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Guidelines for writing doctoral thesis

Guidelines for writing doctoral thesis still appear in

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Thesis guidelines

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Writing a doctorate thesis

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Phd thesis paper

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II. Formatting Guidelines


All copies of the thesis or dissertation should have the next uniform margins through the entire document:

  • Left: 1″ (or 1 1/4″ to make sure sufficient room for binding the job if preferred)
  • Right: 1″
  • Bottom: 1″ (with allowances for page figures see section on Pagination )
  • Top: 1″

Exceptions. Page one of every chapter (such as the introduction, or no) begins 2″ from the top page. Also, the headings around the title page, abstract, first page from the dedication/ acknowledgements/preface (or no), and first page on the table of contents begin 2″ from the top page.

Non-Traditional Formats

Non-traditional theses or dissertations for example whole works made up of digital, artistic, video, or performance materials (i.e. no written text, chapters, or articles) are acceptable if approved from your committee and graduate program. A PDF document having a title page, page, and abstract at least are needed to become posted together with any relevant supplemental files.

Font Size and type

To make sure obvious and legible text for those copies, select a TrueType font suggested by ProQuest Dissertation Publishing. A summary of suggested fonts are available on ProQuest’s site .

Fonts should be 10, 11, or 12 points in dimensions. Superscripts and subscripts (e.g. formulas, or footnote or endnote figures) should not be a greater than 2 points smaller sized compared to font size used for your system from the text.

Spacing and Indentation

Space and indent your thesis or dissertation following the following tips:

  1. The written text must appear in one column on every page and become double-spaced through the document. Don’t arrange chapter text in multiple posts.
  2. New sentences should be shown by a regular tab indentation through the entire document.
  3. The document text should be left-justified, not centered or right-justified.
  4. For blocked quotes, indent the whole text from the quotation consistently in the left margin.
  5. Ensure headings aren’t left hanging alone at the base of the prior page. The written text following ought to be increased or even the heading ought to be moved lower. This really is something to check on close to the finish of formatting, as other alterations in text and spacing may change where headings show up on the page.

Exceptions. Blocked quotes, notes, captions, legends, and lengthy headings should be single-spaced through the document and double-spaced between products.


Paginate your thesis or dissertation following the following tips:

  1. Use lower situation Roman numerals (ii, iii, iv, etc.) on all pages preceding page one of chapter one. The title page counts as page i, however the number doesn’t appear. Therefore, page one showing several would be the page with ii at the end.
  2. Arabic numerals (starting with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) start at chapter one or even the introduction, if relevant. Arabic figures should be incorporated on all pages from the text, illustrations, notes, and then any many other materials such as the following. Thus, page one of chapter you will show an Arabic numeral 1, and numbering of subsequent pages follows so as.
  3. Don’t use page figures supported by letters, hyphens, periods, or parentheses (e.g. 1. 1-2, -1-, (1), or 1a).
  4. Center all page figures at the end from the page, 1/2″ in the base.
  5. Pages mustn’t contain running headers or footers, apart from page figures.
  6. In case your document contains landscape pages (pages by which the top page may be the lengthy side of the piece of paper), make certain that the page figures still come in exactly the same position and direction because they do on pages with standard portrait orientation for consistency. This likely means the page number is going to be dedicated to rapid side from the paper and also the number is going to be sideways in accordance with the landscape page text. Check this out site for help with landscape pages in Ms Word .


Format footnotes for the thesis or dissertation following the following tips:

  1. Footnotes should be placed at the end from the page separated in the text with a solid line one or two inches lengthy.
  2. Can start the left page margin, underneath the solid line.
  3. Single-space footnotes which are several line lengthy.
  4. Include one double-spaced line in between each note.
  5. Most software programs instantly space footnotes at the end from the page based on their length. It’s acceptable when the note breaks inside a sentence and carries the rest in to the footnote part of the next page. Don’t indicate the continuation of the footnote.
  6. Number all footnotes with Arabic numerals. You might number notes consecutively within each chapter beginning over and done with # 1 for that first note in every chapter, or else you may number notes consecutively through the entire document.
  7. Footnote figures must precede the note and become placed slightly over the line (superscripted). Leave no space between your number and also the note.
  8. While footnotes ought to be located at the end from the page, don’t place footnotes inside a running page footer, because they must remain inside the page margins.


