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Nova southeastern university dissertation database search

Nova southeastern university dissertation database search under the

MARPS, Practicums and Applied Dissertations

The MARP is really a Fischler College of your practice degree requirement. A student conducts research on the specific subject whose aim is targeted at the advance of educational practice. The MARP is not purely theoretical it’s a quantitative and qualitative account distinguished through the theory-to-practice model. The database provides citations and when available, full-text documents in PDF. To look this password protected database click the link .


NSUWorks is really a service from the Nova Southeastern College (NSU) Libraries. NSUWorks includes all the College’s research, scholarly and inventive works inside a centralized location for the exact purpose of preserving and supplying online open use of these works.

  1. Browse research and scholarship
  2. Theses, dissertations and capstones
  3. Under jump to find the year that dissertation was completed
  4. Browse titles to obtain the one that you are searching

Take note that dissertations and theses would be the ed property from the author. It’s the author’s decision if you should give a copy towards the Library or ProQuest which means that its not all dissertation is accessible.

Find NSU Dissertations Chaired from your Consultant

  • Within the pull-lower menu around the right, select Degree — DG and kind the kind of degree for example Erectile dysfunction.D. Ph.D. D.B.A. D. P. A., etc. *Notice that you need to range from the correct punctuation.
  • Select College/institution — SCH within the pull-lower menu and kind Nova Southeastern College.
  • Select Consultant — ADV within the pull-lower menu and kind the surname of the dissertation chair.

Nova southeastern university dissertation database search dissertation was completed     

Search Library Catalog

  • Knowing the writer or title from the material* come in after which click Search”.
  • Should you don’t discover the item go back to this site for tips.
  • Try searching by degree:
    • nsu dissertation phd
    • nsu dissertation dba
    • honors farquhar
    • nsu masters
  • Try searching by school:
    • college of arts, humanities and social sciences
    • dissertation business or dissertation huizenga
    • dissertation psychology
    • dissertation oceanographic or dissertation Halmos college
    • dissertation college of engineering and computing

* The library catalog has print copies well over 3,600 NSU dissertations and studies in addition to capstone projects, master’s theses, and a few undergraduate honors theses.

Finding Dissertations in the Sherman Library Primary Page

  1. Can start sherman.library.nova.edu
  2. Click on the top left hamburger menu
  3. Select Library Guides underneath the Help section around the right
  4. Scroll towards the Dissertations connect to see the guide

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