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WHYY-FM (90.9FM) is definitely an award-winning public radio station, licensed to Philadelphia, serving southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey. It’s been broadcasting towards the region since nov 1954 and reaches 500,800 listeners every week.-

WHYY-FM, a producer of national and regional programs, broadcasts news analysis, information and cultural/performance programs from National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio Worldwide (PRI). WHYY produces four radio programs for regional in addition to national audiences: Outdoors with Terry Gross, A Chef’s Table and also you Bet A Garden.

WHYY’s Outdoors with Terry Gross may be the third-most took in to program on NPR. A Peabody Award-champion, Outdoors is transported on 445 stations nationwide and it has 4.4 million weekly listeners. Outdoors is renowned for its in-depth and cutting-edge interviews with icons from the arts, literature, politics and music.

A Chef’s Table features noted chef Jim Coleman, who discusses the wonders of food and methods from the trade for that culinary artist throughout us. He’s an extensive selection of visitors and invites callers. Without A Doubt A Garden is definitely an hour of horticultural hijinks that can take an easy-hearted yet highly informative method of the subject of organic gardening.

Regionally, WHYY produces broadly respected news reports in addition to Voices in the household, located by family counselor and clinical psychiatrist Dr. Dan Gottlieb, and Radio Occasions with Marty Moss-Coane, a 2-hour weekly call-in program, also is an every week tv program. Voices in the household offers insights into emotional and mental health insurance and well-being. Radio Occasions concentrates on social issues, current occasions, books, films along with other important topics for &#8211 although not restricted to &#8211 our region.

Thistle underwriting services of america of Music and

Previously couple of years, Marty has interviewed such national figures as former Secretary of Condition Madeleine Albright and author Toni Morrison.

Previously year alone, listenership of WHYY-FM has elevated 32% to the present weekly cumulative audience mentioned above. That’s additionally a 56% increase from 5 years ago along with a 86% increase from 10 years ago. WHYY-FM includes a very loyal and growing audience 43.9% of those listeners make WHYY-FM their first choice station.** These listeners also get involved with and offer the station as people.

Individuals and companies who support public broadcasting within the Delaware Valley create a positive improvement in the caliber of existence by getting insight, learning and entertainment in to the homes, offices, and autos of who live and work in the area. Participating with WHYY being an underwriter gives your business high visibility locally and, simultaneously, enables you to definitely achieve your target audience – our listening audience.

* Fall ’04 ARBITRON, Philadelphia TSA Cume Persons 12+, M-Su 6am-12midnight.
** Scarborough Research, August 03 &#8211 Jul 04, WHYY FM M-S 6a-Mid cume, Radio Station associated with preference.


Your organization could be a partner for making possible the very best news, music and provocative talk programs found on radio within the Delaware Valley. Like a WHYY-FM CORPORATE PARTNER, your underwriting credit is going to be broadcast in colaboration with a number of programs or using the specific program you select, allowing for you to definitely produce an effective message within an uncluttered, noncommercial atmosphere.

Thistle underwriting services of america Combining documentary stories, monologues, short

You’ll set up a direct exposure to an informed and discerning upscale audience of 339,800 weekly listeners who tune to WHYY-FM every week and form a unique partnership using the individual people who support WHYY-FM and it is programming.

The FCC necessitates that corporate underwriting credits clearly identify to listeners the origin(s) of support for public radio programming. An announcement of support, therefore, is needed in all underwriting credits or bulletins. Types of this include: &#x201C. Company X joins you in supporting WHYY-FM&#x201D or &#x201CCompany X supports WHYY-FM.&#x201D Your underwriting message on WHYY-FM may depend on :just a few seconds long.

It’s preferred that station announcers deliver all WHYY-FM underwriting credits. We’ll do all we are able to to help you out to create an underwriting credit or announcement that best serves your requirements and our audience. Here&#x2019s an abbreviated listing of both allowable and non-allowable credit content:

  • Name of merchandise(s) and/or service(s)
  • Company location
  • Period of time running a business
  • Phone number, E-mail address or website domain url
  • Non-marketing, value-neutral descriptions of services or products
  • Utilization of well-known mottoes or slogans
  • Signature music or appropriate seem effects as a way of giving you better message
  • Overt promotion of services or products
  • Cost reference
  • Proactive approach or inducement to purchase
  • Comparative or qualitative descriptions of services or products
  • Third-party reviews (from newspapers, magazines, etc.)

Each underwriting credit is reviewed for adherence to FCC and station rules as well as for esthetic and technical acceptability. Speak to your WHYY Marketing Representative as at the start of the development process as you possibly can to go over relevant standards.

