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Mobile voting system thesis proposal

Mobile voting system thesis proposal automatically counted

Web and Android Based Student Council Voting System

Most of the schools are still using the manual method of electing the student council officers. This process is actually a time consuming and error prone. The solution for the stated problems is to develop an automated system that is easy, accurate and consumes less time.

Scope and Purpose of the Project

This project is an android based and online application system which will allows the students to vote via the internet or using their android phones.

The Web and Android Based Voting System will make the voting process easier and faster. Votes are automatically counted after the student cast its vote, the students have their own accounts and they are given a one-time passcode in order for them to vote.

It will also shorten the time of counting and preparing the reports because the results are generated right after the election has been closed or ended. Printable detailed reports for the canvassing and detailed reports for the winners is one click away. The system can also generate reports for those students who had participated and for those who did not participate in the voting procedures.

A mobile version is also available for download and installation (for android users only), which means that the students do not necessarily need to go to the classroom just to vote. This will make the process comfortable to the part of the students.

Beneficiary and Significance of the Study

Administrators – it refers to the person(s) who will be managing or in-charge of the student election, this project is a great help for them, it will lessen their workload, the said system will provide them accurate reports needed.

Students – the Web and Android Based Voting System will make it easier for students to vote.

Candidates the system is secured because the only admins will have the full access to the system and each students has their codes for them to vote. The candidates won’t anymore worry about the flying voters.

The users of the system are the following:

Administrator – full access to the system.

Students – for voting.

Administrator can do the following:

Manage Student Accounts (create, update, delete)

Can import list of students from external source such as csv file.

Generate passcode for each students

Print List of students

Manage Party Lists (create, update, delete)

Print Party Lists

Manage Candidates Information (create, update, delete)

Print List of Candidates

Manage Electoral Positions like President, Vice President, etc. (create, update, delete)

Print Electoral Positions

Manage Courses (create, update, delete)

Print List of Courses

For Canvassing (Administrator)

Can view the total number of students registered.

Can view the students who have not yet voted.

Can view the students who already voted.

Can print students who actually voted.

Can print students who did not voted.

Provides real-time counting of votes

Print Reports for Canvassing and Winners

Can login to their respective accounts (web and mobile).

Can install android app on their android phones.

Select candidates to vote and cast votes.

Can review the selected candidates before submitting.

The system automatically log-outs after the students has submitted the votes.

Students can no longer login to their accounts after finishing or submitting the votes.

For web development:

For android development:

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