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My writing spot web application document names

Let us face the facts – it’s been some time since i have demonstrated the My Writing Place web application some love. I have been busy using the extremely popular apps for iPhone and iPad. with porting the application that it is on Android devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire and also the Nook. Through this, the net application has continued to be fast and stable, though it now supports a large number of users daily.

Well, I am very happy to state that I’ve taken a while in the last couple of days to include a couple of nice additional features towards the My Writing Place web application. There is nothing earth-shattering here, however these are a few things that you have requested for, which should result in the web application that rather more helpful to all of us all.

  • There’s a brand new Download All button present in the toolbar. Hitting this button will bundle up all of your documents right into a ZIP-compressed file, and download that ZIP file for your local computer. There’s still the choice to download just one document, however the Download All feature makes copying your projects for your local computer easy. Or must i say a click?
  • The E-mail Document feature now emails your document being an attachment rather of because the body from the email. The document is attached like a plain text file, which will be able to be opened up by nearly any word processor or text editor around.
  • The net application now supports longer document names. Document names is now able to as much as 40 figures.
  • There’s a couple of super-secret background features which have been put into support some coming features within the mobile phone applications. I can not say much about the subject now, but watch out for updated mobile phone applications within the coming days.

Please keep the feedback arriving. Your comments and suggestions assistance to shape the way forward for My Writing Place. Interesting support for making My Writing Place the very best writing application available.

My writing spot web application new update on my

Appears like this can be a dead product now. Bad, it had lots of promise.

Where would be the guaranteed updates?

My man! I Really Like this application! I Depend about this application every day! However, using the new update on my small iphone, it crashes each time I open a document that’s greater than a approximately 200 words lengthy. Whats your opinion that could be about? I’ve gone a few days now without having the ability to write since i can’t open my docs. WITHDRAWLS!

Yay! You fixed it! Thanks a lot, my man!

By using this for nano for that manyith year consecutively. any method of getting a price reduction around the ipad application? I upgraded from the iphone and compensated for that application then

I want help attempting to recover an enormous text document in some way, after i was cutting and pasting a little portion of text. Is that this possible?

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