Creativeness don’t have to be absent in the credit production process. Please ask to determine our underwriting credit sampler for types of engaging, enlightening and entertaining corporate messages.


College From The SCIENCES:

&#x201CUniversity from the Sciences in Philadelphia. Shaping the science of health. Since 1821, USP gives students the training to make a genuine difference. Information regarding USP&#x2019s 30 majors as well as their College City Campus are available at USIP.edu. College from the sciences in Philadelphia supports WHYY.&#x201D


&#x201CEagleview, a Hankin Group Community, features traditional neighborhoods including village vegetables and concerts around the Square all within 800 acres in Historic Chester County. To find out more, 610-458-1900 or at thehankingroup.com. The Hankin Group supports WHYY.&#x201D


&#x201CJ. Franklin Styer Nurseries on Route one in Concordville, supports WHYY. Offering annuals, perennials, nursery stock&#x2026as along with horticultural expertise and style skills for the gardening needs. J. Franklin Styer, Since 1890. 610-459-2400.&#x201D

&#x201CThe law practice of Eckert Seamans supports WHYY because of its passion and purpose in reporting this news during the day. Eckert Seamans brings a variety of legal services to companies and people within the Delaware Valley. To learn more, on the internet at escm.com.&#x201D

&#x201CSupporting WHYY, Windham Hill, celebrating its 25th anniversary with new releases including two historic retrospectives: Home windows – twenty five years of Piano on Windham Hill and TOUCH – twenty five years of Guitar on Windham Hill, offered at Borders..&#x201D

&#x201CSupporting WHYY, AstraZeneca, with more than 50,000 employees worldwide focused on improving human health through discovery, development and delivery of prescription medicines. Astrazeneca-us.com. AstraZeneca: Leading innovation in World Healthcare.&#x201D


Support for WHYY is supplied by Christiana Bank Trust Company of Greenville, Delaware. Christiana Bank provides comprehensive private banking, trust and investment management services for families and companies. Christiana Bank Trust Company Delaware banking the way in which it was once.

Support for WHYY is supplied by Myxa Corporation. Building e-solutions for business by creating custom Unix-based software and infrastructures. On the internet at world wide web.Myxa.com. Myxa. Your virtual IT department.

Terry Gross, identified by The La Occasions among the most thought-provoking interviewers on radio today, is host/producer of Outdoors. WHYY-FM’s magazine of recent culture, heard on 445 public r / c across the nation. The hour-lengthy show, via Philadelphia, features Ms. Gross’ in-depth conversations using the best and also the brightest in most fields imaginable. Time magazine calls Outdoors probably the most insightful and entertaining interview program on radio.&#8221 3PM to 4PM, with encore broadcast 7PM to 8PM, Monday through Friday 1PM to 2PM on Saturday.

RADIO Occasions
WHYY-FM’s daily interview/two-way talk program explores current matters, the humanities, and problems with importance specific towards the Delaware Valley, in addition to individuals that have an affect on the nation’s scene. This program is another weekly tv program. Host Marty Moss-Coane’s interviews and also the program’s flexible format ensure it is attentive to breaking news and important issues during the day. Listeners are asked to in and participate. Radio Occasions remains certainly one of WHYY-FM’s most widely used programs. 10AM to Noon, Monday through Friday.

TALK Of The United States
Neil Conan may be the host of the popular national call-in program. Monday through Thursday, he brings roads smarts, wit along with a wide-varying background to in-depth discussions from the topics making today’s headlines. On Science Friday, award-winning reporter Ira Flatow draws on nearly 2 decades of expert knowledge to create science, technology, medicine and health an amazing field to understand more about. 2PM to 3PM, Monday through Friday.

VOICES In The Household
Guidance and understanding is really as close as the radio with Dr. Dan Gottlieb on WHYY-FM’s Voices in the household. The empathetic family counselor and clinical psychiatrist, together with guest specialists, achieve to individuals who listen and call with questions regarding emotional matters affecting every aspect of family existence. Dr. Dan Gottlieb puts the main focus on mental health instead of mental illness to be able to highlight healing. Noon to 1PM, Monday and 6AM to 7AM, Sunday.

Vehicle TALK
Not one other program is very such as this! Tom and Ray Magliozzi understand how to go ahead and take fear from vehicle repair and discover the enjoyment in engine failure. These uninhibited Boston siblings mix wisecracks with muffler problems and word puzzles with wheel alignment, because they dispense automotive first-aid to public radio callers and listeners. 10AM to 11AM, Saturday.

