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Naplan practice tests year 9 writing a business

Naplan practice tests year 9 writing a business over 500

Shown to improve NAPLAN results

Schools using LiteracyPlanet in their teaching strategy achieve 5-10% greater
compared to national averages in all the NAPLAN literacy skills tests.

Data according to national sample of colleges using LiteracyPlanet for your year group
over 12 several weeks just before 2014 NAPLAN tests.

If you’re an instructor searching to have an website to organize for that
NAPLAN literacy skills tests LiteracyPlanet is perfect for you.

What researchers and teachers say

“Research reveal that learning depends upon attention, repetition and immediate feedback. LiteracyPlanet provides
many of these things inside a highly entertaining and rewarding atmosphere that motivates children.”
– Professor Genevieve McArthur.
Macquarie College

“There’s obvious evidence during the last couple of years because we first started with LiteracyPlanet our NAPLAN leads to particular have strengthened.”
– Dr I. Lambert, Principal.

“We view an impressive rise in our students’ literacy levels and think that LiteracyPlanet is a major element in this improvement.”
– J. Cameron, Vice-Principal.

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Concepts Covered


  • Visual skills for letter and word recognition.
  • Sequencing for comprehension.
  • Phonological awareness.
  • The alphabet.


  • Pay attention to types of fluent studying.
  • Improve studying rate for improved studying fluency.
  • Quite a number of texts aligned to studying recovery levels.
  • A financial institution of printable running records.


  • A variety of text types which cover a variety of different genres give a wealthy literary experience.
  • Active studying is inspired through literal and inferential comprehension questions.
  • 12 Comprehension strategies are covered including locating the primary idea, details and details, conjecture and sequencing right through to the greater order strategies including inferring, fact and opinion, author’s purpose, expected outcomes, evaluating and contrasting and summarising.

Naplan practice tests year 9 writing a business range of

Grammar Punctuation

  • Covering fundamental to complex understanding and skills which are required for effective communication.
  • Over 30 topics including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, punctuation, syntax, clauses, phrases, conjunctions and tense are explored inside a fun and fascinating way.


  • Spelling words sequenced from phonemic words right through to multi-syllabic words from Greek, Latin and French derivations.
  • Lists are organised to align with spelling development and research based methods.
  • Games provide a number of practise to make sure spelling precision and recall.


  • Phonemic awareness skills are covered inside a hierarchical structure.
  • Covers the different phonemes within the British language including consonant blends, lengthy and short vowels, diphthongs and digraphs.
  • Blending and segmenting skills for studying and spelling precision are trained inside a fun way.

Sight Words

  • Lists comprising over 500 high frequency words.
  • The lists are hierarchical, starting with the most popular sight words lists which are used broadly in schools.
  • Games.

Extra Support for Schools

  • School Support Representatives in every Condition
  • Online training
  • Tasks and modules to aid NAPLAN
  • PD and workshops delivered at the school site
  • Customer Support helpdesk

Motivates Learners through Recognition of feat

Avatar customization motivates students to earn credits to enable them to purchase products within the shop to personalise their profiles or play small-games.

Naplan practice tests year 9 writing a business awarded trophies

Students are awarded trophies after each exercise and they already know their attempts are rewarded.

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