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University of leicester online ethics form for dissertation

University of leicester online ethics form for dissertation YES    
   Comments from module tutor

Research Ethics Review Form

A listing while using following sections and headings ought to be completed for each research study which involves human participants. It should be completed before potential participants are contacted to get familiar with any research. It will likely be utilized by the tutor or lecturer to recognize whether there’s the requirement for larger ethics approval or if the study can proceed without it.

Statement of research purpose:

Project aims/research questions:

Approach to recruiting research participants:

Criteria for choosing research participants:

No. of research participants:

Name of student:

Contact phone number:

Course/module number and name:

Lecturer/module leader’s name:

Make sure the next the weather is met. (Confirm by circling the way to go.)

The subject merits further research. YES

A student has got the skills to handle the study. YES

The participant information sheet or leaflet is suitable. YES

The procedures for recruitment and acquiring informed consent work. YES

Comments from module tutor:

Please outline below whether your quest raises any particular ethical issues and just how you intend to deal with these problems.

Have you thought about the potential risks affiliate with this particular project (circle the way to go)? YES / NO

Now go to the study Ethics Listing.

Please answer each question by circling the right response.

1. Will the study involve participants who’re particularly vulnerable or not able to provide informed consent? (e.g.

children, individuals with learning disabilities, your personal students)

2. Will the research require co-operation of the gatekeeper for initial accessibility groups or visitors to be employed? (e.g. students in school, people of voluntary group, residents of an elderly care facility)

3. Could it be essential for participants to get familiar with the research without their understanding and consent at that time? (e.g. covert observation of individuals in non-public facilities)

4. Will the research involve discussion of sensitive topics (e.g. intercourse, drug abuse)?

5. Are drugs, placebos or any other substances (e.g. food substances, vitamins) to become administered towards the study participants or will the research involve invasive, intrusive or potentially dangerous procedures of any sort?

6. Will bloodstream or tissue samples be acquired from participants?

7. Is discomfort or even more than mild discomfort prone to derive from the research?

8. Is the study induce mental anxiety or stress or do harm or negative effects past the risks experienced in normal existence?

9. Will the research involve prolonged or repetitive testing?

10. Will financial inducements (apart from reasonable expenses and compensation for time) be provided to participants?

11. Will the research involve recruitment of patients?

12. Have measures been come to ensure confidentiality, privacy and knowledge protection where appropriate?

For those who have clarified ‘yes’ to the questions in Section Mire. please describe at length the way you plan to handle the ethical issues elevated from your research.

University of leicester online ethics form for dissertation committee for

Answering yes to questions does not necessarily mean that you can’t research, that your proposal raises significant ethical issues that will need consideration. Any significant alternation in the issue, design or conduct during the period of the study ought to be notified towards the college ethics committee for approval.

Supervisor/module leader/research ethics officer (where appropriate)

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