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Pursuing an MBA degree is no doubt a troublesome process. You need to give a solid share of time, funding, and experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship to satisfy all the requirements set for holders of this prestigious degree. Writing an MBA dissertation, in particular, has proved to be the most difficult part of the process.

Why are dissertations so hard to write at this level? Well, first of all, most of MBA students are rather successful entrepreneurs willing to improve their qualification, which means they run successful businesses and have to spend time developing them. While attending a few classes might be not that troublesome, sacrificing a chunk of your time for research and analysis is much harder.

Secondly, MBA dissertations are a rather tricky assignment since MBA dissertation writers should serve two masters at once – a businessman and an academic. More specifically, the writing done at this level should be specific enough to serve a particular entrepreneurial problem, yet also general enough to serve the purpose of enriching the theory.
However, you probably feel the importance of getting this assignment done properly even without going into details. That’s why we offer you help – the best MBA dissertation help you will be able to find in the UK.

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To make it easier for you to make the right decision, we will describe in detail what chapters your dissertation will include and what kind of content they will have.

The Executive Summary is a visit card of all MBA thesis papers. In this chapter, the writer explains what kind of investigation has been performed, what findings have been made and why it is important for solving pressing entrepreneurial problems and future developments.

In the Introduction, the MBA applicant sets the scene and outlines the issues of his research. More specifically, the Introduction chapter answers the following questions: what was the subject of your research? Why did you research it? Where did the research take place? What research questions have been answered in the end?

This chapter is essential to understanding and describing the main frameworks that will be used to answer the questions set in the introduction. If put simpler, in the Literature Review section the writer explains what has already been researched in the field and builds on it.

Research Hypotheses The Research Hypotheses chapter is a natural continuation of the previous chapter and introduces the thesis proposal – the main hypothesis proved in the rest of chapters.

The Methodology chapter answers the following questions: how was the data collected and why was it the best way to collect it? How was the data analysed? Are there any pitfalls in the methods used? How will the author of the paper overcome/mitigate them?

The Results chapter is dedicated to what has been found out and how it correlates with the questions posed in the introduction.

Being one of the trickiest chapters of all, Discussion takes a look at the importance of the paper in general. Does it make any significant contribution into the corresponding body of knowledge?

The Recommendations chapter is designed to provide actual recommendations in the researched area. The recommendations formulated should be based on strong data analysis.

Instead of simply retelling the findings, as many MBA thesis writers believe it does, the Conclusions chapter provides the critique of the main findings.

Giving proper credit to everyone whose work has been used in the paper, the References chapter is designed to prevent plagiarism charges, as well as give the MBA office members a clear idea of the amount of work that has been done in preparation.

This chapter contains all auxiliary materials that detail or support the main theory.

Although this dissertation structure is universally accepted by our service, if a customer wants to make certain changes, he or she is entitled to do so by providing specific requirements while placing the order.

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Aiming to provide fully customized help with MBA dissertation, our company offers a wide range of services for you to choose from, such as:

  1. Custom writing of the entire dissertation
  2. Development of the MBA dissertation proposal
  3. Development of individual dissertation chapters
  4. Improvement services such as editing, proofreading, paraphrasing and formatting

In case you need some other type of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the support department of our MBA dissertation writing service and clarify whether we are able to provide it. Since order customization and customer satisfaction are our top most concerns, we are ready to take every measure to satisfy your request.
Place your order now, and we will start working immediately.

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