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Research proposal for masters dissertation guidelines

Before registering for PHIL 799 Thesis, students should have a thesis proposal, a thesis director along with a thesis committee.

MA Thesis Proposal Approval Form – This type should be filed within the Philosophy Department prior to the student is allowed to join up for PHIL 799.

Time lines for thesis submission:

  • Student must submit your final draft to committee people 6 days prior to the library deadline.
  • Committee people must return this draft towards the student with comments and suggested revisions (should there be any) within 2 days of finding the final draft.
  • Student must send your final version which is aware of comments and suggested revisions to committee people within 2 days of finding the committee’s comments.
  • At the moment the committee either accepts or rejects the thesis
  • The thesis is going to be likely to be between 40-80 pages to be based upon the director.
  • The thesis is going to be likely to be of top quality as reflected within the clearness from the writing, the cogency from the argument, the thoroughness from the research

Listing for Planning your Thesis (Just before PHIL 799 Registration)

  • When you’re working on your proposal together with your thesis director, discuss your opinions for any thesis along with the best option of research methodology.
  • Talk to your consultant about that you should ask for everyone in your thesis committee. Begin speaking regarding your ideas with potential committee people.
  • Begin your written proposal.
  • Confirm, with every person in committee, the practicality of the tentative time frame to finish from the thesis.
  • Make adjustments for that occasions they’re unavailable. Include thought on deadlines for graduation applications, changes of grade, etc.
  • Provide your committee people sufficient time to examine drafts of the proposal as well as your project or thesis.

Thesis Proposal

MA Thesis Proposal Approval Form – This type should be filed within the Philosophy Department prior to the student is allowed to join up for PHIL 799.

Your thesis proposal is coded in consultation withand should be accepted byyour three-person committee before beginning the first semester of PHIL 799.

Your thesis director and a minimum of another person in your committee should be people from the GMU Philosophy faculty and should be GMU full-time faculty.

To organize the proposal, you might wish to enroll in a completely independent training underneath the direction of the selected thesis consultant within the semester just before the first semester of PHIL 799.

Writing an in depth thesis proposal is paramount to effective and timely completing work. Attorney at law of ideas with every committee member just before writing the proposal can help clarify the method of be used.

The thesis proposal will include the next:

  • An in depth description from the research problem or hypothesis to become addressed inside a thesis, including a reason from the appropriate methodology for use
  • A considerable, preliminary literature review of the present and past research associated with the selected subject, and also the additional sources to become examined and presented within the final thesis
  • An in depth explanation from the causes of selecting the subject and just how it requires a student’s philosophical education
  • A period line to finish from the thesis that’s been coordinated using the committee people, before the proposal submission

The proposal is usually 5-15 pages, including:

Research proposal for masters dissertation guidelines Committee members

  • cover sheet
  • table of contents
  • brief explanation from the aspects of the thesis, including a summary of relevant courses you’ll have taken
  • rationale for that study the objective of doing the study
  • literature overview of the study associated with your subject
  • research question/hypothesis
  • methodology section explaining the way your research is going to be transported out (this can range from the systematic assortment of evidence and evidence)
  • annotated bibliography
  • timeline to finish

The thesis committee will request revisions towards the proposal if these criteria haven’t been met or clearly communicated. Proposals that contains grammatical errors or poor writing won’t be approved. Students must fulfill these needs as well as their proposals should be approved before subscribing to another semester of PHIL 799.


A thesis is original, independent research presented by means of a scholarly document that can be printed inside a professional journal. A thesis is definitely an impartial study of an investigation hypothesis adopted by analysis and presentation of conclusions. The thesis have a complete bibliography and documentation of source material inside the text. A thesis is centered on problems with significance towards the field(s) of great interest selected through the student. Academic research involves posing an issue or hypothesis and taking advantage of appropriate methodology to demonstrate or disprove the suggested hypothesis.

ThesesGeneral Guidelines

Thesis prerequisites are completing 24 credits toward the MA in philosophy, approval from the thesis proposal through the thesis committee, and permission of instructor (thesis director).

Theses are graded S (Acceptable) or NC (No Credit). The director may grant an IP (Happening) grade throughout the first semester of PHIL 799 when the proposal isn’t completed within one semester. The director may grant an IP (happening) grade when the thesis isn’t completed inside the second semester of PHIL 799.

George Mason graduate policy requires a lot of students signed up for PHIL 799 to keep continuous enrollment in a minumum of one credit (PHIL 799) per semester while focusing on a task or thesis. Continuous enrollment doesn’t affect the summer time session unless of course a student anticipates graduating for the reason that session.

Theses must meet college standards for formatting and submission. To learn more about thesis formatting and submission, students should contact the Dissertation/Thesis Service coordinator (C203 Fenwick Library or 703.993.2222). An accumulation of completed theses are available in the Fenwick Library. Students are encouraged to consult the College Dissertation Thesis Service (UDTS) .

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