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Writing about your love story

Writing about your love story each other and

Do not make it too bizarre or grotesque. Uniqueness is like salt. Just enough can perfect a dish, but too much can ruin it and make you regret even making it. Creativity on the other hand is fine. But save the fear factor for your horror stories, unless you can work the violence seamlessly into the romance.

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Focus on personality.

  • Do not match personality. There can be some similarities between the two lovers, but don’t overdo it. If they are too similar, the reader will began to regard them more as siblings or close friends than lovers.
  • Anger, rivalry, and love? Both anger and love take a lot of passion and in the end they can spawn off each other. In the beginning stages of your story do not be afraid to let them loathe each other, just subdue the fire before it escalates.
  • Combinations. We have all heard of the epitome of “unique” lovers: mean/hotheaded guy and nice, plain girl or vice versa, and smart guy and empty headed but cool girl or vice versa. Try to go beyond that. Make two lists of all the personalities you can think of, one for the girl and one for the guy. Then chose a random trait from each list and see if can make a story off that.

Incorporate symbolism. Symbolism is a difficult art to master, but if you can represent your characters’ love through a material object, the readers will enjoy it. A common example is a rose, but try to venture into some more unique objects. Think of why your characters love each other and focus in on those reasons; maybe you can come up with the ideal symbol.

Develop the antagonists.

Writing about your love story work together, they may

What do an envying ex, a malicious villain, and feuding parents have in common? They are all classic examples of the romantic equivalent of an antagonist. An antagonist can provide strife, angst, and even comical relief. They are very rewarding and enjoyable to create. Who doesn’t want to make the perfect villain?

Use imagery and flawless descriptions.

  • Use poignant words that capture emotion and your reader’s heart. Describe the surroundings with the uttermost detail.

I want to write a story about two people who hate each other and then fall in love. What would be a believable way that they would become friends?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor

  • Consider having the characters being forced to spend time together so that they grow closer. For example, if they go to school together, they might have to work on a partner project. If they go to work together, they may have the same shift.

Should I start writing a love story with the title, theme, or characters?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor

  • Start with the characters, and the setting around them.

Is it best to write a love story in first or third person?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor

  • You can write it in either point of view. Just remember the pros and cons to each point of view, which apply to all story writing.

How do I make stories more interesting and unpredictable?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor

  • Make the characters have obstacles. Make the person reading your story want to cry. Make the characters desirable. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding where one character thinks the other has been unfaithful, but they really haven’t. Maybe a chance meeting or some kind of cosmic force brings them back together.

Writing about your love story of the romantic equivalent of

What is a good way to begin a love story?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor

  • Give your protagonist a dramatic start. Maybe he loses a parent or gets sent to a new school and he meets the love interest in a way that he would not have without the dramatic event.

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