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Load balancing in cloud computing phd thesis proposal

Load balancing in cloud computing phd thesis proposal Essay     - Art     - Asian Studies     - Aviation

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

The Evolution of Network Load Balancers and current stature with the advent of Unified Communications
The Introduction and context setting of paper
This paper will introduce Network Load Balancer’s and how they came into being and will delve into their evolution. A major proportion of this paper will include a critical analysis of Network Load balancers and how they operate and will highlight through a unanimous point of view their drawbacks and how they are being developed to overcome these. A greater segment of this paper will differentiate Dedicate Load Balancer’s, like market leading F5’s and Citrix Netscaler’s, along with the CISCO ACE LB and existing engineered ways of custom load Balancing using expert methods of QoS class maps, Policy maps, Route maps and customized switch based STP for redundant paths. Also detailed are how the two methods and choices differ and which one is/are preferred.
This research is expected to also shed new light on how the demand for load balancing devices and schemes are increasing in complexity with the advent of Unified communications and Cloud Computing.
The Research:
Table of Contents:
I. Cloud Computing
1) What is Cloud Computing? How does it exist everywhere, and accessed from anywhere Answer Load Balancing and heartbeat based database and data sharing.
2) How is load balancing important with the Cloud?
3) What is extent of current load balancing method with the cloud, and how does it affect it?
4) What could be done further?
5) Suggested Engineering to overcome flaws identified in earlier sections
6) Real life case study
7) Theorized sample
8) Conclusion

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Load balancing in cloud computing phd thesis proposal load balancing

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