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No to rh bill thesis writing

No to rh bill thesis writing crime under Philippine laws

Lissa Poblete produced a doc &#8220POSITION PAPER Around The RH BILL by Christian Pro-existence Sources for that Philippines &#8220.

By Christian Pro-existence Sources for that Philippines

Fundamental essentials explanations why we avoid the RH bill:

1.The RH bill carries by using it an oppressive punishment for those who won’t adhere to it, making arguing by using it and teaching something unlike it a criminal offense. Section 21 from the RH bill states that &#8220the ff. functions are prohibited: any healthcare company, whether private or public, who shall knowingly withhold information or hamper the distribution thereof, and/or intentionally provide incorrect specifics of programs and services on reproductive health including the authority to informed choice and use of a complete selection of legal, medically-effective and safe family planning methods&#8221 BUT- who defines what’s correct or incorrect here?
The RH bill and it is proponents. When the RH bill proponents states that the IUD isn’t abortifacient, and abortion isn’t wrong, which existence doesn’t can start conception, which are totally wrong and against Christian concepts, then when Christian health workers will educate concerning the sanctity of existence which existence begins at conception, which sex must only be between married people, we are violating the RH bill and committing crimes once it might be law.

2. The RH Bill undermines the institution of marriage. As Christians have no doctrine prohibiting ligation, it may seem it might not be of interest to a lot of Christians, however the RH bill views a prohibited act (Sec 21) if your health worker &#8221 will not perform voluntary ligation and vasectomy along with other legal and medically-safe reproductive healthcare services on anyone of legal age on the floor of insufficient spousal consent or authorization&#8221.

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The Catholic and Muslim nurses and doctors who won’t perform ligation or vasectomy, is going to be committing a criminal offense. We don’t malign or disdain Catholics about this matter. It’s against their doctrine. BUT, for all of us, the RH bill terribly undermines marriage. the balance applies to law that the lady or man doesn’t have to possess spousal consent or authorization to possess a ligation or vasectomy. And when any adverse health worker will not perform this process, about this particular ground of insufficient spousal consent, she or he is going to be committing a criminal offense. Christian, Catholic and Muslim marriages will have this.

3. The RH bill undermines parental authority and undermines the household, that are against Christian concepts. The RH Bill will punish individuals health workers (Sec. 21) who &#8220refuse to supply reproductive healthcare services for an mistreated minor, whose mistreated condition is certified through the proper official or personnel from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in order to a duly DSWD-certified mistreated pregnant minor on whose situation no parental consent is essential&#8221. Exactly what does it mean by “reproductive healthcare services for an mistreated pregnant minor”? Pregnant youthful women even more need parental guidance and consent is essential for whatever &#8220reproductive health services&#8221 will be performed on these youthful mistreated women!

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Why doesn’t the balance specify what &#8220reproductive health services&#8221 will be performed on such minors, who’re already pregnant? Is that this bill attempting to hide using abortion or using abortifacient chemical contraceptives such as the “emergency contraceptive” as &#8220solutions&#8221 provided to an mistreated minor who’s already pregnant? And all sorts of with no parent’s consent, that is totally unacceptable to Christian doctrine.

4. The RH bill includes a careful objection provision, BUT, it negates it by REQUIRING legally &#8220that the careful objector shall immediately refer the individual seeking such care and services to a different healthcare company inside the same facility a treadmill that is easily accessible&#8221. (Sec. 21) So even when a Catholic or Muslim physician refuses to carry out a ligation, they’re needed to touch on. Individuals who conscientiously object should not be needed to touch on. They’re already objecting.

5. The RH Bill will need Christian places of worship and schools to supply reproductive healthcare services to the employees. All abortifacient types of contraception, individuals that stop the created embryo from implanting within the uterine wall, are unacceptable to Christian teachings. The RH Bill will need employers to supply “reproductive healthcare services, supplies and devices to any or all workers, more particularly women workers.” The RH bill will punish employers because of not following section 17, which states: “all Collective Bargaining Contracts (CBAs) shall offer the disposable delivery through the employer of reasonable volume of reproductive healthcare services, supplies and devices to any or all workers, more particularly women workers. In establishments or enterprises where you can find no CBAs or in which the workers are unorganized, the business shall have a similar obligation.” So employers are needed to supply reproductive healthcare to the employees! Remember, this can be a law. This can affect Christian, Catholic and Muslim employers, even Christian places of worship and schools, because our places of worship and schools have employees. Remember, intrauterine devices and a few oral contraceptives are abortifacient, meaning they prevent implantation of the already-created embryo. Existence begins at conception, therefore something that kills an embryo or prevents it from implanting causes an abortion or dying from the human embryo. As Christians, we all know that existence begins at conception. We reject any kind of any contraception that kills a created existence.

6. Unlike claims by RH bill proponents in Congress that abortion isn’t pointed out, the balance particularly mentions abortion in Sec. 4 in the meaning of terms: It lists because the 4th component of reproductive healthcare the &#8220prevention of abortion and control over publish-abortion complications&#8221. You might say, however it prevents abortion, what’s wrong? Why must &#8220management of publish-abortion complications&#8221 participate reproductive health? Abortion is really a crime. How come the RH bill particularly mention control over publish-abortion complications? It specifies &#8220abortion&#8221 as the reason for the complication. What this may is it divides caused, illegal, morally wrong, criminal abortion like a procedure or cause necessitating management. Why don’t you just turn it into a more general &#8220provision of emergency obstetric choose to everybody who needs it&#8221? The actual fact that abortion is specified as the reason for the complication implies that the RH bill condones abortion and provides it special therapy.Abortion is murder from the developing fetus along with a grievous crime before God. It’s the shedding of innocent bloodstream. It’s a crime under Philippine laws and regulations.

