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My writing desk review meaning

My writing desk review meaning stalas rakstāmgalds

1. A furniture piece typically getting a set or sloping top for writing and frequently drawers or compartments.

2. A table, counter, or booth where specified services or functions are carried out: an info desk a reception desk.

3. A department of a big organization responsible for a particular operation: a newspaper’s city desk.

5. A music stand it an orchestra.

[Middle British deske. from Medieval Latin desca. table. from Old Italian desco. from Latin discus. quoit see disk .]


1. (Furniture) a furniture piece having a writing surface in most cases drawers or any other compartments

2. (Furniture) something counter or table inside a public building, like a hotel: information desk.

3. (Furniture) an assistance, lectern, or book rest for that book that services are read inside a church

4. (Journalism Publishing) the editorial portion of a newspaper, etc, responsible for the subject: this news desk.

a. a music stand shared by two orchestral players

b. both of these players

a. designed for use in a desk: a desk calendar.

b. done in a desk: a desk job.

[C14: from Medieval Latin desca table, from Latin discus disc, dish]


1. articles of furniture getting an extensive, usu. level, writing surface, in addition to drawers or compartments for papers, writing materials, etc.

2. a frame for supporting a magazine that the services are read inside a church.

3. the section of a big organization, like a newspaper, getting responsibility for particular operations: the town desk.

4. a table or counter, as with a library or office, where a particular job is conducted or perhaps a service offered: the data desk.

5. a stand accustomed to support written music.

6. (within an orchestra) a seat or position assigned by rank (usu. utilized in combination): an initial-desk flutist.

My writing desk review meaning ایک فرنیچر جس میں

7. of the size or form appropriate to be used on the desk: a desk dictionary.

8. done at or with different desk, as with a workplace or schoolroom: a desk job.

[1350&#82111400 Middle British deske Medieval Latin desca, descus desk, lectern.]

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