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Newspaper article writing assignment rubrics

Newspaper article writing assignment rubrics Review the


Students use sources from Scholastic.com and Patricia Lauber’s book Lost Star to analyze Amelia Earhart’s existence. After this analysis, they’ll write a newspaper article.

The ultimate project from the Women ever: Research for Expository Writing unit asks students to select and research different women ever, then write expository essays. Students should use the studying, research, and ability as a copywriter they’ve practiced within the first couple of training.


  • Use technology to check out the existence and accomplishments of the important American figure
  • Write an anecdotal news account of the American hero according to biographical information
  • Write an expository essay according to online investigation
  • Complete the whole writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing


  • Pencil and paper
  • Lost Star or any other Amelia Earhart biography
  • Computer lab with web connection and accessibility Flight of Amelia Earhart student activity
  • Report Rubric (PDF)

Setup and make preparations

  1. Copy this news Story Rubric for every student.
  2. Collect copies of Lost Star like a printed choice for research on Earhart’s existence.
  3. Schedule amount of time in a pc lab at the school for the class not less than 3 class periods.


Step One: Introduce the lesson by getting students get on The Flight of Amelia Earhart . Ask them to start with the timeline activity. surveying the occasions of Earhart’s existence in the whole.

Step Two: Instruct students to select one event that intrigues them. This is the big event they cover within their newspaper article. Help remind them about the objective of an anecdote from Lesson One which their article covers just one event in Earhart’s existence.

Newspaper article writing assignment rubrics articles as

Step Three: After they choose their event, ask them to see the Internet, books, or encyclopedias to collect info on the particular event.

Step Four: Conduct a short book discuss Lost Star . Provide several copies for research.

Step Five: During the following day approximately, encourage students to collect additional sources in the school or public library and produce these to class.

Step Six: Introduce this news Story Rubric printable towards the students. Highlight important elements from the final draft.

Step 7: Evaluate the writing assignment by getting students go to the Flight of Amelia Earhart. Write a Report .

Step 8: Allow here we are at students to create their rough draft from the newspaper article.

Step 9: When students complete their drafts, have everybody switch papers having a partner. Instruct these to check which help revise the articles when needed.

Note: You might want to make extra copies from the rubric and get each student to provide each article an initial grade. This is an excellent technique to show students how effective their article is within meeting a job objectives.

Step 10: Allow students time for you to incorporate their peer’s feedback and rewrite your final draft from the newspaper article. This might take two more class periods additionally to homework assignments.

Here’s the important part. All authors, including students, should be given a crowd for his or her writing. Whether students be part of small groups, having a partner, or on the prominent bulletin board, they have to participate positively with the publishing stage.

Newspaper article writing assignment rubrics The Final Project     

Step 11: With students, pick a creative method to publish the finished newspaper articles.

The Ultimate Project

Invite each student to create an expository essay on the famous lady ever. I recommend this be achieved individually to ensure that the scholars to show the change in learning. Students could use the ladies Who Altered History activity or even the Recognition Roll of Notable Women Online activity as beginning points for research.

Step Two: Students should conduct research regarding their selected women because they did for that Amelia Earhart articles.

Step Three: After completely researching the ladies, students should talk about the women’s resides in expository essays. You can utilize a rubric like the Report Rubric to judge this essay.

Optional: I additionally suggest that you allow students a crowd to talk about these women’s tales, whether at school or on the school bulletin board.

Supporting All Learners

The chance to utilize their peers offers every student exactly the same opportunity for success.

Lesson Extensions

Students may expand research to nonprint sources for example movies and flicks. Help remind these to just use nonfiction sources from credible sources.

Home Connection

Claim that students discuss their person to analyze using their families. Parents also may help students acquire sources for that research.


Make use of the rubrics in the newspaper article to gauge how good students understood the idea of an anecdote. This can also reveal how students can complete the writing process, that will allow the teacher know where to start using the next writing lesson.


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