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Smart grid simulation thesis proposal

Smart grid simulation thesis proposal the gateway


Master thesis topics

  • Study: Towards a sophisticated metering infrastructure
    Current systems of sensors and actuators use different protocols and knowledge formats. Semantics may be used to enhance data with meaning, to improve versatility and let intelligent functionalities. Within this project, a student will generate a situation study concerning Smart metering. A student will exploit existing implementations from the CoAP application protocol (e.g. for that Contiki or Small OS) to operate web services on sensor nodes. To create a semantic sensor network, a student will assess possiblity to represent and transmit semantic information. Primary needs for that student would be the understanding from the C programming language and covering scripting. [Contact ]
  • A semantic gateway for that home
    Within this project we are designed for applying a house gateway dealing with the CoAP protocol. A student uses the main protocol to apply an origin directory listing sensors and actuators available inherited. Additionally, a student uses a semantic web framework (e.g. Jena) to boost the gateway having a SPARQL endpoint. In this manner, the gateway can provide a uniform interface to gain access to sources and knowledge within the domestic network. To handle this project, a student must have extensive understanding of object-oriented programming languages, particularly Java. [Contact ]
  • Analysis of one’s consumption data in households
    The aim of this project is to blend energy consumption data collected in households along with other datasets (e.g. social systems) to extract types of you and give them tailored services. Is a recommender system proposing advices to lessen the power consumption inherited. We’re searching for students with extensive understanding of object-oriented programming languages (e.g. Java) and fundamental knowledge about data mining. [Contact ]
  • NIALM WebService Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) identifies used appliances inside a total power load based on their individual load characteristics. The purpose of this thesis is to develop an internet site that has the capacity to import the measured power consumptions of users, disaggregate the used power profiles of appliances, share power profiles and calculate the ability costs for every appliance. We’re searching for students that is match HTLM5 and object-oriented programming to apply around the one hands the homepage and however the burden disaggregation formula. [Contact ]
  • Performance evaluation and portrayal of the photovoltaic power system in Karnten, Austria: The purpose of these studies is to employ a field operation performance of the photovoltaic system under Karnten climate. The machine is installed at Lakeside labs which is was comprised of a 5 kWp photovoltaic (PV) array along with a Electricity/AC inverter. The operation performance data are recorded to be able to develop accurate mathematical models for that system in addition to assess the productivity from the system. The annual yield factor, the performance factor along with the capacity factor will be utilized as technical criteria. Meanwhile, the price of energy and payback period will be used assess the practicality from the system. MATLAB software programs are mainly utilized in these studies. Fundamental understanding on energy, electrical energy generation and calculus is needed [For more information, Please contact Tamer Khatib, tamer.khatib@aau.at.

Smart grid simulation thesis proposal Bachelor thesis

Smart grid simulation thesis proposal Make the results of the

Bachelor thesis topics

  • Switchgear for RAPSim The job of the project would be to add fuses, reclosers and sectionalizers towards the RAPSim software. A fuse provides overcurrent protection with a wire melts when an excessive amount of current flows through it. A fuse should be replaced after it burned through. A circuit breaker is definitely an instantly operated electrical switch made to safeguard an electric circuit from damage brought on by overload or short circuit. Its fundamental function would be to identify a fault condition and interrupt current flow. In electrical power distribution, a recloser, is really a circuit breaker outfitted having a mechanism that may instantly close the breaker once it has been opened up as a result of fault. A sectionalizer detects and counts fault current interruptions through the recloser (or circuit breaker). Following a pre-determined quantity of interruptions, the sectionalizer will open, therefore isolating the faulty portion of the circuit, allowing the recloser to revive supply to another non-fault sections.
    RAPSim (Renewable Alternativ Powersystems Simulation) is really a free and free micro-grid simulation framework for much better knowledge of power flowing behavior in smart microgrids with renewable sources. With the ability to simulate grid-connected or standalone microgrids with solar, wind or any other alternative energy. The suggested software calculates the ability generated by each source within the microgrid after which it conducts an electrical flow analysis. Miracle traffic bot is useful for optimal keeping distributed generation units inside a micro grid. If you’re interested, please contact Wilfried Elmenreich, wifried.elmenreich@aau.at.
  • Android application “Energy Meter” Current meters show the consumed energy like a 7 digit number shown on the leading from the meter casing. The aim would be to develop an Android Application that periodically constitutes a photo from the meter and extracts the worth via OCR. The job can built upon existing routines for OCR, but must be tailored to deal with possibly out-of-focus images and also to take understanding from previous measurements into consideration. [[This subject is taken, sorry ]]]
  • Exploiting energy consumption information
    The ability profile of homes is really a helpful information you can use to model users’ conduct. The aim of this project would be to report about existing companies and projects that exploit energy consumption data to provide value-added services to users. A student will analyse scalping strategies and can propose a summary of design guidelines. A student can focus either on platform-related aspects (e.g. communication) or on applications and interfaces. [Contact ]
  • Load disaggregation, the logical approach
    Your house has 10 devices, using the following consumption power. Writing a course that prints out all possible power states is simple with this. Now consider the alternative problem: you receive a quantity of power consumption states and you ought to infer concerning the possible device configuration that has the capacity to produce the measured values. If you’re able to solve the 2nd problem, this Bachelor subject is perfect for you. If you’re interested, please contact Wilfried Elmenreich, wifried.elmenreich@aau.at.


  • Smart Grid Simulation: Simulation is really a substantial way of research around the futures smart energy systems. Problems including power systems, energy markets and user behaviors need new simulation approaches. The “Smart Grid Simulator” is really a Java software that the research group began to build up. There are many options because of its further rise in several areas.
    • Design and implementation of interfaces along with other simulation software, e.g. GridLAB-D.
    • Result in the outcomes of the simulation quick access- and drawable, e.g. by utilization of MatLab.
    • Enhance the Graphical user interface and adapt the controller to aid extended functions and needs from the simulation.
    • Implement a brand new idea how energy usage might be controlled and evaluate its success.
    • You need to know well Java and software design.

    Consultant: Wilfried Elmenreich
    Contact. Manfred Pchacker

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