7. The RH bill will educate the whole nation, particularly the youthful people, its definitions of human sexuality, sex, sexual identity, interpersonal relationships, affection, closeness and gender roles. They’ll also define contraception and abortion. In Section 4, the RH bill defines “Reproductive health education” as “the procedure for obtaining complete, accurate and relevant info on all matters concerning the the reproductive system, its functions and procedures and human sexuality and developing attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, interpersonal relationships, affection, closeness and gender roles. Additionally, it includes developing the required skills so that you can separate details and myths on sex and sexuality and critically evaluate. and discuss the moral, religious, social and cultural size of related sensitive issues for example contraception and abortion.” Once more, who decides what’s correct and just what are details? The Balance and it is proponents determine that. And when it’s a law, anything they (the proponents and also the Population Commission) define this stuff to become, is going to be what’s correct and anybody who teaches otherwise is going to be committing crimes. And when again, abortion is pointed out. Abortion is not related to “responsible parenthood” and “family planning”.

8. We reject the RH Bill It’ll educate our kids and also the entire country a sex education curriculum which its proponents are creating. The RH Bill states in Sec. 12, “Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education.”– “Reproductive Health Education at a time-appropriate manner will be trained by adequately trained teachers beginning from Grade 5 as much as 4th Year High School…. The POPCOM, in coordination using the Department of your practice, shall formulate the Reproductive Health Education curriculum, which will be present with both private and public schools and shall include related population and development concepts additionally towards the following subjects and standards. Reproductive health insurance and sexual legal rights Reproductive healthcare and services Attitudes, beliefs and values on sexual development, sexual behavior and reproductive health Proscription from the hazards of abortion and control over publish-abortion complications Responsible being a parent. Use and use of natural and modern family planning techniques to promote reproductive health, achieve preferred family size and stop undesirable, unplanned and mistimed pregnancies Abstinence before marriage Prevention and management of Aids/AIDS along with other, STIs/STDs, cancer of the prostate, cancer of the breast, cervical cancer along with other gynecological disorders Responsible sexuality and Maternal, peri-natal and publish-natal education, care and services. ” While protection against AIDS and STDs, abstinence before marriage and responsible being a parent are great, there’s nothing good using the government teaching “Attitudes, beliefs and values on sexual development, sexual behavior and sexual health” to the children! Plus, once more they’ve were able to insert “abortion” again. What’s going to be trained concerning the “hazards of abortion”. Abortion is 100% fatal and 100% hazardous towards the developing fetus that has been aborted! How come “management of publish-abortion complications” be trained in sex education?

9. We reject the RH bill because it’s really about money for contraceptive manufacturers and suppliers. The RH bill applies to law that contraceptives is going to be converted to essential medicines. Sec. 10 states “Hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices, injectables along with other allied reproductive health products and gives will be considered underneath the group of essential medicines and gives which shall form area of the National Drug Formulary and also the same will be incorporated within the regular acquisition of essential medicines and gives of national and native hospitals along with other government health units.” The RH bill only lays the research for government purchases of contraceptives, including some contraceptives which are abortifacient, which we reject.

10. We reject the RH bill since it encourages a 2-child policy. In Sec. 16, “Ideal Family Size” it states: “The Condition shall assist couples, parents and people to attain their preferred family size inside the context of responsible being a parent for sustainable development and cause them to become have two children because the ideal family size. Taking on ideal family dimensions are neither mandatory nor compulsory. No punitive action will be enforced on parents getting greater than two children.” Although it states that it’s not mandatory or compulsory, it’ll still be a law, meaning, what the law states will encourage this two-child policy. If it’s designed in what the law states, it will likely be a part of legislated health policy. Previous versions from the RH Bill (yesteryear HB 3773) even were built with a provision that government scholarships are only extended towards the first couple of children inside a family. Surprisingly, it’s no longer in our bill. What if this sounds like put in the applying rules and rules? And those that may have large families is going to be stigmatized even if they’re not punished.

Whatever is nice within the bill has already been legal and it is being carried out. Yes, ladies who aborted/wiped out their kids should not be declined emergency obstetric care. But RA 8344, already penalizes the refusal of hospitals and medical clinics to manage appropriate initial treatment and support in emergency and heavy cases. Ladies who have aborted/wiped out their babies happen to be given emergency obstetric care through this act. Aids-AIDS programs happen to be in position through RA 8504,the &#8220Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998&#8243. The RH bill attempts to encompass a lot of health problems under it so that individuals who reject the RH bill are thought to be anti-women, anti-health, anti-Aids prevention and anti-development.

But we now have proven you what’s certainly worth rejecting within the RH bill-it’s the hidden agenda tucked in to the RH bill, the oppressive nature from the bill toward individuals who reject it, the it undermines and also the questionable “values” it’ll attempt to educate.

Melissa A. Apolinario-Poblete, DMD, MHPEd
Member, Board of Trustees, Pro-existence Philippines Foundation Corporation. 2011-2013 and
Director,Christian Pro-existence Sources for that Philippines
39 Miami cor. Columbia St. Cubao QC
URL: world wide web.proliferesources.com/
Email: proliferesources@gmail.com

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