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Social science research council dissertation proposal development fellowship developing academic networks that

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This site contains historic information and it is preserved here ought to be record.


The Dissertation Proposal Development Program started in the year 2006 like a fellowship program for early-stage doctorate students within the humanities and social sciences to assist them to formulate innovative dissertation research proposals. The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship, or DPDF, provided workshops, exploratory summer time research, and writing led by peer review and school mentorship.

Between 2006 and 2014, the DPDF was thematic, with several interdisciplinary research fields selected yearly although the program’s faculty field competition because the grounds for student training workshops. With the DPDF’s student fellowship competition, graduated pupils then put on participate within the thematic training workshops offered inside a given year, that have been brought by senior faculty from each selected research field.

Following a 2014 fellowship cycle, the DPDF was reconfigured to interact having a broader mix portion of graduated pupils within the humanities and social sciences. This reconfiguration eliminated the school field competition and thematic workshop components while becoming available to more students within the humanities and social sciences, no matter subject, who have been in early stages of dissertation proposal development.

By fall 2016, the DPDF like a fellowship program for individual graduated pupils is going to be stopped.

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Rather, the Dissertation Proposal Development Program will shift toward supplying sources and guidance straight to universities to assist them to establish interdisciplinary dissertation proposal development trainings by themselves campuses.


Over its 10-year span, nearly 650 graduated pupils from universities both in america and abroad received the Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship, letting them refine their dissertation projects and conduct exploratory research in additional than 110 countries around the world.

In assessing the fellowship program’s benefits for college students, program staff discovered that alumni were, typically, considerably more effective in winning dissertation research grants and faster in acquiring doctorate levels than were students who did skip this program. DPDF alumni also reported overwhelmingly the program’s activities helped these to develop professional skills on paper clearly and explaining their research to broad audiences, giving and receiving critiques from colleagues, and developing academic systems that furthered their a better job.

Check out the Sources links for additional info on working out components and financial sources the DPDF provided, along with the fellowship competition’s eligibility and criteria.


In the new book Airport terminal Urbanism: Infrastructure and Mobility in Asia (College of Minnesota Press), Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship fellow Max Hirsh (2008) expands upon his fellowship research to supply an in-depth study of airport terminal infrastructure and migration in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Kl, and Singapore

Social science research council dissertation proposal development fellowship This reconfiguration eliminated the faculty

See a videos of DPDF fellow Ramzi Fawaz (2007) discussing his new book, The Brand New Mutants: Superheroes and also the Radical Imagination of yankee Comics. according to his fellowship research, with comic artist and author Phil Jimenez at Strand Book Shop in New You are able to City

DPDF fellow Ramzi Fawaz (2007) draws on his SSRC-supported research within the New Mutants: Superheroes and also the Radical Imagination of yankee Comics. a glance at the way the American super hero modeled new types of social belonging that counterculture youth accepted within the 1960s after (New You are able to College Press)

Inside a piece at Slate. DPDF fellow Laura J. Martin (2012) discusses how x-ray images taken following the detonation of two fission bombs in 1946 revealed the results of radiation on environments

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