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Human nature essay thesis proposal

Human nature essay thesis proposal Humans are sexually sophisticated and

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Since we been discussing basically about human nature from the beginning of the quarter, I’m thinking to do my research on what and how we humans are. I’m not sure if this is ok with you, but that’s why we doing the proposal paper.

Human nature essay thesis proposal just promise things, we actually

I choose this because we have been having similar conversations in class and also sometimes I like to think deep about us humans. How different mindsets we have, the different choices we make and so on. Here something’s I knew and something’s I found from other sources.

“Human nature is a socially developed environment based on a person’s intrinsic nature at birth and nurture” (Bearer Lerner). All human beings have intrinsic similarities that are universal or common to all human beings in terms of their anatomy and mental processes as well as their characters. There are features or characteristics that are common to all human beings irrespective of their culture, religion, race, or gender. These similarities form a rich foundation in explaining human nature and some of them are discussed below.

Humans are linguists in nature in that they use languages to communicate their ideas to others. Several techniques are used when communicating and these include use of sign language, metaphors, and figures of speech, among others. Across the world, humans interpret smiles as a sign of joy or happiness and they have the capacity to differentiate between a fake and a genuine smile. Humans have a sexual nature in that they are able to identify people they are sexually attracted to and they are very jealous when someone attempts to meddle with their sexual relationships. Humans are sexually sophisticated and make love in private.

The environment in which they grow up in to become what they are nurtures humans. Socialization plays a major role in nurturing humans in that they inherit and pass over the inherited customs, norms, and ideologies to the next generation. There are various factors, which influence how humans are nurtured and these include their families, education, religion, economic systems, legal systems, language, and religion among others. If a child is born in Christian family but brought up by an Islamic family, the child will end up being a Muslim. Human nature is therefore determined by the biological (nature) and environmental (nurture) factors that they are exposed.

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