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Broadly recognized because of its superior teaching apparatus and thought-provoking readings, The Longman Readers continues to be most effective rhetorically organized newcomer composition readers.

The Longman Readers, Brief Edition features highly recognized writing pedagogy inside a rhetorically-organized readers. The outlet chapter offers specific techniques for active studying, as well as for each pattern-of-development chapter, The Longman Readers features a detailed introduction that asks the readers to think about audience and purpose, concrete revision strategies, a peer review listing, an annotated student essay with extensive analysis, prewriting and revising activities, along with a comprehensive listing of possible writing topics.

Table of Contents

1. The Studying Process.

Stage 1: Get an introduction to the choice.

First Studying: A Listing.

Stage 2: Deepen Your Feeling of the choice.

Second Studying: A Listing.

Stage 3: Assess the Selection.

Evaluating a variety: A Listing.

Ellen Goodman, Family Counterculture.

2. The Writing Process.

Stage 1: Prewrite.

* Figure 2.1: Stages from the Writing Process

Analyzing Your Audience: A Listing.

Stage 2: Find out the Thesis.

Activities: Find out the Thesis

Stage 3: Offer the Thesis with Evidence.

Activities: Offer the Thesis with Evidence

Stage 4: Organize evidence.

Activities: Organize evidence

Outlining: A Listing.

Stage 5: Write the very first Draft.

Turning Outline Into First Draft: A Listing

* Figure 2.2: Structure of the Essay

Activities: Write the very first Draft

Stage 6: Revise the Essay.

Stage 7: Edit and Check

Activity: Revise the Essay

What’s Description?

How Description Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Description within an Essay.

* Figure 3.1: Development Diagram: Writing an account Essay.

Description: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

Maya Angelou, Sister Flowers.

* Figure 3.2: Essay Structure Diagram: “Sister Flowers” by Maya Angelou.

Gordon Parks, Flavio’s Home.

* Gary Kamiya, Existence, Dying and Spring.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Narration?

How Narration Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Narration within an Essay.

* Figure 4.1: Development Diagram: Writing a Narration Essay.

Narration: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

Audre Lorde, The 4th of This summer .

* Figure 4.2: Essay Structure Diagram: “The 4th of This summer” by Audre Lorde.

* George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant .

* Joan Murray, Someone’s Mother.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Exemplification?

How Exemplification Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Exemplification within an Essay.

* Figure 5.1 Development Diagram: Writing an Exemplification Essay.

Exemplification: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

Kay S. Hymowitz, Tweens: Ten Happening 16.

* Figure 5.2: Essay Structure Diagram: “Tweens: Ten Happening 16” by Kay S. Hymowitz .

Leslie Savan, Black Talk and Popular Culture.

* Eric G. Wilson, The Miracle of Melancholia.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Division-Classification?

How Division-Classification Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Division-Classification within an Essay.

* Figure 6.1: Development Diagram: Writing a Division-Classification Essay.

Someones mother by joan murray thesis writing Eric Weiner,    Euromail and Amerimail

Division-Classification: A Revision/Peer Review Listing

Ann McClintock, Propaganda Approaches to Today’s Advertising.

* Figure 6.2 Essay Structure Diagram: “Propaganda Approaches to Today’s Advertising” by Ann McClintock.

David Brooks, Psst! Human Capital.

* Marion Winik, What Exactly Are Buddies For?

Additional Writing Topics.

7. Process Analysis.

What’s Process Analysis?

How Process Analysis Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Process Analysis within an Essay.

* Figure 7.1: Development Diagram: Writing a procedure Analysis Essay.

Process Analysis: A Revision/Peer Review Listing

Activities: Process Analysis.

Clifford Stoll, Cyberschool.

* Figure 7.2: Essay Structure Diagram: “Cyberschool” by Clifford Stoll.

David Shipley, Discuss Editing.

Amy Sutherland, What Shamu Trained Me in regards to a Happy Marriage.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Comparison-Contrast?

How Comparison-Contrast Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Comparison-Contrast within an Essay.

* Figure 8.1: Development Diagram: Writing an evaluation-Contrast Essay.

Comparison-Contrast: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

* Eric Weiner, Euromail and Amerimail.

