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Stand alone pv system thesis proposal

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Printed: 23, March 2015

The growing utilization of non-renewable fuels all over the world isn’t enough to satisfy the power demands for the future because it is not really a conventional power source. Alternative energy may be the energy produced by natural sources for example sunlight, wind, tides, biomass and geothermal power heat, that are renewable sources which are naturally replenished. In The Year 2006, about 18% of worldwide final energy consumption originated from renewables, with 13% originating from traditional biomass, for example wood-burning and threePercent from hydroelectricity. New renewables which are small hydro, modern biomass, wind, solar, geothermal power, and biofuels taken into account 2.4% and therefore are growing very quickly (REN21, 2009). The proportion of renewables in electricity generation is about 18%, with 15% of worldwide electricity originating from hydroelectricity and three.4% from new renewables (REN 21, 2009).

Stand alone pv system thesis proposal the load and such systems

Alternative energy sources tend to be cleaner compared to traditional fossil or nuclear fuels accustomed to generate electricity. There aren’t any or minimal emissions or waste connected with renewable sources to pollute the atmosphere and therefore are ecological friendly. Electricity generated through solar, wind and water sources is going to be open to us as lengthy because the sun shines and wind blows as well as water flows.


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Grid connected electricity is principally obtainable in cities on most developing countries and the great majority from the rural population does not need the foundation energy services for example light so a photovoltaic product is used in such instances. A photovoltaic (PV) product is the only real technology that directly converts sunlight to electricity while using solar panels that are semiconductors. Probably the most generally used semiconductors for any PV cell production is plastic. A Standalone PV product is broadly used all over the world as a way of supplying for that fundamental energy must the rural and remote populations of developing countries because it is least costly when compared with other renewable systems for example wind energy. For many PV systems the array is directly attached to the load and the like systems are restricted to small loads with a decent correlation between your power demand and also the solar concentration of the place.

Stand alone pv system thesis proposal to handle constant charging

Standalone PV systems provide electricity to a combination of loads for ac and electricity applications within the presence and even without the sunlight for example throughout the day and also at night. For any PV system to handle the various load demands it has to utilize many devices among the PV array and also the load for energy storage and also the protection from the system. A Standalone PV system necessitates the accessibility to energy sources for example sunlight within the location, a PV array, batteries for energy storage, electricity-ac inverters, blocking diodes, controllers, surge arresters along with other warning and monitoring devices. The primary aspects of a Standalone PV system are listed below:

Figure 1. Showing a Stand-alone PV system powering both ac and electricity loads.

Photovoltaic Array

A PV array is some solar power panels connected in series or parallel and have the effect of the generation of electricity. Each solar power includes a number of solar panels connected in series to provide a needed current and solar panels will also be connected in parallel to make a certain current. The PV array is attached to the controller that is attached to the battery and also the electricity loads plus an inverter which in attached to the ac loads.


Batteries are generally employed for the storage of one’s for any Standalone PV system. Batteries stores excess arriving energy and dispense it when there’s a requirement throughout the dayOrevening or on cloudy days when there’s no sunlight. The PV panel consistently recharges the batteries to keep battery charge every day. Deep-cycle batteries are utilized in PV systems because they can to deal with constant charging and discharging. Some important characteristics to think about when selecting battery power are capacity, cycle existence, performance/cost, sizes and space needs, Ah efficiency, self-discharge rate and installation for example vertical or horizontal.

Electricity-AC Inverters

A electricity-ac ripper tools can be used inside a Standalone PV system because the PV array produces electricity current (electricity) which must be transformed into ac current for a variety of ac loads for that system.

Blocking Diodes

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