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Bus ticketing system thesis proposal

Bus ticketing system thesis proposal the sales of ticket

Bus Online Ticketing and Seat Reservation

Bus Online Ticketing and Seat Reservation

Through this suggested study, riding around the bus station could have a fast, tranquil and simple method of offering good and simple services for customers. Regarding while using the payment method, the client prints register once you have a reservation web present it within the bus cashier or they’ll pay it through bayad centers.

This suggested system supplies a easy to operate system not only for the customer but furthermore for your worker to reduce the job that they’re going to do. This process offers broken whipped cream the issues familiar with the shoppers based on the convenience and timeliness.

Online Ticketing and Bus Seat Reservation

Objectives within the Study

These studies aims to build up an online-based bus ticketing and seat reservation system for bus station.

To accomplish this aim, the particular objectives are:

  1. To uncover the current bus ticketing and seat reservation system.
  2. To understand the issues familiar with the passengers along with the bus companies.
  3. To define mechanism to inform status of booking reservation.

Scope and Limitations

These studies concentrates on two groups, riding around the bus operators, along with the customers. Riding around the bus operators would be the administrator. They may view, add, and delete information and generate reports to enable them to employing their operations. These activities may help riding around the bus operators to discover the progress in the ticket sales and to plan its company’s operations about how precisely together with what action to obtain taken.

The client may use this method to accomplish their transaction of purchasing bus tickets in their own personal place and time.

Bus ticketing system thesis proposal aims to build

The unit enable the administrator and customers consider the simplicity of use of seats, start to see the bus details and bulletins. The systems offer highlights of rebooking and cancelling reservation. The unit will most likely be utilising Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), Structure Query Language (SQL), and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

The unit is thru web the updates will most likely be sent through email within the customer within 24 hrs. Also, the unit enable the customer contact the administrator through phone to cancel reservation and rebooking.

Price of the research

The conclusion be a consequence of the study will most likely be advantageous for an additional entity:

Bus Company. The suggested system once implemented, will able to help boost the sales of ticket and could increase revenues, because of improved services, and not that, riding around the bus company which utilize the machine can cope with other company based on the services.

Passengers. The suggested system can minimize the ability needed to ride a bus. They’ll experience simple and easy , lesser over time obtaining a seat within the bus.

Motorists. The motorists have simple and easy , lesser over time waiting riding around the bus to obtain full. The suggested system also aid the motorists to check out their schedule in the trip.

Researchers. The suggested technique is advantageous for that investigator by gaining more programming understanding and logical stimulation and knowing eliminate certain problems.

Bus ticketing system thesis proposal make use of the system

They’ll utilize not just their skills in programming, but many likely must make certain and make certain their program will most likely constitute greater help and could match the entire user’s need.

Future Investigator/s. The suggested system may benefit the extended run investigator/s as guide or reference in their own individual personal efforts at any proposal or project. They’ll boost their analysis, understanding and logical stimulation.


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