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Thou blind man s mark thesis proposal

Thou blind man s mark thesis proposal what kind of syntax was

Fall 2012 AP Prompt

Fall 2012 AP Prompt: Within the following poem by Mister Philip Sidney, the speaker addresses the topic of desire. Browse the poem carefully. Then write a properly-developed essay that you evaluate how poetic devices assistance to convey the speaker’s complex attitude toward desire.

In Mister Philip Sidney’s poem, “Thou Blind Man’s Mark,” he makes use of poetic devices for example enunciation, personification, and syntax to share his negative attitude toward desire.

Through the poem, Sidney’s utilization of enunciation is really a key tool in expressing his negative attitude toward desire. Sidney describes desire as “thou fools self selected snore. Fond fancy’s scum, and dregs of scattered thought Gang of all evils, cradle of causeless care.” (lines 1-3) Using profoundly harsh and negative enunciation to explain desire serves to exhibit the readers Sidney’s intense dislike of desire. Sidney clearly conveys his attitude of hate toward desire together with his selection of words to describe desire.

By analyzing Sidney’s manner of personifying desire, it’s possible to also recognize Sidney’s ongoing fight with desire. Sidney continues to consult desire as “thou,” as though desire was a real person. Within the poem Sidney writes, “Useless, thou hast my ruin searched for Useless thou maddest me to vain things aspire. Within myself to find my only hire, desiring nought but exactly how to kill desire.” (lines 9-14) By personifying desire, Sidney is creating an organization that he makes use of to direct all his hate toward desire. With desire personified, slaying the thought of desire becomes an infinitely more achievable goal for Sidney.

Lastly, Sidney uses his charge of syntax to produce lines which are read short and choppy to share his singular attitude toward the idea of desire: hate.

Thou blind man s mark thesis proposal main point

Sidney writes, “Desire, desire! I’ve too very much bought, With cost of mangled mind, thy useless ware.” (lines 5-6) Sidney’s sentences are obvious, decisive, and direct. Using syntax serves to exhibit the readers that Sidney feels very strongly in the intense dislike from the malevolent entity that’s desire.

In Sidney’s poem, “Thou Blind Man’s Mark,” he makes his negative attitude toward desire very obvious in the utilization of negative enunciation, personification, and syntactical elements for example brief, choppy sentences.


This prompt for Mister Philip Sidney’s poem, “Thou Blind Man’s Mark,” was certainly one of my first timed writing encounters in AP British 12. Knowing that, it had been certainly certainly one of my less strong timed writing pieces this season.

As I did address the prompt at hands, Personally i think that I didn’t address the prompt as throughly and comprehensively when i might have loved to. When I was writing the piece, I discovered myself floundering for words It seemed like I possibly could not precisely describe things i saw within the piece. Rather to be specific within my thesis statement, I had been broad in scope and restated the prompt within my thesis. Basically would redo this paper, I’d site specifics within my prompts, for example which kind of enunciation Sidney used and what sort of syntax was contained in the piece. In developing a comprehensive thesis, I possibly could fully express myself within my work.

Thou blind man s mark thesis proposal were to redo this paper

I observe that within my analysis of Sidney’s poem, I finish up repeating myself, utilizing the same adjectives and descriptions again and again. Basically would revise my work, I’d take care not to become repetitive within my writing. During the period of my year in AP British 12, I’ve become experienced in choosing the proper words for the best conditions. I can better convey my ideas than I had been in nov 2012. I’d correct my insufficient diversity in language to produce a fascinating and interesting piece that better expresses my ideas. I’d also drop personification like a primary reason for my essay, when i believe that personification alone is simply too specific a subject in my to precisely connect with the prompt. I’d rather decided on a broader subject for analysis, such and also the overall tone of Sidney’s poem.

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