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Urban open space thesis proposal

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Printed: 23, March 2015

The suggested website is found at the junction of two primary roads. Somewhere from the site there’s primary Edge Lane (A5047) road, that is a major distributor road, linked to M62 freeway giving quick access to Liverpool City Center. As well as on the East side, there’s Rathbone road. The Southern boundary from the website is restricted by Liverpool to West Coast Primary railway line.

As described in ‘Development Framework’, team Perry along with Liverpool city council along with a private body ‘Liverpool Vision’, created a design charrette. According to client’s method of site thinking about its importance like a ‘Eastern gateway’ towards the region of Liverpool, and council’s vision to build up this website like a major connect to ‘North West Region’ because of its geographical importance, team Perry have prepared the expansion plan with this area.

Urban open space thesis proposal Good features of this

You will see a combination-land use, like social housing, affordable housing, retail, offices etc thinking about the sustainability aspects within this development. Development of Vehicle-free atmosphere and provision more eco-friendly spaces would be the primary purpose of urban the perception of this plan. These suggested features within the development can help in encouraging the sustainable patterns.

Retail Development


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In planning the street network of the new development plan, one factor has stored in your mind the use of each land use will be presented according to its purpose, like for retail plots major approach roads in the primary highways and suggested new link road are needed. Because you will see a immense necessity of good access for heavy transport vehicles to retail plots. Loading and unloading facilities is going to be provided in architectural detailed sketches, within the plot.

Thinking about the needs for that retail development from client, you will see provision of huge retail units, having a landmark structure with small retail amenities, sports and community complex, cafeteria, bar lounge, vehicle free atmosphere, and greener community space. Pedestrian dominated circulation inside the site was liked by client. Eventually the program road network was labored to get an immediate road access from every side of the plot.

This makes the plots readily available.

‘SWOT’ Analysis

Ø Strengths –

The place o the website is excellent. It’s on the junction of Edge lane road, and Rathbone road, which provides use of Liverpool and Manchester. Existing residential area (Image 1) and surrounding office and technology park area (Image 2) can give a large customer care towards the retail development. There’s a great transportation facility like existing railway station and also the nearby bus stops, can be found around the periphery from the site.

Ø Weaknesses-

The present urban design excellence of the website is poor, when it comes to internal road network permeability. Also site lacks in feeling of place and identity. It’s observed that overall site has limited provision for pedestrians. Many internal roads like Binns road obstructing vehicular access because of provision of Bollards, towards the suggested retail development plots.

Ø Possibilities –

Suggested new link road on south-west side from the site, and also the ‘Mersey tram’ transportation system will boost the ease of access from the site. There’s not one other major retail district center within the area of site. It’ll encourage retail investors to improve the economical stability from the suggested development. Suggested retail development can create the use and shopping possibilities for that surrounding population.

Ø Threats –

The present ‘valuation office agency report’ on housing states the property market in Liverpool has continued to be static for any lengthy time period. Therefore it may modify the economic viability of retail development when the residential units aren’t offered. Because of the suggested development the present eco-friendly space around the North-east corner from the site is going to be destroyed.

While focusing on actual design proposal, three choices for the retail development plots were prepared. Of that client made the decision one option which fitted within its constraints and needs. This is actually the illustration and comparison between the 3 urban design proposals for retail development.



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· Option 1 has vehicular connection in the heart of every plot, connecting front and rare side of every plot. This method includes a great ease of access feature. Thinking about large profit for that private developer (Client) only large retail land use provides within this option with inward searching parking. It cuts down on the walking distance however this option doesn’t fulfill vehicle free development, pedestrian priority development patterns of sustainable development. Also the majority of the space is eaten by vehicle parking reduces likelihood of supplying internal community open space. So can’t be known as as better urban design proposal.

· Option 2 was created regarding overcome unsatisfying figures in option 1. Reducing quantity of large retail structures, feature of mixed land me is enhanced. Thinking about an element of priority to pedestrians, there’s a provision of separate exit and entry for pedestrians and vehicles. Also eco-friendly area surrounding the periphery of both plots, functions as visual and seem buffer. Provision of public square area attempts to achieve better pedestrian circulation and community enhancement. However it fails to supply a vehicle free atmosphere by permitting vehicles to go in inside the pedestrian area. Also there’s no provision of internal community open space. This method is getting some sustainable patterns but demand for revised option arises eventually.

· Option 3 is really a modified form of option 2. Good options that come with this method are this method is getting vehicular and pedestrian area don’t interfere one another. Restricted vehicular circulation enhances low vehicle dependency component of sustainable patterns. Choice is getting separate vehicular and pedestrian entry. This method also offers eco-friendly space across the periphery of every plot, creating visual and seem buffer. Also provision of internal community open space makes positive impact on the micro climate from the surroundings. The advantages of vehicle free development is achieved within this option. More mixed land use and provision of sports complex, gym, and cafeteria like local needed amenities is going to be useful for catering needed amenities to surrounding people.

Comparative Matrix

Above illustrations, comparisons and matrix indicate that option 3 is well appropriate urban design proposal for growth and development of retails plots. Because this option comes from earlier two options and it has proven itself satisfying to client, this plan will be utilized for your final design plan for retail plots in suggested urban redevelopment at WRDA.

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