Endnotes are a suitable option to footnotes. Format endnotes for the thesis or dissertation following the following tips:

  1. Always begin endnotes on the separate page either rigtht after the finish of every chapter, or in the finish of the entire document. Should you place all endnotes in the finish from the entire document, they have to appear following the appendices and prior to the references.
  2. Range from the heading &#8220ENDNOTES&#8221 in most capital letters, and center it 1″ below the top first page of the endnotes section(s).
  3. Single-space endnotes which are several line lengthy.
  4. Include one double-spaced line in between each note.
  5. Number all endnotes with Arabic numerals. You might number notes consecutively within each chapter beginning over and done with # 1 for that first note in every chapter, or else you may number notes consecutively through the entire document.
  6. Endnote figures must precede the note and become placed slightly over the line (superscripted). Leave no space between your number and also the note.

Tables, Figures, and Illustrations

Tables, figures, and illustrations vary broadly by discipline. Therefore, formatting of those components is basically in the discretion from the author.

For instance, headings and captions may seem below or above all these components.

These elements may each go inside the primary text from the document or manufactured inside a separate section.

Space permitting, headings and captions for that connected table, figure, or illustration should be on a single page.

Using color is allowed as lengthy because it is consistently applied included in the finished component (e.g. one-coded cake chart) and never extraneous or unprofessional (e.g. highlighting intended exclusively to attract a reader’s focus on a vital phrase). Using color ought to be reserved mainly for tables, figures, illustrations, and active website or document links during your thesis or dissertation.

The format you select of these components should be consistent through the thesis or dissertation.

Ensure each component matches margin and pagination needs.


In case your thesis or dissertation has appendices, they ought to be prepared following the following tips:

  1. Appendices must appear in the finish from the document (before references) and never the chapter that they pertain.
  2. When there’s several appendix, assign each appendix several or perhaps a letter heading (e.g. &#8220APPENDIX 1&#8221 or &#8220APPENDIX A&#8221) along with a descriptive title. You might number consecutively through the entire work (e.g. 1, 2 or perhaps a, B), or else you may assign a 2-part Arabic numeral using the first number designating the chapter that seems, separated with a period, adopted with a second number or letter to point its consecutive placement (e.g. &#8220APPENDIX 3.2&#8221 may be the second appendix known in Chapter Three).
  3. Range from the selected headings in most capital letters, and center them 1″ below the top page.
  4. All appendix headings and titles should be incorporated within the table of contents.
  5. Page numbering must continue during your appendix or appendices. Ensure each appendix matches margin and pagination needs.


You’re needed to list out all of the references you consulted. For particular information on formatting your references, consult and consume a style manual or professional journal which is used for formatting publications and citations inside your discipline.

Your reference pages should be prepared following the following tips:

  1. Always begin references on the separate page either rigtht after the finish of every chapter or in the finish of the entire document.
    • Should you place references after each chapter, the references during the last chapter should be placed rigtht after the chapter and prior to the appendices.
    • Should you place all references in the finish from the thesis or dissertation, they have to appear following the appendices because the final component within the document.
  2. Select a suitable at risk of this in line with the style manual you use (e.g. &#8220REFERENCES&#8221, &#8220BIBLIOGRAPHY&#8221, or &#8220WORKS Reported&#8221).
  3. Range from the selected heading in most capital letters, and center it 1″ below the top page.
  4. References should be single-spaced within each entry.
  5. Include one double-spaced line in between each reference.
  6. Page numbering must continue during your references section. Ensure references adhere to margin and pagination needs.

Formatting Formerly Printed Work

In some instances, students gain approval using their academic program to incorporate in their thesis or dissertation formerly printed (or posted, in press, or under review) journal articles or similar materials they have authored. To learn more about including formerly printed works inside your thesis or dissertation, begin to see the section on Use of your Formerly Printed Materials and also the section on ing.

In case your academic program has approved inclusion of these materials, please be aware that this stuff must match the formatting guidelines established within this Guide it doesn’t matter how the fabric was formatted for publication.

Some specific formatting guidelines to think about include:

  1. Fonts, margins, chapter headings, citations, and references must all match the formatting and site used within all of those other thesis or dissertation.
  2. If appropriate, printed articles could be incorporated separate individual chapters inside the thesis or dissertation.
  3. Another abstract to every chapter shouldn’t be incorporated.
  4. The citation for formerly printed work should be incorporated because the first footnote (or endnote) on page one from the chapter.
  5. Don’t include typesetting notations frequently used when submitting manuscripts to some writer (i.e. insert table x here).
  6. The date around the title page ought to be the year by which your committee approves the thesis or dissertation, whatever the date of completion or publication of person chapters.
  7. If you’d like to incorporate additional information regarding the formerly printed work, these details could be incorporated within the preface for that thesis or dissertation.

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