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It’s difficult to develop understanding that you’re not your mother’s favorite child. Lee Jin Ae (Eugene) has always was a hard connection with her mother, Lim San Ok (Go Doo Shim), realizing that her mother has always favored her older brother, Lee Hyeong Gyu (Oh Min Seok). The abrasive San Ok is unquestionably expecting Jin Ae to assist purchase her older brother’s schooling although getting to cover within the bad investment obligations suffered by her bumbling, but adorable, father, Lee Dong Chool (Kim Kap Soo). Consequently, Hyeong Gyu is becoming a lawyer, while Jin Ae has gotten to forego greater education and work her in place a large fashion company. Despite getting all of the support from his family, Hyeong Gyu remains getting difficulty becoming effective due to his pride and divulges somewhat attorney and hires the unskilled Sun Hye Joo (Boy Yeo Eun) as his secretary. Meanwhile, their youthful brother, Lee Hyeong Soon (Choi Tae Joon), has trouble finding gainful employment and may get twisted in the existence of Jang Chae Ri (Jo Bo Ah), the daughter in the major construction company Chief executive officer Jang Cheol Woong (Song Seung Hwan). When Jin Ae works her in place to becoming the non-public secretary of her idol, her company Chief executive officer Hwang Youthful Sun (Kim Mi Sook), San Ok becomes jealous of Jin Ae’s close connection with her new boss. When San Ok disproves of Jin Ae’s connection with their new boarder, Kang Hoon Jae (Lee Sang Woo), mother-daughter relationship becomes much more contentious. Can this relationship be saved? “All About My Mom” could be a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Gun Jun.

All about my mom writing project brother, Lee Hyeong Soon

Original title , Romanized title Bootakhaeyo Eomma Also known as I Ask individuals, Mother, San Ok’s Three Children, Take Proper proper proper care of Us, Mother, Take Proper proper proper care of Us, Mother Volunteer Team Mother Knows Best Team Broadcast Network KBS Broadcast Period 08-14-2015 to 02-13-2016 Rating PG-13 Korea Women Romance Korean Drama Family & Kids Drama


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EN 100% • Korea

EN 100% • Korea

EN 100% • Korea

EN 100% • Korea

EN 100% • Korea


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