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Phd in criminal justice with no dissertation criminal justice and

If you’re known as to help keep the general public safe, the PhD in Criminal Justice specialization can help you develop advanced competencies required to pursue leadership positions in criminal justice, police force, corrections, teaching or private talking to fields. Through NCU’s unparalleled flexible 100% online Criminal Justice PhD, you’ll explore topics for example organized criminal gangs, delinquency and criminal justice and institutional corrections and, using the guidance of professors who all hold doctorate levels, will assess the coordination efforts of local, condition, federal and multinational organizations and worldwide sources both at home and abroad.

General Degree Needs

Admittance to a doctorate program at NCU needs a master’s degree from a certified institution.

The PhD program might be carried out 60 credits. As much as yet another 15 credit hrs is going to be permitted when needed to accomplish dissertation research. The College may accept no more than 12 semester credit hrs in transfer toward the doctorate degree for graduate coursework completed in an accredited college or college having a grade of “B” or better.

Completion Period for Doctorate Levels

Northcentral College enables many years to accomplish all doctorate programs of 60 credits or fewer. Normal time for you to complete varies based upon course take rate and credits transferred.

Foundational Competencies for DBA Programs

  • Graduate-Level Research Methods Competency – PhD students are needed to accomplish BTM8102, BTM8103, BTM8104, BTM8106, BTM8107, BTM8108 and BTM8109 at Northcentral.
  • Graduate-Level Statistics Competency – PhD students are needed to accomplish BTM8107 Statistics II at Northcentral.
  • Computer Competency – Doctorate students are needed to possess computer skills essential for finishing a dissertation. Students must have the ability to prepare documents using advanced word processing skills (e.g. development of tables and figures, headers and footers, page breaks, tables of contents, hanging indents). Students must use software for that record analysis of information (e.g. SAS). Students must create a computer-based presentation (e.g. PowerPoint) for his or her dissertation dental defense.

Phd in criminal justice with no dissertation This course will examine, in

See below for specialization courses specific for this program. To find out more, complete the request information form below or see the course catalog.

Delinquency and Criminal Justice

Previously 2 yrs the Justice Department has reported a substantial rise in violence among teenagers along with other youths. This increase seems to possess led to a nationwide crime spike. This Doctorate level course offers an study of what causes this rise in juvenile delinquency including social, economic, and cultural factors. Students will explore national ways of address this problem, their effectiveness and future application.

Organized Criminal Gangs

This Doctorate level course supplies a comprehensive overview of organized crime. Gangs have fostered a culture of violence, perversion and hate. This program will review gang business traits, traditions, criminal activities, violence, prison gang structure, the Ku Klux Klan, along with other white-colored supremacy groups. An in-depth examination is going to be conducted in to the connection of organized crime within the U . s . States with other nations and world-wide organizations, including organized crime in Russia and South America.

Phd in criminal justice with no dissertation Maritime Transportation System

Illegal Maritime Narcotics and Migrant Smuggling

For hundreds of years the maritime realm has been utilized by smugglers, fishermen, pirates yet others involved in criminal activity. Despite elevated security efforts, maritime threats and vulnerability remain causes of concern for that worlds Maritime Transportation System. This Doctorate level course explores the problems of illegal narcotic and migrant smuggling because they connect with the maritime atmosphere.

Criminal Justice Research Methods

This Doctorate level course offers the student having a solid theoretical structure that underlies empirical analysis. The goal of the program would be to supply the student using the set of skills to interpret, evaluate, synthesize and compare professional printed research. Research design, measurement selection, data collection, resolution of causality, data and results interpretation, and ethics is going to be lead towards the understanding, interpreting, and demanding look at scientific studies and findings in criminal justice.

This program will examine, thorough, the condition from the American Penal System from minimum security ””work camps”, that are free from guard towers, search lights and fences towards the nation’s most well-known maximum security prison Super Max. The program starts with past jails in the usa and follows their development to modern times such as the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.

Effective Police Tactics, Techniques and Methodologies

This program will examine police tactics, techniques and methodologies exposing a student to “best practices” including evidence collection, mental profiling, agency collaboration and jurisdictional needs. A student will build up an enthusiastic knowledge of the most recent techniques and technologies which can be used in a criminal situation along with the development and research techniques accustomed to generate new tactics and methodologies having a primary concentrate on forensic science.

Ethics and Criminal Justice

The doctorate level course supplies a comprehensive review local, condition and federal police force officials are entrusted with enforcing our criminal justice laws and regulations while upholding the constitutional concepts and general concepts of ethics and integrity. This program will explore the moral challenges which are faced by police officials at various amounts of command and also the systems in position to avoid dishonest practices legally enforcement.

At Northcentral College, we pride inside us being completely transparent with regards to tuition and charges. If your price is not incorporated within our Cost Per Course Tuition Rate, we inform you in advance. Presently, the only real additional cost above your program rate* is books. Find out more about the NCU’s PhD running a business Administration costs below:

  • Per credit cost: $1,129
  • Per 3 credit course cost: $3,387
  • Program cost: $68,090 – $71,477
  • Average book cost per course: $ 110
  • Application Fee: $
  • Learning Management Fee (one-time per program): $350
  • Registration Fee: $

Click the link to understand more about payment and financing options.

*Program minute rates are susceptible to change and usually increase at the beginning of each twelve months.

Total program costs reflected are calculated according to standard degree program credits without the program’s potential evaluation track. The particular price of a course is decided based on this program and track a student enters, transfer credits or no, along with other unique student factors. To learn more: please contact Admissions or make reference to the catalog.

If there’s one factor we’ve discovered our students, it’s that they’re motivated and ambitious—but they’re also busy! At Northcentral College, we’ve designed our education experience to help you out, not against you, so that you can achieve your academic goals without having to sacrifice the standard, versatility and support you have to be effective.

To find out more, request information or call 1-866-776-0331 to talk with an enrollment consultant today. We provide new courses every Monday of the season to get began when it’s good for you.

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