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University of bristol history dissertations

University of bristol history dissertations Best undergraduate

Since 2009 the Department in history in the College of Bristol has printed the very best of the annual dissertations created by our final-year undergraduates. We all do so in recognition from the excellent research carried out by our students, that is a cornerstone in our degree programme. Like a department, we’re dedicated to the growth of historic understanding and also to research from the greatest order. Our undergraduates are members of that endeavour.

Listed here are the know what’s even better year’s undergraduate history dissertations, with links towards the dissertations themselves where they are available. Please be aware that these dissertations are printed within the condition these were posted for examination. Thus the authors haven’t been in a position to correct errors and/or departures from departmental guidelines for that presentation of dissertations (e.g. within the formatting of footnotes and bibliographies). In every situation, resides using the author and all sorts of legal rights are reserved.

‘Best dissertation’ prize

Rethinking Reform: James Greenwood and also the Lambeth Workhouse within the 1860s
Champion from the ‘Best History dissertation of 2014’ prize

The Function of Warders within the Madras Lunacy Asylum in British India c. 1870-1890 2014dargeviciute (PDF, 331kB)

Benjamin J Bald eagle

‘Man is However a Worm’: History, Ecosystem and Invertebrate Agency: Research from the ecological impact from the earthworm in natural and history 1881-1992
2014eagle (PDF, 952kB)

A Collaborative Affair: Teacher Discussion of High-School Extra-Curricular Activities within the School Review (1920-29) 2014gill (PDF, 2,604kB)

Kathrin A Hiepko

In search of the ‘Socialist Personality’: The Closed Juvenile Correctional Facility at Torgau, the German Democratic Republic 2014hiepko (PDF, 2,642kB)

University of bristol history dissertations the excellent research

‘Operation Urgent Fury’: Reassessing the British Government’s Knowledge of and Response to the 1983 US Invasion of Grenada 2014jessop (PDF, 695kB)
An essay according to this dissertation was ‘highly commended’ within the worldwide Undergraduate Awards. 2014.

Jakob A Lundwall

Circumventing Silence: The ‘Tripod of private Shoah Memory’ (Commemoration, Remembrance and Recounting) of Holocaust Survivors in Israel between 1951 and 1961 2014lundwall (PDF, 503kB)

Allies at War: The Struggle for Power in the BBC French Service, 1940-1944

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