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Masters thesis proposal guidelines sample

Masters thesis proposal guidelines sample to do

When you graduate school one of the main things you should work on is your thesis proposal. If you browse the Web, you’ll find a lot of samples available. But in order to get better prepared for writing a thesis proposal, consider the following writing tip: while the thesis is always written in the past tense, your proposal should be written in present and future tenses.

Techniques to Use When Writing a Thesis Proposal

Today we’re going to share with you some super ingredients of a winning thesis proposal. Let’s look through them:

  • Introductory part (usually 1-2 pages)
    • It doesn’t have to be perfect. But it should result in your reader’s interest in the overview.
    • If you like you can write this chapter last. The thing is that you are more likely to have better overview of the project after you’ve written all other chapters of your proposal.
  • Problem statement
    • The first thing you should prepare is the research question. After you’ve done with it, make it a statement noting the adverse consequences of the problem.
    • Your type of study determines the types of questions you have to formulate in your graduate thesis proposal. What do you want to produce or create and what value will it have to you and society?
  • Background
    • As it was suggested earlier, you should capture the reader’s attention and try to show him or her significance of the problem.
    • Provide at least 3 reasons why this specific problem is important for society and specify 2-3 concrete examples of the problem.
  • What is the purpose?
    • It is good to start with “The purpose of my study is…” interpret, change, evaluate, investigate, or analyze the problem.
    • Specify your goal in details. Keep in mind that it should represent an investigative activity.

Some Other Tips for Graduate Thesis Proposal

The other important parts you should include in your thesis proposal outline are: literature review, hypotheses, definition of terms, assumption, scope & limitations, procedure and long-term consequences. Each point has its unique features to mention. Contact us today to find out more.

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