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Phd in creative writing programs in australia

Phd in creative writing programs in australia of the examiners


Enrolment inside a Physician of Philosophy requires the independent analysis of the research subject. The subject is formulated through the student and researched using the support and direction of no less than two supervisors. The study carried out through the student is anticipated to create a significant and original contribution towards the relevant discipline.

Students will also be needed to accomplish training activities included in the Monash doctorate program Monash doctorate program (world wide web.monash.edu/migr/future-students/phd ). These discipline-specific and professional development activities are made to impart skills and understanding that can help students to conduct their research.


Effective completing this program will signify the holder has completed a training course of postgraduate learning research under proper academic supervision and it has posted a thesis the examiners have declared to become a significant contribution to understanding and which demonstrates the student’s capacity to handle independent original research.

Conditions of enrolment

Students are to consult the Guide for Doctorate Levels Guide for Doctorate Levels (world wide web.monash.edu/migr/faqs-and-sources/content ) for those procedures and policies associated with their enrolment.


This program includes:

  • an investigation and thesis component
  • an investigation training course.


Students must fulfill the following needs in consultation with and underneath the direct supervision of the member/of the educational staff:

(1.) do a program of research for any specified period on the subject authorized by the program of enrolment. This program of research can include attendance and/or presentation at workshops and other associated activities as shown by this program of enrolment.

Phd in creative writing programs in australia the program

(2.) submit for assessment a thesis component which meets the needs from the examiners. The thesis component consists of all the following:

(a.) an innovative work in excess of 35,000 words which might include a number of the next: a manuscript several short tales a piece of creative non-fiction a play or number of plays a string of poems (book length, roughly 100 pages) or perhaps a portfolio of works of numerous genres.

(b.) an associated critical component in excess of 35,000 words which takes the type of an exegesis, a piece of scholarly research or a mix of both:

  • a scholarly exegesis which comments on the creative work when it comes to its stylistic, theoretical and literary influences
  • a completely independent but complementary work of scholarly research on the subject highly relevant to the study objectives from the creative work.

The entire thesis component mustn’t exceed 80,000 words.

Submission from the thesis according to or partly according to conjointly printed or unpublished work conjointly printed or unpublished work (world wide web.monash.edu.au/migr/examiners/publication/ ) might be allowed.

(3.) satisfactorily complete the follwoing professional development training course:

Students are needed to attempt regular progress milestones to aid them in performing research of the appropriate quality, originality and depth as needed by their training program, in compliance using the Graduate Research Progress Management policy Graduate Research Progress Management policy (policy.monash.edu/policy-bank/academic/research/mrgs/grad-research-progress-mgmt-policy.html ) and supporting procedures.

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