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Glasgow university history dissertation proposal

Glasgow university history dissertation proposal research     
   Demonstrate how your research

Preparing your quest proposal may be the important initial step to being a postgraduate research student in the School of Law.

The main focus of the proposal is going to be slightly different based on whether you want to perform a PhD or perhaps an LLM by research, however the concepts of the items to incorporate and who to make contact with for advice are identical.

Talking with a possible supervisor

Before you decide to write your detailed research proposal, you may decide to contact part of our research staff with understanding from the area of interest. They who will be able to counsel you whether your suggested subject is achievable.

You can do this in front of you formal application.

If you’re not sure who is the greatest person to make contact with, a preliminary enquiry can be created to the Postgraduate Administrator, Susan Holmes .

What to incorporate in your proposal

An offer to have an LLM by research or perhaps a PhD should normally be between 500 and 1000 words. Look into the limit per the funding body that you’re applying.

It ought to range from the following:

A functional title

The study context

This is actually the background by which your quest is going to be transported out.

It ought to be a short introduction outlining the overall section of study and identifying the topic area within which your study falls. It’s also wise to refer to the present condition of understanding (i.e. what studies have been completed to date) and then any recent debates about them.

You have to reference this in the same manner while you would do should you be writing an essay e.g. any articles or books you make reference to must have a footnote with detailed information of author, title, publication date, etc.

The study issue, aims or questions

Outline the contribution that the research can make.

It’s normally best to get this done by means of specific aims or research questions or issues.

The significance of your suggested research

Demonstrate the way your research fills a niche in existing research, by showing it hasn’t been done before.

Explain why your quest is essential. It’s not enough to state this is not studied formerly, you have to explain why it’s important or interesting enough to become studied.

‎Research methods

Here you have to explain how to have the information essential to write your thesis.

  • Explain whether you’ll use secondary and/or primary sources
  • Give some detail on exactly how to obtain your data

For many law students, you’ll most likely depend on documentary sources information that already exists in certain form e.g. journal articles, situation reports, legislation, agreements, historic records.

Within this situation you have to say just a little about how to access these (considering that like a student from the College you’ll be supplied with use of legal databases including Westlaw and LexisLibrary).

If yours is really a comparative or worldwide study, you will have to explain how to have the relevant worldwide materials and whether it calls for travel.

Some studies, however, might involve empirical research information that’s collected through direct interaction with individuals and procedures for example interviews, questionnaires, court observation or analysis of non-public records.

If you are planning to attempt empirical research, you have to explain why it is really an appropriate research method and provide information on your planned methodology (e.g. whom you aspire to interview, the number of interviews you’ll execute).

Within this section, it’s also wise to explain any special experiences you’ve had that will help you in acquiring information, for instance, if you are planning to check out French law and you may read or speak French.


You need to give a very approximate timetable for that research.

For instance, the timetable for any research LLM thesis evaluating French law and Scots law may be:

  • several weeks 1-3 studying theoretical material and developing theoretical framework
  • several weeks 4-6 studying and analysing French materials
  • several weeks 7-9 studying and analysing Scottish materials
  • several weeks 9-12 writing in the thesis

Research proposals for any PhD

When selecting a topic for the thesis, think about the needs for any relevant degree and regardless of whether you can stick inside the some time and word limits. A PhD thesis should be from 70,000 to 100,000 words including footnotes.

Consider the way your study demonstrates originality. It’s not enough only to reproduce existing understanding. There are lots of ways that this can be done it doesn’t always need you to study something which has not been studied before by any means, shape or form. For instance, you can:

  • Study something which has not been studied before
  • Bring new insights for an existing section of legal thought
  • Work between disciplines eg. by making use of philosophical, mental or sociological analysis to legalities
  • Gather regions of legal believed that haven’t been introduced together before eg. use concepts from property law to analyse sexual offences
  • Analyse new situation law/new legislation inside a particular section of law
  • Identify new issues with existing situation law/legislation inside a particular section of law
  • Undertake an empirical study to find out if what the law states is achieving its objectives

You should also make certain your subject isn’t too broad. It’s inappropriate to create a thesis that reads just like a textbook. This isn’t sufficiently advanced work as well as your treatment is going to be too superficial. You have to choose something which provides you with the scope both to explain and critically analyse what the law states. For instance, a thesis on “what the law states associated with criminal defences inScotland” or “overview of EC law managing the enforcement of European law in national courts of member states” could be too broad. You would need to narrow lower your subject to thought on a particular part of the subject (e.g. just one defence a treadmill specific facet of European law).

Recent and current PhD thesis topics have incorporated:

  • Peacekeepers as enforcers? A legitimate research into the attribution of enforcement forces to United nations peacekeeping operations within the new yrs
  • The outcome around the globe Trade Organisation around the formulation from the anti-monopoly law of those’s Republic ofChina
  • Use of employment and career progression for ladies within the European work market
  • Accept to treatment and also the competent adult
  • Migratory things on or beneath land: research of property and legal rights useful
  • The result from the constitutional relations betweenScotlandandEnglandon their conflict of laws and regulations relations: a Scottish perspective
  • Persuasion: a historic-comparative study from the role of persuasion inside the judicial decision-making process
  • Law reform proposals for that protection of the authority to seek refugee status within the European Community
  • Historicizing the criminalization of youth

Research proposals to have an LLM by research

To have an LLM by research, your study should be critical instead of simply describing what the law states inside a particular area.

The concept of study will probably be considerably narrower compared to a PhD, as it features a 30,000 word limit.

Recent and current LLM by research thesis topics have incorporated:

  • Sustainable development and concrete governance in planning law
  • Domestic abuse and Scots law
  • Criminal liability for those who neglect to prevent harm
  • Legal and scientific proof of torture
  • Down to worldwide organisations: efforts from the worldwide law commission

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