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Thesis and dissertation university of pretoria

Thesis and dissertation university of pretoria The metadata

Standardised Metadata Policy for information describing products within the repository

Grade . Metadata re-use allowed because of not-for-profit purposes

  1. Anybody may connect to the metadata totally free.
  2. The metadata might be re-utilized in any medium without prior permission because of not-for-profit purposes provided:
    • the OAI Identifier or perhaps a connect to the initial metadata record receive
    • the repository is pointed out
  3. The metadata should not be re-utilized in any medium for commercial purposes without formal permission.

Standardised Data Policy for full-text along with other full data products
Grade . Harvesting full data products by robots prohibited

  1. Anybody may access full products totally free.
  2. Single copies of full products could be:
    • reproduced, displayed or performed, and provided to organizations in almost any format or medium
    • for private research or study, educational, or otherwise-for-profit purposes without prior permission or charge.


    • the authors, title and full bibliographic facts are given
    • a web link and/or URL receive for that original metadata page
    • the information isn’t altered by any means
  3. Full products should not be harvested by robots except transiently for full-text indexing or citation analysis
  4. Full products should not be offered commercially in almost any format or medium without formal permission from the holders.

Standardised Content Policy for kinds of document data set held
Grade . Content policies defined

  1. It is really an institutional or departmental repository.
  2. The repository is fixed to:Theses and dissertations
  3. Principal Languages: British Afrikaans

Standardised Submission Policy concerning depositors, quality
Grade . Submission policies defined

  1. Products may be deposited by accredited people from the institution, or their delegated agents.
  2. Authors may submit their very own work with archiving.
  3. The administrator only vets products for that eligibility of authors/depositors, relevance towards the scope from the repository, valid layout format, and also the exclusion of junk e-mail
  4. The validity and authenticity from the content of submissions may be the sole responsibility from the depositor.
  5. Products could be deposited anytime, but won’t be made openly visible until any publishers’ or funders’ embargo period has expired.
  6. Any violations are entirely down to the authors/depositors.
  7. When the repository receives evidence of breach, the appropriate item is going to be removed immediately.

Thesis and dissertation university of pretoria Single copies of

Standardised Upkeep Policy
Grade . Upkeep policies clearly undefined

  1. Products is going to be retained indefinitely.
  2. The repository will attempt to make sure ongoing readability and ease of access.
    • Products is going to be migrated to new file formats where necessary.
    • Where possible, software emulations is going to be presented to access united nations-migrated formats.
  3. The repository regularly supports its files based on current best practice.
  4. Products might not normally be taken off the repository.
  5. Acceptable causes of withdrawal include:
    • Proven breach or plagiarism
    • Legal needs and proven violations
    • National Security
    • Falsified research
  6. No deletion way of withdrawn products defined.
  7. Changes to deposited products are not allowed.
  8. Errata and corrigenda lists might be incorporated using the original record if needed.
  9. If required, an up-to-date version might be deposited.
  10. In case of the repository being closed lower, the database is going to be used in another appropriate archive.

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