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Shalidor s writings location services the Elements

The Dragonborn needs the scroll once more, also it can be bought from Urag if it’s been offered to him once before.


Urag gro-Shub offers a lecture on Shalidor and the texts, writings and research and also the College’s have to recover the traditional research. The lecture takes place within the Hall from the Elements. where the majority of the people from the College come to hear his lecture. After he finishes, everybody dates back for their usual schedule.

“As numerous know, there’s a continuing effort to check out the work from the Archmagus Shalidor. He’s most appreciated for his great maze of Labyrinthian, stated to carry “Glamoril”, or even the key to existence. While tales have endured because the First Era, none have ever confirmed the presence of this “Glamoril” or its purpose or function.

The School is promoting some theories, however. We all know that Shalidor had an awareness of magic that surpassed just about any of either his age or ours. The couple of works of his which have been retrieved claim that he’d an awareness of magic and everyone around you that couple of have ever achieved. What’s interesting is it seems he seemed to be incredibly prolific, writing on the diverse variety of subjects. A wide range so excellent, actually, it remains a resource appealing.

What, then, of the Glamoril? This means “key to existence” in elvish. Could this be a reason for Shalidor’s works? Is it feasible it in some way led to his work? Possibly permitted him to existence multiple lifetimes inside a short time? Elevated his intelligence and understanding with techniques unfathomable to all of us? We might don’t know for several. The School is definitely trying to find much more of Shalidor’s writings so that they can understand both our understanding from the man, as well as magic generally.Inch &#8213Urag gro-Shub

Shalidor s writings location services to research the work


  • “Disrupt my Arcaneum, and i’ll have you ever torn apart by angry Atronachs. Now, can there be anything I will help you with?” – First greeting
  • “I do not help you treating these books poorly, shall we be obvious?”
  • “Please make certain both hands are clean before touching anything, okay?” – Purchase dialogue
  • “Mages need to be advised to become careful around research materials.”
  • “Obviously I actually do. Basically did not, many of these books could have been burnt or dissolved to noting prior to the finish from the Third Era.” – When told, “You are taking your work seriously.Inch
  • “I’ve some books laying around that were not worth contributing to the gathering. You might examine them.” – Purchase dialogue


Urag gro-Shub sells various books, including extremely rare ones. Sometimes, he sells books that share exactly the same name as ones required for “Fetch Me That Book!”, though these can’t be switched set for that quest, they might be read without bug occurring, See Below. A few of these books take time and effort to discover elsewhere.

Rare books


  • Barring potentially the gamer character, Urag is among 3 male Orc mages in Skyrim. another being Bashnag.
  • Finishing among the “Fetch Me That Book!” quests can make the gamer Bloodstream-Kin. when they were not already.


This contains bugs associated with Urag gro-Shub. Before adding an insect for this list, think about the following:

  1. Please reload a classic save to verify when the bug continues to be happening.
  2. When the bug continues to be occurring, please publish the bug report using the appropriate system template &#160360&#160 &#160/ &#160XB1&#160 &#160, &#160PS3&#160 &#160/ &#160PS4&#160 &#160, &#160PC&#160 &#160/ &#160MAC&#160 &#160, based on which platform(s) the bug continues to be experienced on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid getting conversations within the description and/or using first-person-anecdotes: such discussions belong around the appropriate forum board .

Shalidor s writings location services What, then, of this

  • &#160360&#160 &#160 Throughout the quest “Fetch Me That Book!”, Urag might not notice that the Dragonborn is owning it.
    • &#160PC(Fix)&#160 &#160 Solution: Type this within the Console Command. setstage MGR20 20
  • &#160360&#160 &#160 Books he transmits the Dragonborn to gather might not appear when the location is called “removed” or maybe the area that contains it necessitates the dying of the boss to spread out.



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