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Tobias levkovich raging bull thesis proposal

Tobias levkovich raging bull thesis proposal global leader in information technology

If you are within the mood to have an uplifting read that isn’t straight from the fiction section, you might want to read Tobias Levkovich’s report entitled The Raging Bull Thesis .

Despite America’s current fears for future years of equities, the housing industry, and our very own financial blunders (that could worsen if things in Europe remaind unchanged) there are several surprising statistics and positive information available that may help calm your worried nerves.

Listed here are six from the top trends that provide Levkovich a bullish outlook on America.

The financial problems within the U . s . States are continuously headed towards resolution so equity risk premiums should fall lower a little. Based on Citi mandatory federal spending will rise tremendously around 2014. In the event that would happen, markets would respond negatively. Consequently, policymakers are anticipated to turn to extreme fiscal restraint around 2013 to prevent that calamity. If fiscal uncertainty starts to subside, risk premiums will recede and stocks would presumably rise.

America is relying much less on foreign oil to heat and lightweight our country. Newer types of drilling and shale extraction had brought to big boomtowns in small towns through the nation. Meanwhile, energy-efficient smart-cars are flooding the car markets. With individuals two factors combined, experts expect that oil imports will fall quite drastically from nine million barrels every day to simply 2 million barrels each day. A majority of individuals 2 million imports will probably originate from Canada and Mexico. Re-claiming our energy independence is a huge leap towards reclaiming our status because the world’s superpower.

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Home values have bottomed. There’s nowhere for prices to visit, but up. Once the market does improve, a rise of construction jobs will stimulate the economy. Consequently, the gradual economic pick-me-ups can help Americans re-gain some confidence within the banking system.

U.S. based information mill spending so much time to create manufacturing jobs home, instead of China. Rising land and wage costs in China have motivated many American corporations to make use of American land and workers rather. Following the disasters in Japan and Thailand this season, companies did exactly the same factor: made the decision to maneuver their house manufacturing-base to America.

“ Census are really favorable for stocks at this time.” Although there’s a lot of concern concerning the aging baby-boomers investing only in low-risk, fixed-earnings types of securities, there’s what’s promising. Overall, dividend yielding stocks tend to be more attractive than bonds. Also, the audience of american citizens aged 35-39 is really a relatively large group who will probably begin saving more “strongly” for the finish of 2012.

At this time, America may be the leading country in technology. and also the overwhelming interest in mobile technologies have only begu n.

Based on Citi research, global transmission for smartphones is about 27%, when compared with 50% in only the planet. U.S. is really a world leader in it. Interest in ever better cellular devices will drive purchase of software, infrastructure, chips, batteries, etc.

Tobias levkovich raging bull thesis proposal come from Canada

And also the US continues to be world leader in it.

So have no fear. Things aren’t always badly because they appear — you simply have to check out the large picture and know in which the advantages and possibilities lie.

*Indented excerpts and source information thanks to BusinessInsider.com .

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