NEWS AND NOTES WITH Erectile dysfunction GORDON
This new interview/magazine show, a collaboration between NPR and also the Black Consortium, will show newsmakers, opinion leaders, and commentators look around the occasions, trends and concepts that shape the Black experience. Every day’s broadcast will have a roundtable discussion with journalists and experts. This program may also cover tales from an African-American perspective, and explore tales with particular effect on African Americans. Monday through Friday, 9PM to 10PM.

WHYY-FM: Information And News

WHYY-FM is exclusive in presenting daily local, national and worldwide news — in reports which go past the headlines — to listeners within the Metropolitan Philadelphia area. National Public Radio programming is supplemented with reports from WHYY-FM’s news staff, covering regional government, social, cultural, health, ecological and academic issues and occasions through the broadcast day. WHYY is another member and major contributor of reports featuring to NPR.

2004 will mark Morning Edition’s 25th year on NPR! Public radio’s most took in to program, Morning Edition will get its eight million listeners ready during the day by having an up-to-the-minute take a look at news from around the globe delivered 6AM to 9AM weekdays by NPR’s interim hosts: Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne. WHYY-FM’s own news team located by Brenda Jorett adds local perspective, feature reports and interviews, together with Shadow Traffic and Franklin Institute weather forecasts. Scott Simon is NPR’s host of Weekend Edition, from 8AM to 10AM Saturday. Liane Hansen hosts from 8AM to 11AM Sunday.

WHYY is very happy to announce adding the BBC Newshour towards the morning drive selection, effective The month of january 5, 2004. BBC Newshour gives WHYY listeners another news perspective because it offers news and research into the day’s top tales from around the world, helping listeners to understand a quickly altering world. BBC Newshour comes complete with bulletins, interviews and analysis in the BBC’s best correspondents. Monday through Friday, 9AM to 10AM.

Present is WHYY’s mid-day newsmagazine that gives greater than a fast-paced update in the news. Additionally, it contains regular features on science, food, business and sports in addition to cultural tales about film, theater, music and much more. Present keeps listeners informed on the top local and national news tales along with other less publicized occasions. Located by Robin Youthful, Present is among the freshest, upbeat programs listeners can tune into throughout their lunch hour or simply to flee to have an hour throughout the day. Tuesday through Friday, Noon to 1PM.

Smart, fun, fast &#8211 it’s public radio for individuals on the run. Regardless of whether you’re errands, working or eating lunch, Daily could keep you up-to-date with major news tales and pique your interest with intriguing features. Daily is located by award-winning NPR correspondent Alex Chadwick and involves new in addition to familiar NPR voices, station-based reporters and contributors from the new content partner: the internet publication, Slate Magazine. Monday through Friday, 1PM to 2PM.

With That Said
Probably the most literate, trenchant and entertaining news programming on radio, as Time magazine described With That Said, enhances WHYY-FM’s in-depth information service. NPR’s Robert Siegel, Michele Norris and Melissa Block anchor this Peabody Award-winning newsmagazine from 4PM to six:30PM weekdays. With That Said weekend coverage is 5PM to 6PM Saturday or sunday.

Known as the very best business program on radio or television through the esteemed Columbia Journalism Review, Public Radio International’s Marketplace features interpretive reporting, analysis, and informed primary source opinion pieces with anchor David Brown. The show examines worldwide news from the business perspective and views business tales for his or her broader implications in world matters. It’s the fastest growing series on public radio having a weekly audience well over 3 million and it is the 1998 champion of broadcasting journalism’s greatest recognition, the DuPont Award. 2004 will mark this program’s 15th anniversary. Marketplace airs from 6:30PM to 7PM, Monday through Friday.

The Planet
Made with another outlook in your mind, The Planet concentrates on worldwide problems with interest to Americans. With anchors in Boston and London, this program features an abundance of journalists from around the world, reporting on a number of topics. The aim is to supply a broader and much more accessible picture around the globe around us than current worldwide programming, by highlighting newsworthy issues and developments far away. 8PM to 9PM, Monday through Friday.


LIVING On The Planet with Steve Curwood is really a weekly ecological information and news program. 2005 marks Living on Earth’s Twelfth anniversary. With news, features, interviews and commentary on the wide range of environmental issues LOE may be the show preferred by anybody thinking about the atmosphere. Saturday, 6AM to 7AM.

STUDIO 360 compares the places where art and real existence collide, going through the creative influence and transformative power art in modern existence through highly textured tales and insightful conversation. Located by novelist and journalist Kurt Andersen, Studio 360 touches listeners’ feelings and challenges their perceptions around the globe by presenting an every week assortment of ideas which are provocative and moving. Saturday, 7AM to 8AM.