* Figure 8.2: Essay Structure Diagram:“Euromail And Amerimail” by Eric Weiner.

Rachel Carson, A Fable for Tomorrow.

Dave Craig, Beauty and also the Animal.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Cause-Effect?

How Cause-Effect Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Cause-Effect within an Essay.

* Figure 9.1 Development Diagram: Writing a reason-Effect Essay .

Cause-Effect: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

Stephen King, Why We Crave Horror Movies.

* Figure 9.2: Essay Structure Diagram:“Why We Crave Horror Movies” by Stephen King.

* Kurt Kleiner, Beauty: When Manana is simply too Soon.

Buzz Bissinger, Innocents Afield.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Definition?

How Definition Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Definition within an Essay.

* Figure 10.1: Development Diagram: Writing a Definition Essay.

Definition: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

K.C. Cole, Entropy.

* Figure 10.2: Essay Structure Diagram: “ENTROPY” by K. C. Cole.

Natalie Angier, The Lovable Factor.

* Ann Hulbert, Past the Pleasure Principle.

Additional Writing Topics.

What’s Argumentation-Persuasion?

How Argumentation-Persuasion Fits Your Own Personal Purpose and Audience.

Recommendations for Using Argumentation-Persuasion within an Essay.

* Figure 11.1: Development Diagram: Writing an Argumentation-Persuasion Essay.

Questions for implementing Toulmin Strategy: A Listing.

Argumentation-Persuasion: A Revision/Peer Review Listing.

Stanley Fish, Freedom Of Expression Follies.

* Figure 11.2: Essay Structure Diagram:“Free-Speech Follies” by Stanley Fish.

* Anna Quindlen, Driving towards the Funeral.

Analyzing a problem: Gender-Based Education.

* Gerry Garibaldi, The way the Schools Shortchange Boys.

* Michael Kimmel, World War 2 Against Boys

Analyzing a problem: Illegal Immigration

Roberto Rodriguez, The Border on the Backs.

Star Parker, Se Habla Entitlement.

Additional Writing Topics.

12. Mixing the Patterns.

The Patterns for action: Throughout the Writing Process.

The Patterns for action: Within an Essay.

Virginia Woolf, The Dying from the Moth.

Martin Luther King, Junior. Where Will We Move From Here: Community or Chaos?

Joan Didion, Marrying Absurd.

**Appendix A: Helpful tips for Using Sources.

Evaluating Source Materials

Evaluating Articles and Books: A Listing

Evaluating Internet Materials: A Listing

Analyzing and Synthesizing Source Material

Analyzing and Synthesizing Source Material: A Listing

Using Quotation, Summary, and Paraphrase Without Plagiarizing

Using Quotation, Summary, and Paraphrase: A Listing

Integrating Sources To Your Writing

Integrating Sources To Your Writing: A Listing

Documenting Sources: MLA Style

How you can Document: MLA In-Text References

Using MLA Parenthetical Reference: A Listing

How you can Document: MLA Listing of Works Reported

Citing Print SourcesBooks

Citing Print SourcesPeriodicals

Citing Sources Found online

Citing Sources Found With an Online Database or Scholarly Project

Citing Other Common Sources

Appendix B: Staying away from Ten Common Writing Errors.

2. Comma Splices and Run-ons.

3. Faulty Subject-Verb Agreement.

4. Faulty Pronoun Agreement.

5. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers.

6. Faulty Parallelism.

8. Apostrophe Misuse.

9. Confusing Homonyms.

10. Misuse of Italics and Underlining.

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Someone ‘s Mother – Letter – NYTimes.com May 26, 2007 · Someone’s Mother Printed: May 27. Joan Murray’s Lives column on how to handle the over 60’s hitchhiker had universal appeal and elevated the issue of.

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Someones Mother – Research Papers – 306 Words Someones Mother. Someones Mother. Only. Murray considered their own mother who had been 90 years of age and today living. I began to know all individuals people.

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Someone S MotherBy JoanMurrayThesis. Askiver Find out the Thesis. * Joan Murray, Someone’s Mother. Longman Readers, The, Plus MyWritingLab with eText. Longman Readers, The, Plus MyWritingLab with eText.

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