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Thesis writing schedule for novelist

Thesis writing schedule for novelist review paper     

Schedule: Days 1-8

Technical writing may be the communication of specific information for an identified readers so the reader’s understanding matches the writer’s intention. The writer’s responsibility is to help make the communication accurate, obvious, complete, concise, well-organized and proper. –Rew, 1993, 3

Week 1 — 1/06

  • Course Introduction — Tuesday e-Homework
    • Open Notebook Science (Studying 1) + Research Intelligence. (studying 1a)
    • fun situation study: Came Endy on O Static
    • The Pleasure of Research (Studying 2)
    • Browse the “Welcome. ” entry in Mickey’s Sakai Blog
    • Introduce your quest (Blog Publish #1: undergo your Sakai Blog )

Week 2 — 1/13

  • Tuesday e-Homework:
    • Read Blog submissions — react to two records by next Thursday
    • Why Current publication practice may distort science (Studying 4)
    • Read Sakai Wiki link
  • Discussion: /Establishing Wiki, Aspects of Effective Writing
    • Science 2.: You say you’ll need a Revolution (Studying 5)

Week 3 — 1/20

  • Tuesday e-Homework: Personalized Start Pages
    • Read entry on Readings page — Personalized Start Pages
    • Publish a note towards the Blog explaining which pages you enrolled in and why include print screen picture of your start page
  • Review Paper / Annotated Bibliography Assignment
    • Publish 2 annotations to Wiki by next Thursday, class time

Week 4 — 1/27

  • Tuesday e-Homework
    • Explore the educational bookmarking sites listed at “Bookmarking Sites” within the Student Sources section (see left sidebar)
    • Choose among the above data-collecting approaches for this semester — Link a minimum of 1 source for your library. In Blog, explain that you simply chose and why provide Hyperlink to your page with that site.
    • Read: Michael Neilson — The way forward for Science. Intro + Part I
  • Wiki work, Review Paper Revisited
    • read first sample review paper (Index)
    • 5 Annotations published to wiki by next Thursday

Week 5 — 2/03

  • Tuesday e-Homework
    • student blog entry — write your blog entry on subject of your liking, but associated with class/science/your quest. This doesn’t need to be about publishing, writing, etc. but ought to be a genuine attempt to obtain your ideas out in here.
    • Everybody else, respond.
    • Read: Michael Neilson — The way forward for Science. Part II
    • Read: Why has not scientific publishing been disrupted already?

    Thesis writing schedule for novelist above data-collecting approaches

  • From Review Paper to Thesis Why is the Thesis Intro different
    • In Praise of Peer Review (Studying 5, Index)
    • Read “Crafting a Thesis” sections 1,2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.9, 3.10

Week 6 — 2/10

  • Tuesday e-Homework
    • Blog entry #2 — this entry ought to be centered on work being carried out in a school you’re investigating for graduate/school of medicine — anything you like, but tie into why the work and/or person wil attract for you
    • Everybody else, respond.
  • Reviews: Body, Conclusion —
    • 5 minute Presentation of Research Question

Week 7 — 2/17

  • Tuesday e-Homework — just kidding! (you have an annotated bibliography to complete. )
    • bring type of favorite research report intro to class on Thursday
    • Studying: The Science of Scientific Writing (Studying 3 — suggest that you print in out)
  • Review Paper Conclusions, Evaluation/Critique — Using Studying 3 that will help you write

Week 8 — 2/24

  • Tuesday e-Homework:
    • Take a look at Wisdomap.com for outlining review paper
  • Annotated Bibliography DUE (publish all records to Wiki)/ From Review to Thesis Introduction / Creating an overview for Review Paper

Thesis writing schedule for novelist intro to

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