Vehicle TALK, Think of the Marx Siblings answering questions regarding automobiles. Picture Monty Python attempting to imitate vehicle noises. Consider A.J. Foyt telling someone how you can open the vehicle hood. Mix everything up, toss in just a little Dr. Ruth along with a little Smothers Siblings, plus you’ve got Vehicle Talk, NPR’s Peabody Award-winning radio program heard by greater than 3 million listeners every week. Saturday, 10AM to 11AM.

WHYY’s Without A Doubt A Garden is definitely an hour of horticultural hijinks that can take an easy-hearted yet highly informative method of the subject of organic gardening. This series includes a call-in format while offering discussion, tips and periodic topics along with lots of humor. Saturday, 11AM to Noon.

WHYY’s A CHEF’S TABLE, features noted chef Jim Coleman, who discusses the wonders of food and methods from the trade for that culinary artist throughout us. He’s an extensive selection of visitors and invites callers. Saturday, Noon to 1PM.

The Following BIG Factor is really a weekly magazine program that showcases all of the forms where radio excels: seem-wealthy literary journalism, one-on-one interviews, original comedy, and performances by accomplished authors, actors, and musicians. Saturday, 2PM to 3PM.

So, WHAD’YA KNOW. Host and quiz master Michael Feldman tests listeners’ understanding from the esoteric and also the &#8220nearly absurd&#8221 every week about this amusing a part of WHYY-FM. Audience people and callers respond to questions that reflect a &#8220seemingly unlimited store of minor (but additionally in some way important) information, and therefore are treated to unique interviews along with other moments of amusement and entertainment. Saturday, 3PM to 4PM.

WAIT, WAIT&#8230DON’T Let Me Know, Peter Sagal (a.k.a. Dr. Science) tests contestants on their own capability to recall occasions in the past week by utilizing brain-teasing games. NPR News’ Carl Kassell works as a judge and score keeper with this fast-paced consider the week’s occasions. Saturday, 4PM to 5PM.

Garrison Keillor’s A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION is really a live radio variety show featuring comedy sketches, music, special visitors and This News from Lake Wobegon. Keillor, an award-winning author, continues to be associated with public radio since 1968 making the coverage of your time magazine in 1985 if this program grew to become a nationwide radio phenomenon. Saturday, 6PM to 8PM and Sunday, 2PM to 4PM.

THE THISTLE SHAMROCK Spirited reels and jigs, haunting ballads, harmonious strains, and exuberant rhythms of recent music born of deep roots &#8212 such would be the pleasures from the Thistle Shamrock. Now in the 20th year of national distribution, the main one-hour weekly Celtic music series embraces the spirit and character of the usa’s thriving cultural influences. Thistle is located by Fiona Ritchie from Scotland, who beckons listeners to her radio soundstage within the wealthy warm accent of her homeland. Saturday, 8PM to 9PM.

Talking About Belief explores topics and perspectives of belief through intelligent conversation and evocative seem and music. It reaches past the fundamental tenets from the world’s religions to show how perspectives of belief can illuminate crucial issues &#8212 from how nations wage war to how families raise their kids. Sunday, 7AM to 8AM.

THIS AMERICAN Existence very popular with this audience, represents an engagingly new type of storytelling for that radio airwaves. Mixing documentary tales, monologues, short radio plays and tracks, host Ira Glass and Americans from across the nation document and describe contemporary, ordinary America in the odder moments. Each program evolves around a specific theme, encompassing perspectives of all the walk of existence. Sunday, Noon to 1PM.

AMERICAN ROUTES is definitely an trip into American music, spanning eras and genres taking listeners on musical journeys in the recognized to the unknown and again. Saturday, 9PM to 11M and Sunday, 6PM to 8PM.

LE SHOW is really a weekly, hour-lengthy romp with the worlds of media, politics, sports and show business, leavened by having an eclectic mixture of mysterious music, located by Harry Shearer. Sunday, 4PM to 5PM.

SUNDAY SHOWCASE brings classical music to WHYY-FM. Sunday Showcase is really a two hour broadcast featuring performances through the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Curtis Institute of Music and also the Philadelphia Singers, coupled with insightful and fascinating commentary from WHYY’s Erectile dysfunction Cunningham. Sunday, 8PM to 10PM.

SymphonyCast brings signature performances through the world’s finest orchestras into one comprehensive weekly series. The show features notable symphonic occasions in addition to celebrations of artistic, historic and musical significance. Located by Corva Coleman. Sunday, 10PM to Night time.

To learn more regarding WHYY-FM underwriting, call the organization Underwriting Department at 215-351-1223 or underwriting@whyy.org.

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