warbreaker. and The Stormlight Archive. Individuals adult epic fantasies sit within the same world, referred to as cosmere, but it’s in no way essential to realize that to have the novels. He’s also written the Alcatraz novels, this is a amusing middle grade series, furthermore to The Rithmatist. and Steelheart. He made an appearance to get selected to complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of energy by Mr. Jordan’s widow.

Brandon is known for nice worldbuilding, deep and original magic systems, great figures, and superb endings. You’ll find read any type of his works, the very best kind of Warbreaker is really created for free on his website. And because it is a standalone, you will not feel obligated to find out plenty of books for almost any satisfying conclusion. (It is also great, but we’re under impartial.) You can download it here.

He’s a podcast with Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and Mary Robinette Kowal known as Writing Excuses. which handles writing advice and offering people excuses to create. It’s 15 minutes extended, do not allow that fool you! It’s been going since 2008, and there’s several hrs of awesome material if you are a ambitious author.

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For the understanding, Brandon does not frequently demonstrated up at 17th Shard, but his assistant, Peter Ahlstrom. from time to time stops by.

For almost any more extensive description, you can even examine out his slightly outdated bio on his website .

Our website started initially as Hoid’s Compendium, produced by Mi’chelle Master. She resides in Utah, and very had Brandon’s Writing Sci-fi and Fantasy class at Brigham Youthful College. When Brandon discovered this fansite, he suggested that instead of naming it after Hoid (a personality who’s present throughout his adult epic fantasies), naming it carrying out a Seventeenth Shard, a company of world hoppers with folks of all of the the cosmere planets. With Brandon’s blessing, we elevated to obtain the condition fansite its his works.

With Mi’chelle’s husband, Josh. and her friend Eric from Brandon’s forums on Timewaster’s Guide (which exists now just as one archive online), work started on 17thshard.com. Eric requested Will. another member on Timewaster’s Guide’s writing group, to assist with graphics. Eric’s co-administrator across the Mistborn RPG, Kerry. also increased to end up part of we. The site opened up up up its doorways within the rocky condition within the summer time time time period of 2010, along with the Mistborn RPG was rapidly folded into 17th Shard. In Feb 2011, we upgraded our software, making the site about fifty occasions better (just question our initial primary page–it had been bad). After a while, they have exploded in recognition, beyond everything you might have ever expected thinking about our humble beginnings!

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17th Shard (also referred to as 17S) is unquestionably an network, where one can individuals who love Brandon Sanderson as well as the books. We provide a large volume of fervent theorizers regarding the cosmere, Brandon-related podcasts, a properly-maintained wiki, an admirer gallery, various games an discussions regarding the books, member blogs, and Mistborn: The Inquisition, an RPG set a hundred years before november the very best Empire, where one can many authors. Combined, you have to work as premier place to talk about Brandon, and the middle of his fandom. An entire discussion inside our site functions, community rules, and helpful techniques for writing good posts are available here. therefore we have help files if you’d like other assistance (in addition to, you’ll be able to contact employees below).

Though Brandon finishedThe Wheel of energy. we’re not a real Wheel of energy fansite. However, their fanbase is very active online, so there are numerous options for that.

We’ve three mind managers :

Rubix. also called Josh Master. He’s most likely the co-founders and online resources the site. He as well as the wife, Mi’chelle, both reside in Utah and mainly stalk Brandon. His favorite game is Gemstones .
firstRainbowRose. also called Mi’chelle Master. We lovingly reference her as Mi’ch. She’s the founding father in the website, our pr person, and moderates us in conferences. She likes making cryptic comments across the forums.
Chaos. also called Eric Lake. He’s every day-to-day site administrator. Once the site breaks, most commonly it is his fault. He spends all day long lengthy extended across the forums and theorizes regarding the cosmere a great deal. He uses wiki obsessively, that is a co-admin across the Mistborn RPG.

In addition on their own account, we’ve six managers :

Shivertongue. otherwise Will Raboin. He’s our senior graphics design monkey and produced our art online.
KChan. also called Kerry Stuart. She’s the Highprince of Stuff, and it’s difficult to pinpoint something online she hasn’t labored on. She’s the co-admin within the Mistborn RPG, skins the site, and rumor has it they once labored across the wiki.
zas678. also called Zach Stay. Really, he’s a cousin-in-law of Peter Ahlstrom, and Zach does great make use of an interview Database, theorizing, and it is a-around quote-fetching deity.
Comatose. also called Matt Wiens. He’s a Canadian. Oh, and he’s a Mistborn RPG administrator. He’s rad.
Joe ST. whose name, since you can have suspected, is Joe. He’s our resident Brit, and tries his hardest to help keep the wiki editors arranged.
WeiryWriter. last, but in no way least, was introduced directly into assist with our news, furthermore to concentrate on a job interview database.
In addition, we’ve our moderators:

Global moderators manage every area within the forums, generally doing a number of things. Our global moderators are: Eerongal. Windrunner. and Kurkistan

Our moderators also aid out and manage the city. We’ve many moderators, including little_wilson. FeatherWriter. E. Hyde. Moru. and moogle .

The very best user group aren’t 17th Shard staff, however, you need to concentrate on them: Team Sanderson. I would not need to inform you exactly who during this usergroup represent.

Contact additionally to networking

For general queries, you can email [email&#160protected]. For virtually any queries on-site issues, contact Eric/Chaos most likely through the forums, or email him at [email&#160protected] .

You can follow us on Facebook (our Facebook feed draws from Twitter generally).

Brandon is excellent (however, nobody is impartial), anf the husband makes effort to speak to his fans. He’s snappy, clearly, but he’s doing read all his email. You should utilize his Contact page form form on his website, or simply email him at brandon [AT] brandonsanderson.com. He’s on Facebook. Twitter. and Google+. Twitter may be the fastest way Brandon could react to you, but he does not answer everything because of his hectic schedule.

You will find presently no ads on 17S, though we’re while adding them, and then we promise you, they’ll be stylish. However, at the moment, we’re all placing a fair period of time into this website will little financial reward, if you’d decide to donate for the cause, that can be done here! Don’t feel obligated to accomplish this, we have made the choice created for individuals who feel inclined, to not make others feel guilty.

We promise to not pocket it and laugh maniacally. Most likely.

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