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Writing an apology letter to your ex girlfriend

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When it comes to love and marriage, a heartfelt letter of apology will often share the passion and qualities found in traditional love letters. Saying sorry to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife is never easy because there’s so much at stake.

When passion is involved, your feelings of regret and remorse reach a whole new level, taking what’s already a difficult time and adding LOVE into the mixan emotion that can be difficult to deal with even at the best of times.

Get inspired by these apology letters to a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife, lovers, spouses and partners. Or, post your own online apology love letter .

An Apology Love Letter to Tala
To My Dearest, It’s been a while, months have gone by and still. it all seems like it was yesterday. I remember the days we spent in the mountains,

My Deepest Regret
Time and time again, being in love could seem so simple and come so smoothly. But to lose someone who you looked on to as your other half is the most

A Letter to Julie from her miserable husband Matthew
I can never begin to make up for the way I have treated you. I know that the anguish and anger I see in your eyes is caused by me. You are a perfect match

Apology Letter to Helen from Your Transgender Ex
Helen, I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for every time you told me you loved me and I never said it back. I’m sorry for

Apology Letter To the One I Love
To The One I Love, I hope that you have been doing well. I write this not to beg for you. I am not trying to win you back or even change your heart.

Sorry For Being Pushy
Dear Mt, I realize I cant imagine all the stress you have been going through between work, school, myself, and others. I don’t want to be selfish and

My Back Handed Apology Letter, for the End of My 25 Year Marriage
My Dearest Ed, Husband of 25 years I am not going to apologize for anything I have said or done during our breakup. You have been a horrible man, trying

I’m Hurting
We were so innocent, our love was so strong we could never be separated. You had my heart, I had yours, we smiled laughed and just had fun. Everything

Apology Letter to Dylan
Dear Dylan. Before I pour out my entire heart and soul out into this letter, I want to let you know that you are the love of my life. Without you,

Not Another Throw Around Apology
Kelvin, Where to start? I honestly have no clue. This is the hardest and toughest apology I’ve ever had to think of because I was just so awful too

I’m sorry, I love you, I’m stupid
Sorry. I really don’t want to leave, I don’t really want to go without talking to you, hugging you, kissing you. I don’t really want to leave beside

Big Regrets in Love and Life
Where I do I begin. I guess from the start. I know it doesn’t seem that way but I never meant to hurt you never meant for things to go the way they did.

A lost Mother & Wife’s Apology
My husband, You and I had another fight. something stupid again and you just got home from work when I was asking you questions about our house that

Writing an apology letter to your ex girlfriend that can

A Mountain Morning’s Regret
Dear J, If only there was a verbal eraser for the things I said that morning. I really wasn’t upset by your work, I was upset by something that’s

Apology Letter of Love Pain From Your Wife
When someone dies it is difficult to express sympathy, especially when it is someone you have not been close to or have been estranged from for quite sometime.

I am sorry for slapping you.
My dear husband, Since we have separated I have prayed every single day for a reconciliation. After you cheated on me a third time with a third

Cheated on Him While Pregnant
I cheated on him by flirting with another man. He caught me because that guy was one of his friends and he let him borrow his phone to use and he was logged

Stepping All Over a Kindness.
After four decades passed since I last saw an old flame, out of the blue he contacted me via the internet through my website. It was wonderful to

As If A Death Has Occured
Through out the years of course there have been trials and tribulations. We have each had to learn about one another, learn about ourselves, and also

Love & Apologies
That old famous line “Love is never having to say your sorry” from the movie Love Story couldn’t be more wrong. Apologizing to those you love is more

To My Love (after our biggest fight ever)
Chris, These words can’t undo the dry heaves & long night lying awake & the tears, dry mouth, shaking hands, and queasy stomach that you had to endure

Never My Heart Will Change
August 20,2011. a few days before our anniversary. Dear Dhie, I was thinking of another way to show you my sincerity. I am trying this one out

I Need You My Love.
When you write a romantic poem, or sing a song about love, it’s a well known fact that if you can think of someone, dedicate it to them, it comes out with

My Apology –Always and Forever
Dear Michele. I hope you read this. I hope everyone reads this. Because the whole world should know how much pain, hurt, how much I love you and how

Apology to Karen
Dear Karen, I want you know just how sorry I am for what I did to you after our break up. For the treatment I subjected you to, and for creating in

I’m Sorry. So Sorry Baby for the Way I Made you Feel!
Baby, you mean the world to me, and having you upset is the very last place I ever want to be! Without the light you bring into my eyes, I think I’d

I Am Sorry For All My Mistakes :'(
As I lay here in my bed recalling all that I’ve learned, I am thinking about all that you and I have experienced and been through together (good and bad)

I’m Sorry for Hurting You

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