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Uc berkeley history phd dissertations submission deadlines and the

The department and also the College offer a multitude of sources to assist in the conclusion of the doctorate dissertation.

In search of primary source material essential for their original dissertation research, students might be likely to travel far from campus. Even students who is able to complete all research in your area can require extra funding support. In recognition of the, the department and also the College offer research- and writing- specific funding support. Students also needs to apply, in consultation using their faculty mentors, for national and worldwide fellowships that facilitate research at archives and libraries inside the US and abroad.

Dissertation fellowships

Every year, the department awards (on the competitive basis) a restricted quantity of “write down” fellowships. The fellowship provides respite from teaching, allowing students to concentrate positioned on writing. Students get a stipend of $10,000 each semester, plus all charges within the fall semester and also the filing and medical health insurance charges early in the year semester.

College fellowships

The department also nominates students for 3 competitive College research fellowships: the College of California Dissertation Fellowship, the Chancellor’s Dissertation Fellowship, and also the Mentored Research Award. Info on these fellowships, along with other campus grants, can be obtained at grad.berkeley.edu/financial/deadlines.shtml#berkeley .

Included in the department’s standard five-year fellowships would be the Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship (DNTF for college students accepted just before 2010) and also the Dissertation Completion Fellowship (DCF for college students accepted this year after).

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These fellowships give a two-semester stipend plus charges. To learn more, please visit grad.berkeley.edu/financial/deadlines.shtml#graddiv. Students accepting the DCF should note that they’ll receive no further College funding (except loans) after reaching twelve months beyond normative time.

Workshops on securing outdoors funding

The Mind Graduate Consultant offers regular workshops on trying to get extramural fellowships and writing effective proposals particularly tailored for historic research and funding sources. The Graduate Division also regularly offers general workshops on writing academic grant proposals in addition to sessions on signing up to specific programs (e.g. the Fulbright).

Dissertation prospectus

Our program requires students to submit a dissertation prospectus (or proposal) to be able to advance to candidacy. Generally, the prospectus should describe the problem or problem the dissertation will address and can include attorney at law of relevant historiography, an account from the sources and techniques for use, along with a plan of research. Each student should discuss the actual form and content from the prospectus with their intended dissertation chair (also known as the very first readers). The chair along with other people from the dissertation committee must evaluate and approve the prospectus prior to the student is advanced to candidacy.

Dissertation writing groups

A Brief History Graduate Association (HGA) partners will the department to assist organize and support dissertation writing groups.

The consensus among graduated pupils within the department continues to be that students make the decision that they’ll share the work they do happening and whose commentary would best support and encourage them while dissertation writing. The development of writing groups is strongly encouraged and also to that finish the department chair has the capacity to offer small quantities of funding for refreshments or any other incidental expenses. Groups are furthermore asked to invite faculty people to sign up within their sessions.

Chapter-plus colloquia

Challenging frequently faced by history graduated pupils is they newborn project in the prospectus stage however the things they get in the archives changes both form of the dissertation as well as their thinking around the historic issues in the centre from it. This really is really among the joys of historic research but to some novice historian it may be disturbing. When you are in cases like this, speak to your consultant about getting a “chapter-plus colloquium:” an chance to provide and discuss an initial draft chapter along with a revised outline from the dissertation. The people from the dissertation committee are asked to sign up, together with every other faculty people or fellow students whom the presenter desires to have there. Materials could be circulated ahead of time and also the colloquium dedicated to discussion from the chapter, the revised outline, and possible techniques for continuing to move forward. The Mind Graduate Consultant might help facilitate the business and scheduling from the colloquium.

Dissertation presentations

The ultimate stretch of finishing the dissertation is frequently when “existence” intervenes and momentum sheds. Some students discover that a strong goal a scheduled presentation, or defense, of the dissertation enables them to focus and marshal your final campaign to accomplish the dissertation. The Graduate Assistant can be obtained to assist schedule the presentation. People from the dissertation committee participate, together with every other faculty people or student peers the presenter desires to invite.


Every year, the Mind Graduate Consultant appoints people from the faculty to steer and assist students while exploring for jobs. Furthermore, the Admissions, Recruitment, and Outreach Consultant coordinates a number of placement workshops to organize candidates to do the job market. The very first, locked in May, features a general summary of materials to organize along with a panel featuring students who’ve guaranteed tenure-track positions discussing their tips and methods. The 2nd, locked in September, concentrates on what search committees consider when searching for candidates. The 3rd, locked in December, concentrates on interviewing techniques, designed for the AHA.


Students have access to submission deadlines and also the Graduate Division’s “Dissertation Filing Guide” online at grad.berkeley.edu/current/index.shtml.

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