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Jeremy lin 5 steps of writing if you

By ccrystal99 on September 21, 2013

The movie is well made. Various materials are well organized, and the story kept me absorbed from the beginning to the end. Even though some of the scenes have been shown in the media, such as games highlights, the story is at a different level, not just a collection of highlights. The most interesting part is that Lin had an opportunity to tell what was going on in his mind throughout the memorable events, and we get to see little things behind the scene that showed his human side, and what a lovely person he is. What impressed me very much is the family. What a loving family. Everyone of them showed honesty and class. And above all, there is no doubt that his faith has been guiding him in dealing with hardship, setback, success and fame. I actually watched the movie twice in my Amazon video library. It is awesome!

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Linsanity Relived again

By agentassn on September 23, 2013

I’ve been waiting to see this movie for over a year, and it’s definitely worth the wait. This movie helps fill in the gaps during Linsanity, and it’s nice to know what was going on in Jeremy’s mind during his ups and down. Ultimately, the movie is about perseverance and hard work, but most important it’s about living with a higher purpose in life. Linsanity is the ultimate testimony to the power of GOD, and it’s great that Jeremy is using his fame to spread the gospel. For those fans that are not religious, the is the best underdog sports story since Rocky or Hoosiers.

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A tremendous young man, Jeremy Lin!

By TR on October 14, 2013

This is a movie about a young man and the way he lives his life. People, young or old, can look to this movie for inspiration and for an example of living a life “the right” way.

Jeremy lin 5 steps of writing new view on Jeremy

This is accomplished without being condescending.

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More than a documentary

By Roger Fang on October 14, 2013

This documentary opens up a new view on Jeremy’s rise. It’s truly inspiring to watch. I recommend anyone to watch this. Jeremy Lin is a great idol for anyone

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Jeremy Lin’s Testimony

By shoop on May 23, 2015

Artistically, I’d say the documentary wasn’t particularly spectacular. It wasn’t a badly made one either but I wouldn’t give a lot of credit to it being extraordinarily made. But, it tells the story of Jeremy Lin and I think that’s what makes this watchable and recommendable. I saw two aspects of this story. the one about an Asian American NBA basketball player who fought against the odds and the story of a man who continues to submit his life to God whether in success or failure. The story is told through the career beginnings of Jeremy Lin starting in high school. It feels very succinct but I believe it hits all the right high points of what made Jeremy Lin, the Jeremy Lin today.

He is a child of an immigrant couple, who was born and raised in northern California. His parents raised three boys and their focus was clearly on ensuring that their children knew what is the most important in life – putting God first. This is so clearly shown in the story of Jeremy Lin and even with all the success and glory as [one of the very few] Asian American NBA players, he gives all glory to God.

Jeremy lin 5 steps of writing knew what is the most

and I believe this film really gives glory to God. I walked away from the movie reminded of how God orchestrates our lives for His glory when we humbly submit to him. It’s an obvious fact but it made me think about how even in NBA, God works! In addition to this, I was also convicted of the hard-work Jeremy Lin puts into his work everyday whether rain or shine. I think we’re all guilty of saying that we want to live for God but not willing to put in the work. In the movie, Lin’s coaches made repeated comments about how hard he practices. God deserves our best.

I have little knowledge of NBA or being an Asian American but I really am very proud of Jeremy Lin as an Asian living in America and as a sister in Christ. Will be praying for you brutha! 😉

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By whu on September 22, 2013

I think it’s a very good demonstration through Lin’s life that it’s not about NBA, Harvard and Asians instead it’s really about why I am here, how to live my life and whom I am for.

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Glad I Rented This!

By Steph.in.NY on December 8, 2013

Filled with adorable home movies of Jeremy as a child scooting around the court and hitting buckets. Then there’s lots of interesting information. Both JL’s parents are 5’6" so how did he get so tall, for instance? The Lin family is very attractive and inspiring as is, of course, JL’s story of pushing on and working hard. A little repetitive towards the end but that’s a problem with many documentaries. As a Knicks fan who misses JL’s presence in the Garden, I found this pretty enjoyable.

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Interesting story of an unusual NBA Player

By T. Stone on April 19, 2016

Interesting story as I am always anxious to know how successful people reached their goals. I am not a NBA fan but because Lin is an Asian, and he is a rare NBA player with a Harvard degree, the story kept me interested throughout.

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Such an inspirational movie – with lessons to learn.

By Fred Jumayao on October 12, 2013

Just loved this movie on so many aspects. But just how greatness is not an overnight thing, it’s paved with hardship, hard work and a desire to succeed. Life is a journey, it is made of many events, some small some great, but if you persevere with consistency you will reap something great.

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You need to watch this

Great basketball movie but a better story. Electrifying in parts, Jeremy’s commitment to God us is what is truly important in life. Touching family interaction and encouraging until the end. Makes you believe that God has amazing things in store for you. Not necessarily roses but fulfillment. Watch it.

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