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Prompts for writing myths 4th

Prompts for writing myths 4th about what

These fourth-grade writing prompts (or 4th grade essay topics) are written for college students in grade four. They can use within Creative Commons License .

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  1. Suppose a ball folded to some visit you ft. Whenever you selected up it felt very warm also it glowed. Then all of a sudden. Describe what went down next.
  2. Should you be sent back in its history towards the year 1895, who’d you’re able to assist you to?
  3. Exactly what do dogs consider?
  4. Consider a very famous pop/superstar after which describe what you believe their bathroom appears like.
  5. What’s your favourite spot to visit alone and where do you turn there?
  6. You can observe to return, only for 5 minutes. How does one make use of this time?
  7. Imagine your Granny includes a secret. She said what it really was a few days ago. Now talk about what the secret’s and just how surprised you’re.
  8. Imagine you had been told to throw a dart in a wall map. Wherever it arrived you’d to create off for your location first factor each morning. Where can you try to aim the dart and could be excited, or afraid?
  9. Should children be permitted to visit bed once they want?
  10. Should you could change one factor concerning the world, what will it be and why?
  11. Suppose although playing inside your garden, an unusual, pale child beckons you. She’s outfitted in really old-fashioned clothing. Describe what goes on next.
  12. Make a lion just walked to your house. Let me know how each a family member would react!
  13. Do you consider children ought to be banned from watching tv? Give causes of the way to go.
  14. Should you could create your own room, what can it contain?
  15. Why do a great factor to spend time alone?
  16. Look for a picture or photograph and write a tale concerning the individuals it. What’s just happened, or what is going to happen?
  17. Let me know in regards to a Television show you loved whenever you were much more youthful. What can you consider it now?
  18. Talk about somebody that owns these four objects a very ball, a little, yappy dog, a container of brown medicine along with a red wig. Make use of all the products inside your story.
  19. Talk about a really trendy and incredibly loud mother who takes her boy out searching for clothes.
  20. Within the United kingdom there exists a Queen. What is your opinion she believes may be the worst factor about her job?
  21. Rant about something which really, really bugs you. Continue allow it to full-scale, this once!
  22. Describe what could happen if a person day, the moon just disappeared and didn’t show up during the night.
  23. Make a real fairy just return from the fancy dress outfits party. She’s outfitted like a fairy of-course, but had forces another people didn’t. Describe what she woke up to.
  24. Online, have some details in regards to a building you realize well. Then talk about it, amazing your buddies and family using what a specialist you’ve become. This is whats called doing ‘research’.
  25. Make a very strange planet indeed. Then describe the strange individuals who live there.
  26. Should you found some treasure inside a friend’s garden, for anyone who is permitted to help keep it?
  27. Do you consider we’ll get in touch with individuals from another planet in your own life?
  28. When its proprietors are sleeping, describe what Candice unhealthy dog will get as much as.
  29. What’s the most stupid factor you’ve ever done?
  30. Why do you consider we dream?
  31. What is your opinion constitutes a close friend?
  32. Consider your favourite superstar and picture what they’re doing at the moment.
  33. Imagine an seniors person joins your school class for any week €“ describe the things they would do and what you are able study from one another.
  34. When the world would finish in a single hour, what can you need to write inside your diary? What can become your ideas?
  35. Should children be permitted to climb trees, or do you consider it’s too harmful?
  36. Talk about something it can be done much of your buddies cannot – just like a special skill.
  37. Describe the special place you want to when you wish to become alone. Where do you turn there?
  38. Imagine you’d to look on the TV talent show, how would you react and why?
  39. Imagine both you and your closest friend are sleeping in a tent within the forest. In the center of the night time, you hear a very weird seem. Grabbing a torch, you unzip the tent flap and appear out. Talk about a specific item and just what happens next.
  40. Describe something a buddy you have really loves to consume, that you simply think tastes horrible. Why do you consider all of us love different foods?
  41. Pretend you’re a wizard but nobody knows. Describe the way you would cast spells with anybody seeing.
  42. If you may be a ghost for any day, talk about what you will do.
  43. Make believe you be an owl and describe your entire day.
  44. Close your vision and then try to remember what is incorporated in the room. Then open them and write an account of something you didn’t remember.
  45. Write a pretend letter to a person you will no longer see, updating them regarding your existence. You may also wish to send the letter later on.
  46. Do you consider you can not talk for any day? What can be a challenge about trying this?
  47. Should you could wave a wand and stop someone speaking for any week, who’d you wave it at and why!?
  48. Describe in my experience some real place, or building that you simply find creepy.
  49. Should you could breathe underwater, what things will you like to see and do?
  50. Imagine you can bake a magic cake. Talk about exactly what the cake could do.

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