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Report writing in 300 words about myself

Hi! I’m Tom. I’m 16 and My home is Warsaw the capital of Belgium. Really I originate from another city – Wroclaw, where I resided for eleven years, but 5 years ago, my father made the decision to alter his job, so we all gone to live in Warsaw. I’ve got a sister – Maja. She’s 18 and she or he have been to USA 2 yrs ago and today she studies law in the College of Warsaw. My father is employed by a German company. My mother accustomed to teatch in the College and today, she functions as a computer analitist.

I’m thinking about information technology, music, sport and fantasy literature. Computers first appered within my existence after i was seven. I Then had experienced my first computer. It had been Commodore 64 and that i remember myself thinking, it had become the very best factor on the planet. I had been playing it whenever I possibly could. I Then had experienced my first PC. Initially, I had been just playing video games, however, many time later, I observed which i could perform a much more things using the computer, for instance programming. Now, I’m able to already programue in Pascal, C++ and HTML. I’ve my very own site on the web and I’ve done many programues. Hopefully later on I will receive a job like a computer researcher.

My personal favorite music band is QUEEN. It is the greatest group on earth. Along with my sister, we’re devoted Queen fans. Most of us have their albums, many video tapes, books, posters, gadgets and interviews. I really like them, however i like other groups such as the Doorways, The Baeatles, The Moving Gemstones, some Polish rock groups and many more. As well as that I’m really fascinated with Scottisch bagpipe songs, and something of my personal favorite albums may be the „Braveheart” soundtrack.

I will always be proficient at sports. I love playing soccer, running and swimming (also Diving and diving).

Report writing in 300 words about myself the spider seems so huge

I’ve performed in lots of sport tournaments (football cups, handball cups, races) by which along with my team, I’ve won many trophys. My personal favorite intelectual game is chess, but I have not performed it professionaly.

I really like fantasy literature. I just read fantasy magazines and books, watch fantasy films and play role doing offers by which fantasy world can be used as background. Once every two days, I talk with my buddies so we play „Middle Earth”. I’m online resources the sport and they’re players. We play about five hrs sesion. It’s an enjoyable experience. „Middle Earth” is really a game according to Tolkien’s books. I selected it, becouse I really like exactly what J.R.R. Tolkien authored. He’s my personal favorite author, however i like other authors too, for instance Piers Anthony or Robert Jordan.

My dream would be to study information technology and to visit Japan. I really like everything connected with this particular country. and Hopefully later on, I’ll learn Japanise. I wish to visit Japan and remain there for any lengthy time. I wish to obtain a job there like a computer researcher. Now, I attempt to understand Japanise on my own. I know some words contributing to 60 letters of the alfabeth. My parents guaranteed me when I learn German and British well, they’ll find us a Japanise teatcher.

I personally don’t like spiders. After I visit a spider (especialy when it’s a large one) Personally i think so small , the spider appears so huge. I don’t feel damaged after i visit a mouse, snake or other animal so when I stumbled upon a spider I believe: „Why isn’t it a mouse?

So why do I usually find spiders and never mise for example”. This really is terrible.

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