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My love in italian writing

My love in italian writing Ho bisogno di

By Michael San Filippo. Italian Language Expert

Updated February 25, 2016.

Whether it’;s an operatic aria, a love poem, or whispered sweet nothings, many people think that the phrase "I love you" is best voiced in Italian (which is, after all, a romance language ). There are many ways to express the sentiment "I love you" in Italian. so how to choose? Partly it will depend on the relationship and the depth of feeling. Keep in mind, too, that there’;s a difference between "ti amo" and "ti voglio" —many About.com Italian Language forum members who are native Italian speakers have explained in minute detail the nuances and appropriateness of those two expressions.

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There are many instances in which expressions of love and commitment are used, such as getting engaged in Italy, marriage vows in Italian and Italian pop lyrics about love, lust, and romance, and, of course, tattoos that express love for Mom. Most important, context is all. In the end, like many linguistic terms, it’;s best to be less literal and more figurative when considering the most appropriate term

100 Ways to Say I Love You in Italian
Here’;s how to express your love, lust, like, or feigned interest to that certain someone, or how to tell your parents, family members, or friends that you love them.

One thing to keep in remember: the translations in English are not always literal, but correspond to the sense—and vice versa.

Ti amo! (I love you! )

Ti voglio bene. (I love you a lot. )

Ti voglio molto bene. (I love you very much. )

Mi piaci molto. (I really like you. )

Ti adoro. (I adore you. )

Ti ammiro. (I admire you. )

My love in italian writing how to express your

Sei importante per me. (You are important to me. )

Sei tutto per me. (You are everything to me. )

Sono innamorato / innamorata di te. (I’;m in love with you. )

Ho bisogno di te. (I need you. )

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Ti desidero. (I want you. )

Mi sento attratto / attratta da te. (I feel attracted attracted to you. )

Mi sono infatuato di te. (I’;m infatuated with you. )

Ho un debole per te. (I’;m weak for you. )

Significhi tutto per me. (You mean everything to me. )

Mi sono affezionato / affezionata a te. (I am fond of you. )

Sposami! (Marry me! )

Voglio sempre essere con te. (I always want to be with you. )

Senza di te non posso più vivere. (I can’;t live without you. )

Ti voglio baciare. (I want to kiss you. )

Io sono tuo / tua. (I am yours )

Senza di te non sono niente. (Without you I am nothing. )

Sei l’;uomo / la donna dei miei sogni! (You’;re the man / woman of my dreams! )

Per te farei di tutto! (I would do anything for you! )

Sono pazzo / pazza di te. (I’;m crazy about you. )

Sono abbagliato da te. (I am dazzled by you. )

Sei il grande amore della mia vita. (You are the love of my life. )

Senza di te la vita non ha più senso. (Without you life has no meaning. )

Il mio cuore è solo tuo / tua. (My heart is yours. )

Hai conquistato il mio cuore. (You have won my heart. )

Giorno e notte sogno solo di te. (Day and night I dream only of you. )

Mi hai incantato / incantata. (You have charmed / enchanted me. )

Sei l’;uomo / la donna della mia vita! (You’;re the man / woman of my life! )

My love in italian writing della mia

Sei il sole della mia vita. (You are the sunshine of my life. )

Sei tutto ciò che voglio. (You’;re everything I want. )

Ti voglio un mondo di bene. (I want a world of good. )

Con te voglio invecchiare. (I want to grow old with you. )

Ti voglio sempre avere al mio fianco. (I always want you by my side. )

Senza di te la vita è un inferno. (Without you life is hell. )

Da quando ti conosco la mia vita è un paradiso. (Since I met you my life is a paradise. )

Resta sempre con me! (Stay with me always! )

Mi hai stregato / stregata. (You have bewitched me. )

Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno. (I could watch you all day. )

Solo tu mi capisci! (Only you understand me! )

Sono ubriaco / ubriaca di te. (I am drunk with you. )

Nei tuoi occhi c’;è il cielo. (Heaven is in your eyes. )

Se non ci fossi dovrei inventarti. (If you weren’;t, I’;d invent you. )

Tu sei un dono del cielo. (You are a gift from the heavens. )

Con te voglio passare la mia vita. (I want to spend my life with you. )

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